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In 1857 the brewery was started in the same place as it is today. They got the name Zeunerts from the Bavarian brewer, Christoffer August Zeunert, who came up north to the small northern coastal town of Sollefteå to brew beer according to Bavarian traditions with raw material from Norrland (which is a practical name for the northern half of Sweden)

The brewery was bought by Wårby Bryggeri in 1966, which in turn was bought by Spendrups in 1989. The production was discontinued in 1991, and the fight to restart the brewery began. Two years later their first new beer, Zeunerts Merke, was ready. From there on things have gone fast. Now they have nation covering distribution, and a very strong position in Norrland.

Some of their more exciting beers includes the dry and bitter German style Zeunerts Pils, but maybe most of all the only Altbier brewed in the country, the dark and racy Zeunerts Altbier. Their Julöl shouldn't be forgotten either, a dark roasty and full bodied Christmas lager that was introduced '97 (at least the stronger version). Zeunerts also produces a great number of soft drinks and table waters.

Currently their beer are:
  • Zeunerts Alt Bier, klass I - Alt Bier (<2,25%)
  • Zeunerts Alt Bier - Alt Bier (4,8%)
  • Zeunerts Bayer Bier, klass I - Lager, Vienna style (<2,25%)
  • Zeunerts Bayer Bier, klass II - Lager, Vienna style (<3,5%)
  • Zeunerts Bayer Bier - Lager, Vienna style (5,3%)
  • Zeunerts Mellanöl - Lager (4,3%)
  • Zeunerts Merke, klass I - Lager (<2,25%)
  • Zeunerts Merke, klass II - Lager (<3,5%)
  • Zeunerts Merke - Lager (5,3%)
  • Zeunerts Patron, klass I - Lager (<2,25%)
  • Zeunerts Patron - Lager, Bock (7,1%)
  • Zeunerts Pils - Lager, Pils (5,1%)


  • Zeunerts Julöl, klass II - Lager, dark (<3,5%) Christmas beer
  • Zeunerts Julöl - Lager, dark (5,1%) Christmas beer
  • Zeunerts Skördeöl - Lager (5,1%) Autumn beer
  • Zeunerts
    Storgatan 99, S-881 40 SOLLEFTEÅ
    Phone: +46 (0)620 17810
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