Favourite locations to find good beer
Flag Sweden
Akkurat Hornsgatan 18
+46 8 6440015
The most well assorted pub in Stockholm. Good cask selection and excellent vintage and gueuze selection.
Oliver Twist Repslagargatan 5
Great pub. Good cask selection and excellent rotating bottle selection.
Glenfiddich Warehouse 68 Västerlånggatan 68
+46 8 7919090
Nice stylish old town establishment with the best selection of Swedish microbrews anywhere.
Ljungskile Turisthotell Hälle Lider 9
+46 0522 20039
Nice atmosphere and the biggest selection of Belgian beers in Scandinavia. (Not checked since owner change)
Flag Denmark
Beer store
Ølbutikken Oehlenschægergade 2
København K
+44 33 23 03 04
The best beer store in Scandinavia. Go there!
Gl. Strands Øl & Vinlager Naboløs 6
København K
+44 33 93 93 449
Good selection of Danish and imported beers, friendly staff. Used to be the best store in Denmark in the old days
Flag Germany
Beer stores
Maruhn Getränkemarkt Pfungstädter Straße 174
+44 33 93 93 449
Enormous selection of German beer, good selection of imported beer.
Landbierparadies Schloßäckerstraße 26a
Excellent selection of Franconian regional specialties.
Flag Czech Rep.
Beer store
Pivni Galerie U Pruhonu 9
Holusovice, Prague
+42 0220870613
Excellent selection of Czechish beers. Friendly, service minded and multi-lingual staff.
Flag Netherlands
Beer store
De Bierkoning Paleisstraat 125
+31 20 6252336
Outstanding selection of good beers, mainly Dutch and Belgian. Friendly, helpful staff
Biercafé 't Arendsnest Herengracht 90
+31 20 4212057
Stocks beer from more or less all Dutch breweries.
Flag Italy
Beer store
A Tutta Birra via Lazzaro Palazzi 15
+39 02 201165
Great selection of imported beer, some Italian micros. Remarkably friendly, helpful staff
Flag Scotland
Beer store
Oasts & Toasts 107 Morrison Street
(0131) 228 80885
Probably the best source there is for Scottish beer.
Flag England
Beer stores
The Pitfield Beer Shop 14 Pitfield Street
(020) 7739 3701
A beer store with their own brewery (or vice versa). Excellent selection of British ales.
Bottles New location
see their webpage
Impressive selection of British and worldwide beer. Enthusiastic, friendly staff. (Has moved to new location)
Flag United States
Beer stores
Premier Gourmet 3465 Delaware Ave.5
Kenmore, New York (just north of Buffalo)
+1 716 8773574
Outstanding selection of beer, cheeses and everything you can think of. Overwhelmingly friendly staff.
Bottleworks 1710 N 45th (Suite 3)
Seattke, Washington
+1 206 633 2437
Excellent, wide selection of local and world beers
Stuffed Sandwich 1145 E. Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, Greater Los Angeles, California
+1 626 2859161
Unremarkable at a first glace, but like a treasure chamber when you scratch the surface. Very interested owners and superb beer selection.
O'Brien's 4646 Convoy (Kearny Mesa)
San Diego, California
+1 858 715 1745
The hoppiest place on earth. Specialized in the most extreme of the hoppy local beers
Flag Canada
Beer store
Metro Joannette 348 Rue de l'Eglise
Verdun, Montreál, Québec
Great selection of Québecoise beers. Very friendly staff.
Flag New Zealand
Beer store
Regional Wines and Spirits 15 Ellice Street
Outstanding selection of New Zealand microbrews.
Flag South Africa
Beer store
Glenfair Wine and Liquor Shop 53 & 54, Glenfair Centre, Lynnwood Road, Lynnwood Manor
Pretoria, Gauteng
Good selection of South African microbrews, hosting saturday morning tastings
Flag Brazil
Beer store/pub
Belgian Beer Café Av. das Americas 500, bl 22, lj 116.
Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Great selection of Brazilian microbrews. (Portuguese only spoken.)
Flag HongKong
East End Brewery G/F, 23-27 Tong Chong Street
Quarry Bay
Great selection of local and imported microbrews. Friendly, knowledged staff.
Note: These are places which has been of extraordinary great help to us in our quest of finding good beers, and that we owe a big THANKS!. However I am sure there are many other places well worthy of a mention too that I simply has forgotten about.
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