Franconian beer

Franconia, the northern half of Bavaria, a true paradise for beer drinkers. It seems like there are at least one brewery, usually two, in even the smallest of towns. They brew almost exclusively lagers and wheat beers, though that does not mean that the variation is limited in any way. A lot of brewers, especially around Bamberg use smoked malt to give their beer more unusual flavours.

We tried these beers a warm night in the end of May by the water on an island in Stockholm, and though one or two of the beers was past their best before date no defects could be found on them. (BTW. Sonnengold was not even close to be out of date...)

The winner of the night was a wheat beer. Ritter Hefe-Weizen from Ritter-S:t Georgen Bräu recieved no less than four 5's. Another beer in the same style was Leinleitertal Weißbier, both these were tart, complex, refreshing and really cloudy versions of Hefe-Weizen. Other top beers were Minnesänger Pils from Gentner-Bräu and Krug-Bräu's dark and complex Lager-Bier.

Nearly all the Franconian beers we tried were of high class. The most unusual of them was a beer I bought at Brauerei Heller's outlet, the pub Schlenkerla in Bamberg, called Aecht Schlenkerla Rauhbier Weizen. Though the locals seemed a bit sceptical to this new smoked wheat beer, it is highly interesting and tasty. But it's not for everyone... A beer I don't really how to classify is Sonnengold from the brewery Sonnenbräu. I don't know if it is by purpose that they have given this beer a strong and very obvious odor and flavour of dung. I can imagine their commercials: "Ten squillion flies can't be wrong, drink Sonnengold..."

Oscar had brought home some Polish beers. The best of them were the traditionally strong and flavourful Lech Porter. I had also recieved a Russian strong lager, Nevskoye Original Beer. At least it was better than the Danish and Spanish strong lagers we also tried...

Beers rated in May '98
33Ritter Hefe-WeizenGermany4.145245455244.9%Wheat beer
38Minnesänger PilsGermany4.134544444435.0%Lager, Light
46Krug-Bräu LagerbierGermany4.084444444445.0%Lager, Dark
96Leinleitertal WeißbierGermany3.904255544135.2%Wheat beer
174Leinleitertal ExportGermany3.674444333345.2%Lager, Light
193Hetzeldorfer Fränkischer VollbierGermany3.654334344445.0%Lager, Dark
260Krans PilsGermany3.515 43333334.7%Lager, Light
321Neder KellerbierGermany3.393344344234.9%Lager, Dark
377Krans VollbierGermany3.323343333444.7%Lager, Light
382Krans HirschentrunkGermany3.314344433125.5%Special
475Müller-Bräu Keller-BierGermany3.182343344425.0%Lager, Light
509Krans WeißbierGermany3.133 43333335.5%Wheat beer
527Lech PorterPoland3.113 44332419.2%Porter/Stout
538Goldener Löwe Altfränkisches LagerbierGermany3.103433333334.9%Lager, Light
559Georgi SudGermany3.074243322435.0%Lager, Dark
640Zywiec EuroSpecjalPoland2.994 24323427.8%Lager, Bock
717BraXPoland2.924 33323325.6%Lager, Light
776Pfister WeißbierGermany2.823123444244.6%Wheat beer
807Hartmann Erbschänk 1550Germany2.783133244335.2%Lager, Dark
845Den BlåDenmark2.723522323325.7%Lager, Light
871Krakus PilsPoland2.693 33232335.4%Lager, Light
876Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier WeizenGermany2.682155222135.2%Special
978Gunzendorfer VollbierGermany2.583323233325.0%Lager, Light
982Sternburg PilsenerGermany2.583424222224.9%Lager, Light
1068Munkbo Lager 3.5%Sweden2.432 33322323.5%Lager, Light
1090Nevskoye Original BeerRussia2.402322423236.4%Lager, Bock
1114Elbrewery Red OriginalPoland2.342 33322315.0%Lager, Dark
1350Voll-Damm ExtraSpain1.903 23212207.2%Lager, Bock
1390Neptun LuxusølDenmark1.752311222327.5%Lager, Bock
1450Borns SvagdrickaSweden1.571 31221132.0%Special
1535Okocim KarmiPoland0.960 21121121.2%Special
1552SonnengoldGermany0.250000011325.0%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, MattiasLeidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Anna Hultén, Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson, Robert Boström and Minna Hytönen

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Updated 98-06-09 Per Samuelsson