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Vivungs Bryggeri

To call Vivungs Bryggeri the most exciting brewery in the country is hardly an opinion, but rather a fact. They are located in a rural part of the Baltic island Gotland, where there still is a homebrewing tradition alive and kicking. The traditional style brewed here is gotlandsdricke, a top fermented brew, where parts of the malt smoke dried in a kölne,the water is boiled with juniper branches, and it is fermented in open vessels. The result is a very smokey, brown-red coloured, resin-tasting uncarbonized beer in the same tradition as the Finnish sahti. The difference from the Finnish version is that, in sahti some part of the malt is rye, and also nowadays the malt are no longer smoke dried in Finland. Someone estimated the total production of gotlandsdricke to be around 300 000-500 000 liter.

Vivungs Bryggeri started as a smoke-house, where smoked malt was sold. From there they went on to sell unfermented gotlandsdricke that people could ferment themselves. (I guess in order to avoid the bureaucracy to sell alcoholic beverages.) In '94 they recieved a brewer license, and in september the same year their Vivungs Gotlandsdricke was ready. Their version of it is different from the traditional in mainly one way: It is slightly carbonated. Like all of their products it is unpasteurized, and top fermented.
Vivungs second beer was Vivungs Dragöl, which despite the fact that no smoked malt, and no juniper branches has been involved, has a similar smokey taste as the Gotlandsdricke. Instead they have included honey in the recipe, and the fact that it at 8% is, as far as I know, the strongest commercial beer brewed in Sweden, makes it fascinating rich. At the brewery they mentions that it more resembles of mead than gotlandsdricke. The malt used is münchner- , pilsner-and wheat-malt, and like the Gotlandsdricke the colour is brown-red.
Vivungs Romakloster is the name of their latest invention. A lighter beer, in colour and taste. Brewed from 20% wheat malt and 80% pilsner malt it is only lightly smokey in taste, and otherwise fairly mild.

Summertime there is a pub at the brewery where traditional homemade, smokey food is served along with Gotlandsdricke and Romakloster from tap. Lately Vivungs has been going through some severe financial problems, and the future seems uncertain. Due to this and some other problems the availability of their beer has been very varying. However, when existing Dragöl and Romakloster should be available all over the country, and Gotlandsdricke only on Gotland and around Stockholm. From time to time their beers have been seen on tap in Visby and Stockholm. Vivungs total production 1996 was 50 000 liter. During 1997 their beer have been very rarely seen, at least in the Stockholm area, which really is a pity.

Currently their beer are:

  • Vivungs Gotlandsdricke - Gotlandsdricke (5,0%)
  • Vivungs Dragöl - Ale (8,0%)
  • Vivungs Romakloster - Ale (4,5%)
  • Vivungs Romakloster, klass II - Ale (3,4%)
  • Vivungs Bryggeri AB
    Vänge, S-620 23 ROMAKLOSTER
    Phone: +46 (0)498 51395
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