Good beer pubs in Stockholm(and elsewhere in Sweden)

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Ratings are measured in the not-so-accepted measure BGI, where 5 BGI is a place of high international interest, and 1 BGI is a place of only remote interest for the beer freak.
MacKinlay's Inn - Latest visit: 0105
Fleminggatan 85

A crowded pub British style pub with a good selection of draugh and bottled beers a two floors pub that holds around 15 beers on tap, and a small selection of bottles. Serves all beers from Tärnö on tap, and when available also an unfiltered version.

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King's Head - Latest visit: 98xx
Fleminggatan 49 -

A crowded pub British style pub with a good selection of draugh and bottled beer. They serve draught versions of the beers from the local microbrewery Tärnö.

Examples of draught beers: Lundgrens Lager, Nils Oscar NO:8 Kalasöl, Purkmistr

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Hörnans Kök & Belgo Bar - Latest visit: 9908
Bryggargatan 12 B

Belgian food & beer seem to be trendy atthe moment in Stockholm. Hörnans is a reasonably new place serving Belgian beers from tap and bottles, mostof the in their proper glasses. It is connected to a hotel, and the environment is calm and very relaxed. Around 40 beers to choose from, but not much Swedish beers.

Examples of draught beers: Steendonks Brabant Witbier, Maredsous 8, Pauwel Kwak.

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Link: Hörnans Kök & Belgo Bar

Duvel Café - Latest visit: 00xx
Vasagatan 50

Belgian style beer cafe Very quite place where you can play chess or play cards. About 15 draught Belgian beers available, and some on bottles.

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Bally James Duff - Latest visit: 98xx
Central Station: upper hall

A pseudo irish style pub located in the upper hall of the central railway station. people here are usually stressed, as they are leaving with the next train, but selection of beer is reasonable good. Around 10 different beers on tap, and 30 bottled beers.

Examples of draught beers: Gamla Stan's Färsköl, Guinness

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Norra Brunn - Latest visit: 98xx
Surbrunnsgatan 33

Used to have the best assortment of beer in town five or ten years ago, but is now reshaped and charges an entrance fee every night. Still they have around 15 beers on tap, and around 60 different bottled beers.

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Bull & Bear Inn - Latest visit: 9907
Birger Jarlsgatan 18

Bull & Bear Inn is the only place where you can find good beer around Stureplan, where most Stockholm's fancy night clubs are situated. It is an English style pub with around 15 different brands on tap in a wide range of styles, including Hefeweizen. They also offer a good (40 brands) selection of bottled beer. Watch out for the bully at the door though. If he doesn't like your looks you are not allowed to enter, and if you ask him (it?) why, he seems very keen to refurniture your face.

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S:t Andrews Inn - Latest visit: 97xx
Nybrogatan 46

A Scottish style pub with a great selection of bottled beer, as well as some draught ones.

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Tudor Arms - Latest visit: 97xx
Grevgatan 31

A very English pub with a decent selection of bottled and draught beers.

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Gamla Stan
Wirströms Pub - Latest visit: 9909
Stora Nygatan 13

A narrow pub with a different clientele and a friendly atmosphere. The selection of beers are not all that wide (around 15 taps, and perhaps 30 bottles), but the more imaginative and exciting instead, as well as well kept. The one drawback is that the selection of bottled beers aren't as good, and that there are no Swedish microbrews available. The highlight in the bottle section is by far Falcon Gammelbrygd 1994. My favourite of the pubs in Old Town.

Examples of draught beers: Dwan's An Dubháin Extra Stout & Rich Ruby Ale (Ireland), Brains Celtic Dark Ale (Wales), Gambrinus (Czech Rep.), König Ludig Dunkel (Licens. Sweden).

Link: Allt om Stockholm.

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Fisherman's Inn - Latest visit: 9909
Stora Nygatan 25

Not very traditional looking small pub, usually very crowded at weekends. The selection of draught beers are sub par, but they have got a crowded fridge full of interesting bottled beers. I estimate that there are around 60 to chose from, including highlights such as Brooklyn Brown Ale, usher's White Ale, Orval, and many more.

Draught beers: Norrlands Guld, Spendrup's 3 1/2, Spendrup's Dark Label, Boddington's.

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Järntorgspumpen - Latest visit: 9909

Belgian bar & restaurant situated in the center of Old Town. The food and service are seemingly excellent, but the prices on the food are therefore on the high side. They serve a fair number if different Belgian beers from tap and bottle in their proper glasses.

Examples of draught beers: Lindemans Gueuze & Cassis, Pauwel Kwak, Maredsous, Bel Pils

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Zum Franziskaner - Latest visit: 97xx
Skeppsbron 44

Rustic German style bierstube situated by the sea. One of the few places in Stockholm where you can get draught hefeweizen.

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Gamla Stans Bryggeri - Latest visit: 97xx
Skeppsbrokajen, Tullhus 2

Stockholm's only brewpub is a less interesting beer experience. By all means, their unpasteurized lager is nice, but the atmosphere is dreadful. Snobbish, stressed up media people are what you can expect to meet here, and their selection of beers is restricted to their own lager, which you can find elsewhere anyway.

Draught beer: Gamla Stans Färsköl

Link: Gamla Stans Bryggeri.

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Akkurat - Latest visit: 2001-07
Hornsgatan 18

The gathering place for Stockholm's beer & whiskey geeks. Has around 25 taps, including 4 or 5 handpumps for real ale. Their selection of both draught and bottled beers (around 100 to choose from) spans over most of the types of beers there are to find. They have been holding thematic mini beer festivals when they are serving beers from various Geographic areas. Examples of bottled beers I have been served there: Westvleteren 12, 3 Monts, Unibroue La Maudite, Sierra Nevada Porter, Rauchenfelse Steinbier, Cantillon Foufoune...

Their whiskey selection is even more impressive than the beer selection. The environment is nothing spectacular, but the atmosphere is usually friendly and the staff very knowledged. Crowded at weekends.

Examples of draught beers: Westmalle Dubbel, HELL, Spendrup's Old Gold, Staropramen.

Link: Akkurat.

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Oliver Twist - Latest visit: 2001-07
Repslagargatan 5

Very crowded British style pub with cooperating with Akkurat. Excellent and rapidly varying selection of bottled beers g, especially Swedish microbrews and English ales, and as of lately also American microbrews. They have a good selection of draught beers including a few interesting guest beers and four handpumps for cask ales, which nowadays seem to hold a consistant high quality. Rare cask beers from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri have been spotted here, as well as cask Nils Oscar Imperial Stout.

Examples of the beers I've been served there lately: Bedaröö Bitter, Dogfish Head Chicory Stout and Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock

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Blå Dörren - Latest visit: 9909
Södermalms Torg 6

Genuinely Swedish pub & restaurant situated at Södermalms Torg, right at Slussen, that seems to attact an older audience. They are specialized in serving Swedish beers, and boosts and impressive selection of around 60 types, from most of the breweries in the country.

Examples of draught beers: Svart, Ysta Färsköl Ljus, Avesta Country, Zeunerts Bayer

Link: Allt om Stockholm.

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Soldaten Svejk - Latest visit: 9909
Östgötagatan 35

Worn in, rustic very Czechish style pub serving around 10 delicious Czechish beers on tap as well as Czechish food. probably the best pub atmosphere in town.

Examples of draught beers: Pilsner Urquell, Bernard, Purkmistr, Staropramen, Gambrinus

Link: Allt om Stockholm.

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Black & Brown Inn - Latest visit: 97xx
Hornsgatan 50

Smokey British style pub with a good selection of beers, sometimes including real ales. Around 15 taps, and approximately 40 bottles.

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Loch Ness Taverna - Latest visit: 97xx
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 5 B -
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Small local pub in the heart of Stockholm's pub district.

Examples of draught beers: Falcon Bayerskt, Beamish Irish Stout, Newcastle Borwn Ale

Link: Allt om Stockholm.

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Bröderna Olssons - Latest visit: 9909
Folkungagatan 84

Stockhom's garlic temple, does not only serve garlic food but also Belgian beers. They are currently scaling down their selction, but still it might be worth visiting. Especially if you are a fanof fruit beers, as they seem to have the whole Chapeau line, including their banana flavoured gueuze. Or you could go for their garlic spiced beer...

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Papagallo - Latest visit: 97xx
Götgatan 5

Small pub with an interesting assortment of bottled beer.

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Black Horse Inn - Latest visit: 97xx
Bondegatan 50

Local pub with a smal but unusual selection of beer, including three beers from Floreffe in Belgium.

Examples of draught beers: Kopparberg

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Tegelhuset - Latest visit: 9906
Fatbursparken, near Medborgarplatsen

Beer garden nicely located underthe trees in Fatbursparken, serving nice food and a very small selection of good beer. Only open during summer.

Draught beers: Sofiero 1888 Pils, Pilsner Urquell

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Old Beefeater Inn - Latest visit: 97xx
Götgatan 11

Nicely situated Scottish pub with a decent selection of beer.

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Half Way Inn - Latest visit: 97xx
Swedenborgsgatan 6

British style pub with a selection of 55 different beers.

Example on draught beers: Kaltenberg (licensed), Guinness

Link: Half Way Inn

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Krönet - Latest visit: 97xx
Götgatan 15

Big, noisy pub with a few beers to choose from.

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O'Learys - Latest visit: 97xx
Götgatan 15

Sportsbar with 47 beers to chose from.

Link: O'Learys

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