Swedish beer
This is a listing that I try to keep as complete and updated as possible. If you know of any beer commercially brewed in Sweden that is not included here I would very much like to know. Only beer stronger than 3,5%(abv) (klass III) are included in this list. All seasonals are included in the list, even if they only are available during a small part of the year. If there is a beer, local brewery or brewpub missing, I would be very glad if somebody notified me...
The comments on the beers reflects only my amateur opinions and are not to be taken too seriously. The comments are not yet updated. I am currently reorganzing the pages and hope to have the new comments updated at least by the end of November.
Produced Produced
Seasonal Seasonal
Unknown Unknown/Discontinued but still available
Not available Not available

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Ahlafors Bryggerier - Alafors

Produced Ahle Ale Pale Ale (5,0%)
Seasonal Ahle Julöl Christmas Ale (5,0%)
producedl Ahlafors Ljusa Lager (5,0%)

Avesta Bryggeri - Avesta

Produced Avesta Country Lager (5,3%)
Produced Avesta Extra Lager, Strong (7,0%)
Produced Avesta Pils Lager, Strong
Produced Avesta Special Lager (4,2%)
Not available Fors Jubileum Lager (5,0%)
Produced Rommeheds Dalaöl Lager (5,0%)
Produced Saunakalja Lager (5,0%)

Nya Banco Bryggerier - Skruv

Produced 4 Guld Österöl Lager (5,2%)
Produced Allsvensk Lager (5,3%)
Not available Banco Färsköl Lager
Produced Banco Guld Lager (5,6%)
Not available Banco Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Not available Banco Mörka Småland Lager (5,6%)
Not available Banco Påskbrygd Lager, Påsköl (5,2%)
Not available Carlskrona Export Lager (5,6%)
Produced Fagerhult Lager (5,6%)
Not available Glasblåsarens Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,2%)
Not available Jarramas Lager (5,6%)
Produced Raskens Lager (5,6%)
Produced Tre Skilling Banco Lager (4,2%)
Produced Tre Skilling Banco Original Lager (5,2%)
Produced Uppsala Öl Lager (5,0%)

Bredaryds Pubbryggeri - Bredaryd

Produced Bredaryds Färsköl Lager (5,7%)
Seasonal Bredaryds Bocköl Lager, Bock (6,35%)
Not available Bredaryds Specialöl Fruit lager (6,57%)

Bryggeriet i Ysta - Ystad

Produced Ysta Färsköl Ljus Lager (4,8%)
Produced Ysta Färsköl Mörk Lager, Dark  
Seasonal Ysta Julöl Julöl (5,0%)
Produced Ysta Tatoo '99 Fä,rsköl Lager (4,8%)
Seasonal Ysta Octoberfest Lager, Oktoberfest  

Pannrummet - Göteborg

Produced Pilsner Cecko Lager, Bohemian pils
Produced Pilsner Bavaria Lager, German pils
Produced Ale T&T Pale Ale
Produced Kung Bore Winter ale

Falcon - Falkenberg

Produced Carlsberg Elephant* Lager, Strong (7,2%)
Produced Carlsberg Export* Lager (5,1%)
Produced Carlsberg Hof* Lager (4,2%)
Seasonal Carlsberg Påskebryg* Lager, Påsköl (7,9%)
Produced Carlsberg Sort Guld* Lager (5,6%)
Produced Falcon Bayerskt Lager, Vienna Style (5,2%)
Produced Falcon Bayerskt 7,0 Lager, Vienna Style (7,0%)
Produced Falcon Brew All Malt Lager (5,0%)
Produced Falcon Cold Lager (5,0%)
Produced Falcon Export Lager (5,2%)
Discontinued but still available Falcon Gammelbrygd Lager, Dark (aged) (5,5%)
Seasonal Falcon Julbrygd Lager, Julöl (5,5%)
Seasonal Falcon Julmumma Julmumma (5,2%)
Produced Falcon Millennium Orange Orange flavour (5,0%)
Produced Millennium Starköl Lager (5,3%)
Produced Falcon Original Lager (4,2%)
Produced Falcon Strong Brew Lager, Bock (7,2%)
Seasonal Falcon Xmas Lager, Julöl (7,0%)
Produced Falkenberger Lager, Dortmunder (4,2%)
Produced Humlan Lager (5,0%)
Produced John L's Guldöl Lager (5,2%)
Produced John L's Guldöl Xtra Stark Lager, Strong (7,2%)
Produced Sailor Navy Brew Lager (5,0%)
Produced Sandwalls Lager (5,0%)
Produced Stark-Bock Lager, Bock (7,0%)

Gamla Stans Bryggeri - Stockholm

Produced Gamla Stans Färsköl Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Gamla Stans Julfärsköl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Produced Gamla Stans Lagerköl Lager (5,0%)
Not available Gamla Stans Midsommarfärsköl Lager (4,8%)

Gamlestaden - Herrljunga

Produced Gamlestadens Färsköl Lager (5,2%)
Seasonal Gamlestadens Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,2%)
Produced Gamlestadens Pilsner Lager, Pils (5,0%)
Produced Gamlestadens Stark Lager, Bock (7,0%)
Not available Götheborgs Mellanöl Lager (4,4%)
Seasonal Häxöl Lager, Märzen (5,0%)
Not available Starkodder Strong Ale (7,0%)

Gellivare Bryggeri - Gällivare

Not available Bandit Brew Lager (5,1%)
Produced Gellivare Dunder Lager, Bock (7,0%)
Seasonal Gellivare Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Produced Gellivare Stark Lager (5,3%)
Seasonal Jahki Dálvi Lager, Dark (5,0%)
Seasonal Jahki Giðða Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Jahki Giðða Geassi Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Jahki Geassi Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Jahki Cakca Lager (5,0%)
Produced Sundsvalls Öl Lager (5,3%)

Gotlands Bryggeri - Visby (Subsidiary of Spendrups)

Produced MacLays Stout* Stout (4,5%)
Seasonal Wisby Julbrygd Lager, Julöl (6,0%)
Produced Wisby Klosteröl Golden Ale (5,0%)
Not available Wisby Munköl Lager (5,5%)

Grebbestads Bryggeri - Grebbestad

Not available Bohus Amiral Lager, Pils (5,1%)
Not available Bohus Pilsner Lager, Pils (4,7%)
Produced Granit Lager (4,8%)
Seasonal Grebbestad Jul-Öl Lager, Julöl (5,1%)
Produced Koster Lager (5,1%)
Produced Lunator Dubbelbock Lager, Double Bock (8,1%)

Götarsviks Gårdsbryggeri (former Nordsjö Gårdsbryggeri)

Produced En Bärs från Närke Lager, Juniper  
Produced Östgöta Blåbärs Lager, Blueberry (5,0%)
Seasonal Östgöta Maltglögg Lager, Spiced (10,0%)
Produced Östgöta Stark Lager (5,0%)
Produced Östgöta Örtöl Lager, Herb spiced (5,0%)

Hallsta Bryggeri - Hallstahammar

Produced Big Bertha Lager (5,3%)
Not available Birger Brosa Pils Lager (5,0%)
Produced Birka Wheat beer (4,8%)
Produced Gustafsbergs Kanalöl Lager (5,1%)
Produced Göteborg Guld Lager (5,3%)
Seasonal Hallsta Julbock Lager, Julöl (6,8%)
Seasonal Hallsta Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Produced Hallsta Pils Lager, Pils (4,9%)
Seasonal Hallsta Påsköl Lager, Påsköl (5,0%)
Produced Järnkaminernas Guld Lager (5,3%)
Produced Jösses! Lager Lager (5,1%)
Produced Lusten Lager (5,1%)
Produced Malmöhus Guld Lager (5,3%)
Seasonal Passauer Oktoberfest Bier* Lager, Oktoberfest (5,3%)
Produced Old Eskil Ale Kölsch (5,0%)
Produced PF Guld Lager (5,3%)
Produced Starke Arvid Lager (4,9%)
Produced Stockholm Guld Lager (5,3%)
Not available Trätälja Lager (5,1%)
Produced Vargöl Lager (5,1%)
Produced Vulkanöl Lager (5,1%)
Produced Westmanna Premium Lager (4,9%)
Produced Örebro Slottsbrygd Lager (5,0%)

Jämtlands Bryggeri - Pilgrimstad

Produced HELL Lager Lager  
Not available Jämtlands Bärsärk Strong Ale Strong Ale (6,5%)
Seasonal Jämtlands Julöl Christmas Ale (6,5%)
Not available Jämtlands Mellan Lager Lager (4.2%)
Produced Jämtlands Pilgrim Ale Pale Ale (5,1%)
Produced Jämtlands Porter Porter (4.8%)
Produced Jämtlands Postiljon ESB Ale, Extra Special Bitter (5,8%)
Produced Jämtlands President Lager (5,6%)
Seasonal Jämtlands Påsköl Påsköl (6,5%)
Seasonal Jämtlands Sommaröl Summer beer  
Not available Jämtlands Weiss President Wheaten lager  
Produced Serbian Crown Lager (5,2%)

Kopparbergs Bryggeri - Kopparberg

Produced Bajen Fans Bärs Lager (5,6%)
Produced Carlssons Bruksöl Lager (5,0%)
Produced GAIS Makrillöl Lager (5,0%)
Not available Gammeldags Starkdricka Starkdricka (5,3%)
Seasonal Kaiserdom Oktoberfestbier* Lager, Oktoberfest (5,6%)
Produced Kopparbergs Fat Lager (5,3%)
Produced Kopparbergs Original Lager (4,3%)
Seasonal Kopparbergs Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Seasonal Kopparbergs Julöl 7,5 Lager, Julöl (7,5%)
Not available Kopparbergs Kronöl Lager (4,2%)
Produced Kopparbergs Peach-Beer Lager
Produced Kopparbergs Special Brew 5.0 Lager (5,0%)
Produced Kopparbergs Special Brew 7.5 Lager, Strong (7,5%)
Produced Kopparbergs Special Brew 10.0 Lager, Strong (10,0%)
Produced Kopparbergs Stout Stout (5,3%)
Not available Norrtelje Jubileumsöl Lager (5,3%)
Produced Prototyp Lager (5,3%)
Produced Special ELK-Brew Lager (5,3%)
Produced Tjejöl Lager (5,3%)

Krönleins - Halmstad

Not available Appeltoffts Jubileums Export Lager (5,0%)
Produced Crocodile Lager Lager (5,2%)
Produced Ingo's Hammer Lager Lager (5,3%)
Produced Kaltenberg Pils* Lager (4,8%)
Seasonal Kaltenberg Oktoberfestbier* Lager, Oktoberfest (5,4%)
Produced König Ludwig Dunkel* Lager, Münchner Dark (5,4%)
Produced Salmon Draft Lager (5,0%)
Produced Skåne Guld Export Lager (5,3%)
Produced Stockholm Festival Beer Lager (5,3%)
Produced Stockholm Festival Beer 7,2 Lager, Strong (7,2%)
Produced Three Hearts Export Lager (5,3%)
Produced Three Hearts All Malt Lager (4,0%)
Produced Three Hearts Extra Strong Lager, Bock (7,0%)
Seasonal Three Hearts Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,3%)
Seasonal Three Hearts Julöl Extra Strong Lager, Julöl (7,5%)
Seasonal Three Hearts Påskebryg Lager, Påsköl (5,6%)
Seasonal Three Hearts Påskebryg 7.5 Lager, Påsköl (7,5%)
Produced Three Hearts Strongest Brew Lager (10,0%)

Millingtorps Gårdsbryggeri (Contract brewed)

Produced Wynja Runöl Lager (5,0%)

Nya Munkbo Ångbryggeri - Smedjebacken

Not available Artbeer Lager (5,2%)
Produced Melanders Starköl Lager (5,3%)
Produced Munkbo Export Lager (5,2%)
Seasonal Munkbo Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,2%)
Produced Munkbo Lager Lager (5,6%)
Produced Munkbo Original Mellanöl Lager (4,2%)
Produced Munkbo Pils Lager, Pils (5,0%)
Unknown Old Swedish Lager Lager (5,6%)
Produced Stockholms Öhl Lager (5,2%)
Unknown Wallmans Jubileums Lager Lager (5,6%)
Not available Örebro Slottsöl Lager (4,2%)

Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri - Nynäshamn

Produced Ankarsudden Alt Altbier
Produced Bedarö Bitter Bitter (4.6%)
Produced Gårdsund Goa Pale Ale Pale Ale (4,0%)
Produced Indianviken Pale Ale India Pale Ale (6,2%)
Seasonal Järflotta Julöl Ale, Julöl  
Seasonal Mellsten Millennium IPA India Pale Ale  
Produced Pickla Pils Lager, Pils  
Seasonal Pumpviken Påsköl Påsköl
Produced Toras Pale Ale Pale Ale
Discontinued but still available Tostes Mjöd Mead (7,0%)
Produced Yttre Gaarden Witbier (4,0%)

Pripps - Stockholm

Produced 1828 Lager (5,0%)
Produced Arboga 5,6 Lager (5,6%)
Produced Arboga 7,7 Lager (7,7%)
Produced Arboga 10,2 Lager, Bock (10,2%)
Produced Blågul Lager (5,2%)
Produced Bulldozer Lager, Strong (8,0%)
Not available Carnegie Pale Ale Pale Ale
Produced Carnegie Porter Porter (5,5%)
Produced Eagle Lager (5,0%)
Not available Foster's Export* Lager (5,5%)
Not available K2 Ice Lager, Ice (5,0%)
Not available Lame Turkey Lager Lager (5,0%)
Not available Lundakarneval Lager (4,2%)
Produced M/52 Lager (5,2%)
Seasonal Midvinterbrygd Julöl (5,0%)
Produced Pripps Bayer Bräu Lager, Münchener Dark (4.5%)
Produced Pripps Blå Export Lager (5,2%)
Not available Pripps Dark Lager Lager, Dark (5,0%)
Produced Pripps Extra Strong Lager, Strong (7,2%)
Produced Pripps Fat Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Pripps Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Seasonal Pripps Julöl Extra Stark Lager, Julöl (6,8%)
Produced Pripps Light Lager, Light (4,9%)
Produced Ringnes Eksport* Lager (5,0%)
Not available Ross Creek Red Beer American Amber Ale (5,0%)
Produced Sarek Export Lager (5,0%)
Produced Straight Lager (5,2%)
Produced Tom Kelly's Lager, Strong (7,5%)
Not available TOP Lager (5,0%)
Produced TT Lager (4,2%)
Produced TT Ice Lager (4,2%)
Produced TT Stark Lager (5,0%)
Produced Tuborg Guld* Lager (5,3%)
Produced Tuborg Pilsner* Lager (4,2%)

Slottskällans Bryggeri - Uppsala

Produced Blåkulla Lager, Münchener dark (4.8%)
Seasonal Blond Lager, Pils (4.5%)
Produced Kloster Belgian Double Dark Ale (7,0%)
Produced MFF Support Lager (5,0%)
Seasonal Nisse Christmas Ale (5,3%)
Produced Premiär Summer Ale (5,0%)
Produced Svart Porter/Stout (5,5%)
Produced Vit Hefeweizen (4,5%)
Available soon Vrak Dunkelweizen (5,4%)

Spendrups - Grängesberg

Not available Alla Tiders Pilsner Lager (5,3%)
Produced Blue Tiger Lager (5,2%)
Produced Bullephant Lager (5,3%)
Not available Bullephant Extra Strong Lager, Strong (7,5%)
Produced Dala Stark Lager (5,3%)
Produced Fatöl Special Lager (5,3%)
Produced Fifty Fifty Mix of Scotch Ale / Lager (4,6%)
Produced Grand Export Lager (5,3%)
Produced Jens Fredrik Creamy Lager Lager  
Unknown Kulturöl 98 Special (4,6%)
Seasonal Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier* Lager, Oktoberfest (5,1%)
Produced Löwenbräu Original* Lager (5,4%)
Produced MacLays Scotch Ale* Scotch Ale (4,2%)
Produced Mariestads Export Lager (5,3%)
Produced Mariestads Extra Stark Lager, Strong (7,2%)
Produced Norrlands Guld Dynamit Lager, Strong (7,0%)
Produced Norrlands Guld Export Lager (5,3%)
Produced Norrlands Guld Mellanöl Lager (4,2%)
Seasonal Norrlands Jul Lager, Julöl (5.3%)
Not available Norrlands Silver Lager (4,2%)
Produced Specrup's Old Gold Lager (5,0%)
Produced Spendrup's 3 1/2 Lager (4,2%)
Produced Spendrup's Bayerskt Lager, Vienna Style (5,5%)
Unknown Spendrup's Dark Label Lager, Münchner Dark (5,3%)
Unknown Spendrup's Dubbelbock Lager, Bock (7,5%)
Seasonal Spendrup's Julbock Lager, Julöl (7,0%)
Seasonal Spendrup's Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,3%)
Produced Spendrup's Magnum Lager (4,2%)
Not available Spendrup's of Sweden Lager (5,0%)
Produced Spendrup's Original Lager (5,2%)
Produced Stella Artois* Lager (5,1%)
Produced Steinlager* Lager (4,8%)
Produced STÖL Lager (5,2%)
Produced STÖL 7,2 Lager (7,2%)

Tärnö Bryggeri - Stockholm (former Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri)

Not available Hops & Glory Ale, Best Bitter  
Not available King's Dog Ale Ale, Bitter  
Not available Kungsholmens Kryssaröl Summer Ale (4,0%)
Produced Lundgrens Lager Lager, Pils (4,9%)
Produced Nils Oscar NO:3 God Lager Lager (5,3%)
Not available Nils Oscar NO:5 Julöl 1998 Barley Wine Barley wine (8,7%)
Seasonal Nils Oscar NO:5 Julöl 1999 Imperial stout (7,2%)
Produced Nils Oscar NO:6 Ale Ale (4,2%)
Produced Nils Oscar NO:8 Kalasöl Lager, Dark (5,2%)
Seasonal Nils Oscar NO:8 Kalasöl Oktober Lager, Vienna style (5,2%)
Not available Tomtefar Lager, Dark (5,0%)

Wermlandia - Karlstad (Contract brewed)

Produced City Pilsner Lager, Pils (5,0%)
Produced Wermlandia Diplomat Lager, Pils (5,0%)

Zeunerts - Sollefteå

Produced Pite Pils Lager (5,2%)
Produced Zeunerts Alt Bier Altbier (4,8%)
Produced Zeunerts Bayer Bier Lager, Vienna Style (5,3%)
Produced Zeunerts Blonde Lager (5,1%)
Produced Zeunerts Höga Kusten Mix: Lager/Altbier (5,1%)
Seasonal Zeunerts Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,1%)
Produced Zeunerts Mellanöl Lager (4,3%)
Produced Zeunerts Merke Lager (5,3%)
Seasonal Zeunerts Midsommaröl Lager (5,1%)
Produced Zeunerts Patron Lager, Bock (7,1%)
Produced Zeunerts Pils Lager, Pils (5,1%)
Seasonal Zeunerts Skördeöl Lager, Oktoberfest (5,1%)

Åbro - Vimmerby

Produced Anderssons Lager (5,2%)
Produced Anderssons Extra 7.2 Lager (7,2%)
Produced Bryggmästarens Pilsner Lager, Pils (5,0%)
Not available Calmar Unionsöl Lager (4,3%)
Produced FAT 21 Lager (5,0%)
Produced Fever Lager (5,0%)
Not available Gösser Gold* Lager (5,2%)
Produced Gorilla Lager, Strong (7,6%)
Produced Högtryck Lager (5,0%)
Produced Lageson Lager (5,3%)
Produced Munktells Lager (5,2%)
Produced Noll Noll Lager (5,0%)
Unknown Time Out Lager (5,0%)
Produced Västervik Festivalöl Lager (5,2%)
Produced Åbro Bayerskt Lager, Vienna Style (5,2%)
Produced Åbro Bocköl Lager, Bock (7,0%)
Produced Åbro Ekoöl Lager (4,2%)
Produced Åbro Fat Lager (5,0%)
Produced Åbro Guld Lager (5,2%)
Seasonal Åbro Julbock Lager, Julöl (6,8%)
Seasonal Åbro Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,2%)
Produced Åbro Original 7,3 Lager, Bock (7,3%)
Produced Åbro Original Mellanöl Lager (4,3%)
Produced Åbro Orginal Starköl Lager (5,2%)
Produced Åbro River Lager (5,0%)

Åre Bryggeri (Contract brewed)

Produced Hummel Extrême Lager, Bock (7,2%)
Produced Hummel Original Lager (5,3%)

Ölkliniken - Linköping

Produced Linköpings Färsköl Lager, Bohemian Pils


Breweries that have stopped producing beer the last years:

Gefle Borg - Gävle

Not available Gefleborgs Festival Lager, Bock (7,7%)
Not available Gefleborgs Julöl Lager, Julöl (5,0%)
Not available Gefleborgs Mellan Lager (4,2%)
Not available Gefleborgs Original Lager (5,2%)

Källefall - Tidaholm

Not available Källefall Brown Ale Brown Ale (5,0%)
Not available Källefall Julöl Christmas Ale (5,3%)
Not available Källefall Pale Ale Pale Ale (4,3%)
Not available Källefall Påsköl Easter Ale (5,6%)
Not available Källefall Strong Ale Strong Ale (7,0%)
Not available Mjölner Ale (5,0%)
Not available Skarabôrjar'n Ale (5,3%)

Malmö Grip - (Contract brewed)

Not available Skåne Lager Lager (5,0%)
Not available Calmar Nyckel Lager (5,0%)

Melings - Fagersta

Not available Melings Extra Strong Lager, Bock (7,0%)
Not available Melings Original Lager (5,0%)

Nordhouse - Västerås

Not available Nordhouse Mjöd Mead (4,5%)

Pivovar Pajala - Pajala

Not available Bernard* Lager, Bohemian Pils

Strömfors Bryggeri- Varberg

Should have started production of beer spring 1999. Status unknown.

Sofiero - Laholm

Not available Bredaryds Pilsner Lager (4,5%)
Not available Christian IV Lager (5,0%)
Not available Laholms Vapen Lager, Strong (6,9%)
Not available Lunda Pilsner Lager (4,5%)
Not available Martins Extra Lager, Bock (7,5%)
Not available Mårten Trotzig's Öl Lager, Spiced (5,6%)
Not available Sofiero 1888 Pils Lager (5,6%)
Not available Sofiero American Lager Lager (4,8%)
Not available Sofiero Julöl Lager, Julöl (6,9%)
Not available Sofiero Mjöd Mead (5,6%)
Not available Sofiero Mörk Guld Lager, Vienna style (5,6%)
Not available Sofiero Original 5,0 Lager (5,0%)
Not available Sofiero Original 7,5 Lager, Strong (7,5%)
Not available Sofiero Påsköl Lager, Påsköl (5,0%)
Not available Sofiero Shandy Shandy (4,8%)
Not available Sofiero Whisky Malt Lager, Bock (6,9%)
Not available Värnamo Marknadsöl Lager (5,6%)
Not available Whitbread Export Lager* Lager (5,0%)
Not available Åhus Jubileums Stark Lager (4,5%)

Thimsfors - Markaryd

Not available Nyköpings Pilsner Lager (4,5%)
Not available Södertälje Pilsner Lager (5,0%)
Not available Thigerbrygd Lager, Bock (7,2%)
Not available Thimsfors Lageröl Lager (5,0%)
Not available Upsala Slottsöl Lager (5,0%)
Not available Wisby Öl Lager (5,0%)

Trelleborgs Bryggeri (Contract brewed)

Not available Trelleborgs Julöl Lager, Julöl (4,9%)
Not available Trelleborgs Pilsner Lager, Julöl (4,8%)

Vivungs - Romakloster

Not available Vivungs Dragöl Smokey ale (8,0%)
Not available Vivungs Gotlandsdricke Gotlandsdricke (5,0%)
Not available Vivungs Romakloster Golden Ale (4,5%)

Some notes on the styles:

Lager: Usually means Dortmunder, Export, Pils, International lager or somewhere in between. I have not taken the time to classify these further, except in obvious cases.

Julöl: Christmas Brew. Dark and roasty, often sweet. Usually bottom fermented. The stronger versions are often called Julbock.

Påsköl: Easter Brew. Similar to Julöl.

Julmumma: A mix between lager, lemonade, spices and some other stuff, made for Christmas. Dark and sweet.

Gotlandsdricke: Traditional brew from the island of Gotland. Top fermented in open vessels. The malt is smoked, and the water is boiled with juniper branches, creating a heavily smokey taste and a light brown-red colour. Very little carbonation.

*: Brewed under license.

Alcoholic strength is measured in %ABV

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