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Krönleins Bryggeri
Krönleins Bryggeri was founded in 1836 under the name Appeltofftska Bryggeriet, a name they kept for 160 years. Situated on the Swedish westcoast, In Halmstad, it is one of the oldest family owned breweries in the country. The first beer they produced was a "Svensköl", a low alcoholic and sweet top fermented beer. "Svensköl" was the most popular style in Sweden by then, but practically vanished later on.
Krönleins produces a range of lagers, and are renowned for quality. Appetltoffts Jubileums Export, and Three Hearts All Malt are good examples. However their most exciting brew is probably Three Hearts Julöl Extra Strong, which is a double bock made especially for Christmas.

Their beer are available all over the country, although I've never found them on tap.

Currently their products are:
There might be more beers below 3,5% than listed here. For more info check out Krönleins homepage.

  • Appeltoffts Jubileums Export - Lager (5,0%)
  • Crocodile Lager - Lager (5,2%)
  • Crocodile Lager, klass II 3.5 - Lager (3,5%)
  • Crocodile Lager, klass II 2.8 - Lager (2,8%)
  • Salmon Draft - Lager (5,0%)
  • Skåne Guld Export - Lager (5,2%)
  • Stockholm Festival Beer - Lager (5,3%)
  • Three Hearts - Lager (5,3%)
  • Three Hearts, klass I - Lager (<2.25%)
  • Three Hearts All Malt - Lager (4,0%)
  • Three Hearts Extra Strong - Lager (7,0%)


  • Three Hearts Julöl - Lager, dark (5,3%) Christmas beer
  • Three Hearts Julöl, klass II - Lager, dark (3,5%) Christmas beer
  • Three Hearts Julöl Extra Strong - Lager, double bock (5,2%) Christmas beer
  • Three Hearts Påskebryg - Lager, dark (5,6%) Easter beer


  • Kaltenberg Pils - Lager (4,8%) Licensed from Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg, Germany
  • Ingo's Hammer Lager - Lager (5,3%) Licensed from Heavyweight Productions

    Licensed seasonals:

  • Kaltenberg Oktoberfestbier - Lager (5,4%) Licensed from Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg, Germany

  • Krönleins have an outstanding site of their own. Check it out!
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