A Miniature Easter Rating Session

Since I found two Danish Easter brews in Denmark while passing through on my way home from a week inthe Czech Republic, and also another new Swedish Easter brew at home we couldn't resist having a miniature Easter rating session. We also added three beers from a Czechish beer haul whose "best before date" were approaching.

The winner of the rating was Korbel 10%, a complex Czechish pils with an obvious hint of diacetyl. Jämtlands Bryggeri continued their succesful run up our charts, since both their new strong dark and hoppy easter lager Påsköl and the fresh unpasteurized Hummel Extrême scored really well. Also both the Danish easter brews got an OK from the panel, while Pripps creation Three Towns 3.5% wasn't all that well recieved.

Beers rated at Easter '98
62Korbel 10%Czech Rep.4,004534,0%Lager, Light
157Jämtlands Påsköl 1998Sweden3,684526,5%Lager, Bock
166Hummel ExtrêmeSweden3,663537.2%Lager, Bock
186Gambrinus Cerné 10%Czech Rep.3,643443,8%Lager, Dark
186Maribo PåskbrygDenmark3,643445,7%Lager, Dark
606Plzensky PrimusCzech Rep.2,973334,3%Lager, Light
606Carls PåskeDenmark2,973335,7%Lager, Dark
1340Three Towns 3.5%Sweden1,632123.5%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson and Cecilia Gårdebäck

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Updated 98-04-23 Per Samuelsson