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Gamla Stans Bryggeri
Gamla Stans Bryggeri was Swedens first brewpub when it started up in 1995 in Old Town in Stockholm. The opening was preceeded by rigorous investigations in order to find away to brew and sell their beer in the same building. They were also maybe the brewery that started the trend with Färsköl, that is unfiltered and unpasteurized beer, in the country. From the beginning their beer was only avilable from tap at the brewpub and another pub, but nowadays it is sold on bottles and pubs all around Stockholm and nowadays also in the rest of the country. GSB-logo

Gamla Stans Färsköl is an unpateurized and unfiltered lager, The taste is fruity, bitter and complex, and in the bottled version there is some yeast sediment left. Nowadays they make a version miss less alcohol that can be sold in ordinary stores, and they also brewed a darker toffeish Christmas lager 1997 for the first time.

Currently their products are:
Färsköl Gamla Stans Färsköl - Lager (5,0%)
Gamla Stans Färsköl, klass II - Lager (3,5%)

Gamla Stans Julfärsköl - Lager, dark (5,0%) Christmas beer

Gamla Stans Bryggeri
Box 2035, S-103 11 STOCKHOLM
Phone: +46 (0)8 7911920

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