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Gotlands Bryggeri
The thought of starting a small, experimental brewery had been going on for some time at Spendrups before in 1995 Gotlands Bryggeri was opened in Visby, the pictureque tourist town on the beautiful island of Gotland. The reason for starting it was to have a small scale brewery to show for visitors, and also use it for developing new products. The good part for the customers is that everything that leaves this brewery appears to be exciting and tasty. Beermugs
Their first beer, Wisby Klosteröl is an unpasteurized and unfiltered golden ale, where wheat is included in the mash. This and the fairly high alcoholic content gives it a hint of being Belgian. From the beginning it was only available on tap, but later on it was available also on bottles. It has already won four goldmedals at The Stockholm Beer Festival. Their second release was an unpasteurized stout, MacLays Stout, brewed under license from a Scottish company. It is only available on tap. Wisby Munköl is an unpasteurized dortmunder style lager that also are available as folköl (a beer with a lower alcoholic content than 3.5%). In time for Christmas '97 they released a full bodied, malty Christmas lager by the name Wisby Julöl.
Gotlands Bryggeri's beers are distributed by Spendrups, which makes them available on pubs all over the country. The bottled versions are mainly sold on Gotland and in Stockholm, but Wisby Klosteröl should be available all over the country soon, if it already isn't. The total production is estimated to be between 400 000 and 450 000 litres for '97.
Currently their products are:
  • Wisby Klosteröl - Golden Ale (6,0%)
  • Wisby Munköl - Lager (5,5%)
  • Wisby Munköl, klass II - Lager (3,5%) Only available on Gotland.


  • Wisby Julöl - Lager, dark (6,0%) Christmas beer


  • MacLays Stout - Stout (4,5%) Licensed from MacLay & Thistle, Scotland.
  • Gotlands Bryggeri AB
    S:t Hansgatan 47, S-621 56 VISBY
    Phone: +46 (0)498 217773
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