The Autumn ratings '01

This is really a number of different gatherings mashed together into one big bunch. It stretches from the end of Stockholm Beer Festival, where amongst others we found a new number 1: Samuel Adam's Millennium, also the strongest beer we've ever sampled. A truly unique brew. It also includes severals stops at the pubs Akkurat and Oliver Twist, as well as a beer haul from Spain, France and Portugal, plus whatever beers we could locate at home.

The silver medal in this round was won by the limited edition well hopped lager from Swedish west coast microbrewer Grebbestad.

The surprise showings includes theblack roasty Spanish beer La Zaragozana Ambar Negra, as well as the flavourful Three Horses Beer Pilsener from Madagascar, one out of three new countries - the other two being St. Lucia and St. Vincent (Thanks to Johan Fors for those!)

Beers rated January 2002
1Samuel Adam's MillenniumUSA5,01 5-5+5+ 20,0%Special
69Grebbestad HummerSweden4,295-4+4+4- 5,5%Lager, Light
118Daleside Gravesend Shrimpers Bitter, caskEngland4,184-4+ 4- 4,1%Ale, British style
162Fuller's Vintage Ale 2000England4,08 44+  8,5%Ale, British style
162HD Wit, homebrewSweden4,08 44+   Wheat beer
179Young's Winter WarmerEngland4,064+4-4+4 5,0%Ale, British style
196The Biddy Early Brewery Red BiddyIreland4,04 5-4-3+4+4,9%Ale, British style
277Tongerlo Dubbel Bruin 6Belgium3,954-4+4+3+ 6,0%Ale, Belgian style
296Anchor Our Special Ale 2000, draughtUSA3,93 44   Ale, British style
323Brugs Blond, draughtBelgium3,91 4-4+  5,5%Ale, Belgian style
365Shepheard Neame Vintage Christmas Ale 2001England3,8643+4+4 6,7%Ale, British style
411The Biddy Early Brewery Black BiddyIreland3,82 44+34-4,2%Porter/Stout
429La Zaragozana Ambar NegraSpain3,814-4+3+4 4,8%Porter/Stout
449The Shipyard StoutUSA3,793+44+ 4 Porter/Stout
509Dulle Teve 10, draughtBelgium3,743-5- 44-10,0%Ale, Belgian style
663Bavaria Dunkles StarkbierGermany3,613+43+4 7,5%Lager, Bock
690Tongerlo Dubbel Blond 6Belgium3,603-444 6,0%Ale, Belgian style
796Eggenberg Samichlaus Bier 2001Austria3,5143+4-3 14,0%Lager, Bock
868Saint Andre BeerCanada3,4544-42- 4,6%Ale, British style
871Brakspear Leaf Fall, caskEngland3,4534 3+ 5,1%Ale, British style
939Caracole NostradamusBelgium3,4133 44+9,5%Ale, Belgian style
941Skinner's Jingle Knockers Christmas AleEngland3,403+3+ 3+ 5,5%Ale, British style
978Harviestoun Caddie's Choice, caskScotland3,384-3 4- 4,4%Ale, British style
998Reiler Weißbier HellGermany3,373+3-4-4+ 4,9%Wheat beer
1014Caffrey's Irish Stout, draughtNorthern Ireland3,363+34- 3+ Porter/Stout
1036Hopf Dunkle WeißeGermany3,354-33+4- 5,0%Wheat beer
1039Mauldon 600th, caskEngland3,3534- 3 4,8%Ale, British style
1098Three Horses Beer PilsenerMadagascar3,323-4-43 5,4%Lager, Light
1251Tongerlo Tripel Blond 8Belgium3,2434-3+3 8,0%Ale, Belgian style
1381Spendrups Svart LagerSweden3,162+3+4-4- 5,3%Lager, Dark
1393Pfungstädter Edel PilsGermany3,154-3+3-3 4,9%Lager, Light
1491Skinner's Cornish Knocker Goldne AleEngland3,102+4 3+ 4,5%Ale, British style
1492Nynäshamn Mälsten Mild, caskSweden3,103-4- 334,2%Ale, British style
1561Frastanzer Classic GoldAustria3,0533+33 5,3%Lager, Light
1570Fohrenburger JubiläumAustria3,053+333  Lager, Light
1590Butcombe Gold, caskEngland3,0433 33+4,7%Ale, British style
1670Sloeber, draughtBelgium2,992+4- 3 7,5%Ale, Belgian style
1769Kronenbourg Tradition AllemandeFrance2,953333 4,7%Lager, Light
1835Freeminer ShakemantleEngland2,923-3 4+ 5,0%Special
1838Fohrenburger StiftleAustria2,9233-33+ 5,1%Lager, Light
1895La Zaragozana Especial ExportSpain2,883-4-32 7,0%Lager, Bock
1906Pilot Bay LagerNew Zealand2,87323+4- 4,0%Lager, Light
1950Maitre Kanter GoldFrance2,833332+ 6,1%Lager, Bock
1985Brakspear Bitter, caskEngland2,813-3- 4+ 3,4%Ale, British style
2058Wood's ArmadaEngland2,773+2 3 4,0%Ale, British style
2171Astra PilsenerGermany2,693-32+3  Lager, Light
2197Denner Lager HellSwitzerland2,673-3-3+2 4,8%Lager, Light
2200A.K.Damm Lager BeerSpain2,663+322+ 4,8%Lager, Light
2328Mahou NegraSpain2,593-23+3- 5,5%Lager, Dark
2333S. Jorge Export BeerPortugal2,5923+32 4,6%Lager, Light
2337Perla Dorada PilsenSpain2,591+3+33 4,3%Lager, Light
2340Valaisanne Bière BlondeSwitzerland2,5933-3-2 4,8%Lager, Light
2441Zeunerts Skördeöl, draughtSweden2,5123-3- 3 Lager, Light
2509James Boag's PremiumAustralia2,462+3-3-2+ 5,6%Lager, Light
2534Kronenbourg Tradition AnglaiseFrance2,443-3-23- 4,7%Ale, British style
2617Flame BeerNew Zealand2,372-33-2+ 5,2%Lager, Light
2685Jenlain Bière Blonde SpécialeFrance2,320+4-3-3 6,0%Lager, Bock
2742Carrefour Cerveza NacionalSpain2,272+2+2+2+ 4,5%Lager, Light
2777PausSweden2,2533-1-3  Lager, Light
2920Saverne 8,8 PremiumFrance2,083-2-22+ 8,8%Lager, Bock
2921Feldschlösschen OriginalSwitzerland2,08222+2+ 4,8%Lager, Light
2941La Zaragozana Ambar 1900 Pale AleSpain2,072+2+22- 4,8%Ale, British style
2998PuntigamerAustria1,992+1-3-3 5,1%Lager, Light
3144San Miguel SinSpain1,801+1+23+ 0,0%Lager, Light
3150Alhambra Premium LagerSpain1,781+22-3- 4,6%Lager, Light
3176Zeunerts Skördeöl 3,5%Sweden1,743-02+3- 3,5%Lager, Light
3188HairounSt. Vincent1,721+22-2+ 4,8%Lager, Light
3207Estrella LevanteSpain1,692-12+2+ 4,8%Lager, Light
3227HR PremiumPortugal1,651+2-22 4,7%Lager, Light
3257Damm LemonSpain1,611-1+23+ 3,2%Special
3292Damm-Bier SinSpain1,511+122+ 0,0%Lager, Light
3299Kron LagerSpain1,512-1-22+ 4,5%Lager, Light
3307Piton Mystic Mountain Brew Lager BeerSt. Lucia1,502-1+2-2- 5,0%Lager, Light
3321Wood's Hopping MadEngland1,472-1 2+ 4,7%Ale, British style
3342Corsaire Lager BeerTrinidad1,431+12-2+ 5,0%Lager, Light
3360Brahma ChoppBrasil1,372-11+2 5,0%Lager, Light
3415Black Money Lager BeerSweden1,202-1-0+3 5,2%Lager, Light
3471Stoney Creek Rattle SnakeSweden0,9120+1-1 5,2%Lager, Light
3517KingstonFrance0,150-1-0+0+ 5,9%Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Fredrik Nyström and Jonas Bofjäll

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