OT & Akkurat US microbrews

The Stockholm pubs Oliver Twist & Akkurat has the god habit of continously finding good beers for beer freaks like us. this time a big shipment of beers from across the pond had arrived.

Akkurat were serving a number of Belgian style ales from USA & Canada, and here we got to sample beer from teh famous Ommegang brewery for the first time, as well as two massive ales from WeyerbacherFlying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel.

Oliver Twist served more British style American microbrews, such as barley wines, stouts and IPAs. These guys do not save money on hops or malt. Beers lie North Coast Old Stock Ale are not for the faint of heart. We also had the pleasure of sampling a fw more beers from one of the best scoring breweries on our lists: Dogfish Head who's beers always appear to be both very different and well balanced at the same time. Definitely world class.

I don't think balance is the first thing that springs to mind at the winner of this rating session, one of the best in our history. Lost Coast Indica IPA is a hop monster, but very drinkable and almost impossible not to love. It edegd out another IPA, Victory Hop Devil India Pale Ale for first place.

Beers rated May 2001
16Lost Coast Indica IPAUSA4,5355-5-5-36,0%Ale, British style
52Victory Hop Devil India Pale AleUSA4,295-5-444-6,0%Ale, British style
53Mount St. Helena Imperial StoutUSA4,294+4+4+44+6,3%Porter/Stout
54North Coast Old Stock AleUSA4,2844+5-4+410,5%Ale, British style
125Flying Fish Belgian Style DubbelUSA4,104-5-5-437,0%Ale, Belgian style
125Ommegang HennepinUSA4,104-5-5-437,5%Ale, Belgian style
232Dogfish Head Chicory StoutUSA3,944+4+4-435,2%Porter/Stout
253He'Brew Messiah StoutUSA3,914+44+3-4-6,0%Porter/Stout
259Wolaver's India Pale AleUSA3,905-3+4-445,0%Ale, British style
271Old Lehigh Buckwheat Honey Oatmeal StoutUSA3,8944+443-5,0%Porter/Stout
290Mad River Steelhead Scotch PorterUSA3,864-4+5-3+3-7,0%Porter/Stout
344Weyerbacher Belgian Style TrippelUSA3,804-4+43+3+9,0%Ale, Belgian style
354Ommegang Abbey AleUSA3,79354+338,5%Ale, Belgian style
390Weyerbacher QuadUSA3,75434+44-10,0%Ale, Belgian style
423Dogfish Head Shelter Pale AleUSA3,7345-3+3+3-5,0%Ale, British style
505Dogfish Head Raison D'ĘtreUSA3,654+33+4+4-8,0%Special
744Victory Golden Monkey Triple AleUSA3,4134+4-33-9,5%Ale, Belgian style
1174Tom Wood's Shepheard's Delight, caskEngland3,123+3+3334,8%Ale, British style
1332Smuttynose Belgian Style White AleUSA3,012+3+3436,0%Wheat beer
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Fredrik Nyström and Jonas Bofjäll

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Updated 2001-06-20 Per Samuelsson