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Munkbo Ångbryggeri
Munkbo Ångbryggeri located in Smedjebacken in the old mining district Bergslagen resides at a place with a long tradition in brewing. The first brewery was founded in 1856, and was back then owned by Risingsbo manor. The name "ångbryggeri" means "steam brewery" and comes from that 1900 they installed a steam heated wort boiling system. In 1980 the brewery was bought by Spendrups, who ran it until 1988, when the production ceased.

In 1996 some enterprising local people started working on starting a new brewery in the old breweies place. Soon equipment was bought from Germany and the 6th of March 1997 their first beer, Munkbo Lager 5,6 left the brewery. Munkbo Lager 5,6 is a cold filtered, unpasteurized lager, that I found yo be fairly complex and interesting. Since then they have broadened their selection with other rather similar lagers, and also a darkish Christmas beer.

Munkbo has been mentioning the possibilities to in the near future brew a stout as well as pils, but also cider and table water might be produced. Other features we might see is keg versions of their beer and guided tours with tastings around the brewery.

Currently their beer are:
There might be more beers below 3.5% that I don't know of...

  • Munkbo Lager 5,6 - Lager (5,6%)
  • Munkbo Mellanöl - Lager (4,5%)
  • Munkbo Lager 2,8 - Lager (2,8%)
  • Munkbo Lättöl - Lager (<2,25%)
  • Old Swedish Lager - Lager (5,6%)
  • Örebro Slottsöl - Lager (4,2%)


  • Munkbo Julöl - Lager, dark (5,1%) Christmas beer
  • Munkbo Ångbryggeri AB
    Bryggerivägen 5
    S-777 51 Smedjebacken
    Phone: +46 240 74500

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