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Falcon Bryggerier

The man behind Falcon Bryggerier is John Laurentius Skantze, a son of a sea captain that learnt brewing in Copenhagen and Berlin before starting his brewery near the harbour in Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast in 1896. The 15th of June 1898 their first beer was ready. Since then the brewery has grown considerably, and is now one of the major breweries in the country, much to the delight of the owners, the Danish brewers Carlsberg, and the Finnish brewers Sinebrychoff. Falcons beer are of course available and easy to find all over the country, also on tap.

Today Falcon produces a long list of all kinds of lagers. Their most renown beer is probably the pitch black Gammelbrygd that ages for years before being sold. This porterlike brew, is sweet and mellow, and is by many considered to be one of the best beers in Sweden. Other highlights includes the semi dark, fullbodied bock Stark-Bock, their dark Christmas lager Falcon Julbrygd and their Vienna style lager Falcon Bayerskt. On top of that they brew a number of lagers under license from Carlsberg.

Currently their products are:
Only beer above 3,5% listed

  • Falcon Bayerskt - Lager, Vienna style (5,2%)
  • Falcon Bayerskt 7,0 - Lager, Vienna style (7,0%)
  • Falcon Export - Lager (5,2%)
  • Falcon Gammelbrygd - Lager, black, aged (5,5%)
  • Falcon Green Label - Lager (4,7%)
  • Falcon Original 65 - Lager (4,2%)
  • Falcon Strong Brew - Lager (7,2%)
  • Falkenberger - Lager, Dortmunder (4,2%)
  • John L's Guldöl - Lager (5,2%)
  • John L's Guldöl - Lager (7,2%)
  • Stark-Bock - Lager, bock (7,0%)


  • Falcon Julbrygd - Lager, dark (5,5%) Christmas beer
  • Falcon Julmumma - Mix of lager, lemonade & spices (5,2%) Christmas seasonal
  • Falcon Xmas - Lager, dark (7,0%) Christmas beer


  • Carlsberg Elephant - Lager (7,2%) Licensed from Carlsberg, Denmark
  • Carlsberg Hof - Lager (4,2%) Licensed from Carlsberg, Denmark
  • Carlsberg Sort Guld - Lager (5,6%) Licensed from Carlsberg, Denmark

    Licensed seasonals:

  • Carlsberg Julepilsner - Lager, dark (4,2%) Christmas beer. Licensed from Carlsberg
  • Carlsberg Påskebryg - Lager, dark (7,9%) Easter beer. Licensed from Carlsberg

    Falcon Bryggerier AB
    Årstadvägen, Box 164, S-321 22 FALKENBERG
    Phone: +46 20 743030
    [http://www.falcon.se] (under construction)

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