August ratings 2

August ratings 2

As August continued to be hot and humid, more beer were needed. Still we had some German and Austrian beer left, and when the group returned from various travels we could add a couple of Norwegians, as well as some bottles from Madeira. After a quick check we found that Madeira political status as an overseas independency qualified it to be listed as a country of their own in our listings, along with other similar countries such as the Faroe Islands etc.

A look at the scoresheet shows that of the beers we tried the German were by far the best. Only the Ausrian dark wheat beer Edelweiss Weissbier Dunkel could measure. The two beers from Meininger were really great ones.

However also the four varieties from the Norwegian microbrewery Mikrobryggeriet in Oslo was appreciated by the group, as well as the surprisingly fullbodied bock Coral Export from Madeira.

Far down the list, in fact at the very bottom, we'll find the disastrous Malta Caracas, a Venezuelan non-alcoholic malt drink which, much thanks to a change in our calculations, managed to be the first beer with a negative score... Also the two low alcoholic beers from the Swedish brewery Fors Nya Bryggeri are beers that should be avoided. The Colt 45 was a gift we got from someone who had been to The Phillipines and should bring us a local beer. Unfortunately it was an American brand brewed under license, so in our listing it goes as a US beer (and a bad one...).

Beers rated the sticky hot August 1997
Meininger Black JackGermany344435 3.92 Lager, Dark
Meininger MaibockGermany444343 3.74 Lager, Bock
Edelweiss Weissbier DunkelAustria344334 3.56Wheat beer
Watzdorfer Dunkler Traditions-BockGermany344334 3.56Lager, Bock
Mauritius Bock DunkelGermany343344 3.53 Lager, Bock
Rhöner Urtyp DunkelGermany433344 3.52 Lager, Dark
Mikrobryggeriet SommerølNorway354323 3.47 Lager, Light
Mikrobryggeriet SteamerNorway344333 3.40 Special
Watzdorfer Burg-PilsGermany343243 3.17 Lager,Light
Carlssons BruksölSweden33 3   2.98 Lager,Light
Mikrobryggeriet PorterNorway344222 2.90 Porter/Stout
Coral ExportMadeira243332 2.86 Lager, Bock
Mikrobryggeriet Mikro PilsNorway333332 2.85 Lager, Light
Hansa FatølNorway333332 2.85 Lager, Light
Hirter Privat PilsAustria332333 2.84 Lager, Light
Kulkurin KesäolutFinland323333 2.81 Lager, Light
Piast Super PremiumPoland333322 2.71 Lager, Light
Borg Sommer PilsnerNorway331333 2.67 Lager, Light
Carnegie Porter, klass IISweden24 2   2.66 Porter/Stout
Cristal PilsenerPortugal422322 2.53 Lager, Light
CoralMadeira322323 2.49 Lager,Light
Coral TónicaMadeira332321 2.38 Lager, Dark
Dart, klass IISweden21 4   2.28 Lager, Dark
Carlssons Bruksöl, klass IISweden21 3   1.96 Lager,Light
Zwettler DunklesAustria222222 1.93 Lager, Dark
Colt 45*USA212232 1.86 Lager, Bock
Avesta LättölSweden21 2   1.63 Lager, Light
Avesta PilsnerSweden21 2   1.63 Lager, Light
Malta CaracasVenezuela010000-0.02  Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck,Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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