brief beer notes from Tel-Aviv/Israel

There is not a lot beer to be found in Israel. The beer scene are almost 100% dominated by Tempo Beer Industries who produces a number of lagers, of which the amber coloured Gold Star is the only one with some character, and a few non-alc maltas.

Carlsberg has a factory in Israel, but if Carlsberg usually is an uneventful beer wherever you find it, th eentire line is a disaster in Israel. The lot comes acroiss grainy, unclean, thin and nearly undrinkable even on a hot summer's day.

On the Palestine West Bank there's a microbrewery called Taybeh producing three beers, but they appeared to be impossible to get hold of in the current frosty conditioned between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

On a brighter side there is actually a brewpub located at 11 Rothschild Street in Tel Aviv: The Tel Aviv Brewhouse, which serves three unpreserved beers.
Quantum is a light, near thin, refreshing pils. My rating: 3-
Moonhine is a slightly darker but still rather pale lager. My rating: 3-
Master's is a nut brown, more full bodied lager. My rating: 3+

Of course you can find some good import beers. Hoegaarden, that can be found in somne pubs is for instance a good savour from the desert heat, and if you're lucky you might also stumble across more full bodied Belgians. Like everywhere else you can also get yourself a good pint of Guinness in many places in Israel.

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Updated 2001-07-23 Per Samuelsson