Beer #1000

Beer #1000

After years of sacrifices and hard work we finally reached 1000 beers on Friday 18th of July 1997. This is the story of that special event:

Since I recently was a week in beautiful Slovakia the first beers we tried this sunny summer night were all Slovakian and all of them were of high quality. All the Slovakian beer I ran into is either light Bohemian style pils or dark sweet lagers. The darker ones is considered to be a drink for women. Ofthe beers we rated this night the brews from Pivovar Gemer in Eastern Slovakia scored the highest points, best was the darkZuzana Original. Also the beers from Pivovar Tatran in the Northern part of the country scored good points.

The nest round of beers originated from a beer store i Vienna I passed by on my way home from Slovakia. The only interesting aspect about the beers in this round was the geographical one. They came from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Bolivia, Palestine West Bank, South Korea and Tahiti and the quality ranged from awful to very bad. Never before has we given out 11 zeroes in one round. If some beer should be mentioned as our favourite among these the Zimbabwean Zambezi from National Breweries recieved the highest score with 1.71, marginally ahead of the completely tasteless Korean Hite, and the Tahitian Hinano, which I personally found to be the most drinkable of these. On the lower end we'll find the Ghanese Club Mini Lager Beer produced (I dare not say brewed) by Accra Breweries which recieved 5(!) zeroes. A new record. It barely avoided the last position in the total listing. Personally I found both the Bolivian Paceña and especially Nigeria Pal Lager Beer to be even more awful. The smell from Nigeria Pal still haunts me...

Round 3: A schizophrene round. Three more new countries: Latvia, Iceland and Cyprus that presented some fairly boring lagers and the four last remainders from the Fling Spring shipment we got as a gift from the U.S.. The tasty Alaskan Frontier Amber Ale ended up as the groups oveall favourite, ahead of Dick Danger Ale. However my favourites here was Bridgeports barleywine, Old Knucklehead that tasted like liquid butterscotch, and also Full Sail Imperial Porter, a strong and rich Porter.

To get the number up to 999 three more beers were rated: Eder's Pilsener, a German pils, Okocim Premium Pils, a Polish lager and Leffe Bruin, a Belgian brown ale. I found none of these to be spectacular, but pretty OK.

So... Finally: Beer number 1000. The beer that had been chosen for this occassion was the French Bière de Garde, Ch'ti Blonde, mostly due to it's chamapgne-like fancy bottle. The beer itself was mild but a bit alcoholic, lively, rather complex and well worthy of the honour it's been given.

As people started dropping off from the party a few more beers were rated by he toughest amongst us. Those who went missed the fabulous Eggenberg Urbock 23o, an Austrian bock clocking in at 9.6% ABV, the tasty Austrian Trumer Pils from Privatbrauerei Josef Sigl and some other good stuff.

Beers rated at the celebration rating the 18th of July 1997
145Eggenberg Urbock 23o3.483 53 3 Lager, BockAustria
163Alaskan Frontier Amber Ale3.453444342Ale, Brittish styleUSA
190Ch'ti Blonde3.382444244Ale, Belgian styleFrance
206Zuzana Original3.343343433Lager, DarkSlovakia
210Popper Fórum3.323 4 3  Lager, LightSlovakia
230Goral Svertlé 10%3.293333434Lager, LightSlovakia
237Gemer Original3.283433334Lager, LightSlovakia
255MacQueens Nessie3.243 44 2 SpecialAustria
276Trumer Pils3.203 43 3 Lager, LightAustria
284Dick Danger Ale3.183444232Ale, Brittish styleUSA
297Tatran Svetlé 12%3.153243343Lager, LightSlovakia
306Eder's Pilsner3.134424233Lager, LightGermany
316Leffe Vieille Cuvée3.102 35 3 Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
334Leffe Bruin3.083135244Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
350Kamzik Svetlé 11%3.063342324Lager, LightSlovakia
371Kamzik Tmavé 11%3.032224345Lager, DarkSlovakia
407Martinský Zdroj 2.983 3 3  Lager, LightSlovakia
420Okocim Premium Pils2.963424233Lager, LightPoland
437Saris Tmavé2.954343222Lager, DarkSlovakia
598Popper Tmavý2.642 3 3  Lager, DarkSlovakia
644Keo Beer2.573223332Lager, LightCyprus
665Egils Gull2.512323233Lager, LightIceland
751Full Sail Imperial Porter2.302143123Porter/StoutUSA
836Bridgeport Old Knucklehead2.062153021Ale, Brittish styleUSA
926Zambezi1.711311312Lager, LightZimbabwe
929Hite1.691311321Lager, LightSouth Korea
955Hinano1.561322120Lager, LightTahiti
969Nigeria Pal Lager Beer1.452401201Lager, LightNigeria
970Taybeh Golden Beer1.451222102Lager, LightPalestine West Bank
983Rigas Alus Pils1.361312021Lager, LightLatvia
1003Paceña0.981100311Lager, LightBolivia
1008Club Mini Lager Beer0.420210000Lager, LightGhana
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Anna Hultén and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 97-07-30 Per Samuelsson