Ozujsko Pivo - Zagrebacko Pivovara

5.2% Golden coloured, airy head. One of Croatia's two main brands. Sweet taste, thin body. Hint of hoppiness in the finish, but apart from that no character to talk about. Poor lager. Like the cheaper Hungarian brands.

Karlovacko Pivo - Karlovacko Pivovara

Pale golden. Low head. the other of Croatia's main brands. Less sweet than Ozujsko, but also with thin body and low bitterness. Typical industrial lagers without faults but also without interesting features.

Tomislav - Zagrebacka Pivovara

7.0%. Black w. creamy head. Served in a Belgian style widemouthed glass w tall foot. Big maltiness, slightly vinuous, plum character. Finishes with lingering hop bitterness. Superb beer.

Pan - Panonska Pivovara

Yellow, creamy head. Slight chill haze. Light bodied, slightly grassy. Smooth with not much bitterness. OK for thirst cleansing on a hot day.

Osjecko Pivo - Osjecko Pivovara

5.0%. Pale golden colour w slight chill haze. Normal head. Dry, medium bodied, slightly bready. Well hopped (w saaz hops, I believe). Hint of diacetyl. Good pilsener very much in a Czechish style.

Crna Kraljica - Pivnica Medvedgrad

Dark brown, very hazy. Creamy. Malty, big chocolate flavour. Bitter finish. Good beer!

Psenicno Pivo - Pivnica Medvedgrad

Golden coloured. Clear. Fruity, tastes like crystal malt. Some wheat flavour. Somewhat sweetish. Clean, low bitterness. Good, but not my favourite of the selection at the brepub.

Zlatni Medvjed - Pivnica Medvedgrad

Pale yellow, very hazy, creamy head. Malty, dry but with some apple aroma. Big hop bitterness. Good German style pilsener, like the ones at for instance Hausbrauerei Altstadthof in Nürnberg.

Mrki Medvjed - Pivnica Medvedgrad

Semi dark lager. Nut brown colour. Judging from both appearance and flavour it might be a mix of Crna Kraljica and Zlatni Medvjed. Anyhow it is a tasty dark lager, with some chocolate flavour and bitter finish.

Pivnica Medvegrad is located at Savska Cesta 56 in the SE part of Zagreb City. Phone/fax No. +385 1 2910099. They usually also serve a dark bock beer, which I recall as the best of their line. You can also eat their good and reasonably priced food in their cosy all wooden interior.

Another good beer drinking spot in Zagreb is Bulldog Pub, at Bogoviceva 6 in the central part of town. You can sit in the beer garden on the pedestrian way and enjoy the crowded city life as you enjoy your draught Tomislav, or perhaps one of their three draught Belgian beers.

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Updated 2000-08-31 Per Samuelsson