OMH - Beer #2000

Beer #2000

Finally, after years of hard work (well...) we reached beer #2000 a night in August 1999 at Akkurat. Great realales such as Ash Vine Frying Tonight, very sweet and unexciting Belgian stouts like Wilson Mild Stout and Leroy Stout, interesting Belgian ales like the creamy McChouffe Brune d'Ardenne or Oeral, the amazing Celis Pale Bock, a brand created by the Belgian Pierre Celis in USA, but license brewed in Belgium, or maybe especially the vinuos, complex and treacherously strong Napoleon, draught the amazing Celis Pale Bock, a brand created by the Belgian Pierre Celis in USA, but license brewed in Belgium, led us up to the last beer of our second beer millenium.

Beer #1998 & 1999 was two outstanding fruit lambics from Cantillon: Cantillon Foufoun, discretely flavoured with peach, and Cantillon Cuvée Lou Pèpé with raspberry flavour.

As beer #1000 with a French bière de garde what could be more appropriate than a beer in the same style. 3 Monts from France suited us perfect. It was discretely malty, very complex and very lively. A perfect beer to celebrate #2000 with!

Celebrations continued later at other places, but with less memorable beers. The most noteworthy thing that happened was the return of long lost member Marie, who attended her first rating since 1994... However a few beers deserves some notice. As it is not usual for us to encounter good Spanish beers, the dark lager Mahou Negra with some decent malt flavours surprised a bit. Same goes for the Portuguese . Kommodori Vaalea Lager is notch above the Finnis everyday lager, just as Moretti Baffo d'oro is a notch above the Italian standard lager.

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Beers rated August 1999
71Napoleon, draughtBelgium4.0635    544 310.0%Ale, Belgian style
109Celis Pale Bock*USA3.9844    354 45.5%Lager, Bock
110Cantillon FoufouneBelgium3.9725    455 35.0%Gueuze/Lambic
188Pater Lieven BlondBelgium3.7643    444 46.5%Ale, Belgian style
242McChouffe Brune d'ArdenneBelgium3.6834    534 38.5%Ale, Belgian style
327Ash Vine Frying Tonight, caskEngland3.5544    423 4 Ale, British style
347Pater Lieven BruinBelgium3.5133    443 56.5%Ale, Belgian style
3563 MontsFrance3.4934    344 38.5%Ale, Belgian style
601Cantillon Cuvée Lou PèpéBelgium3.2114    444 35.0%Gueuze/Lambic
783OeralBelgium3.0323    344 36.0%Ale, Belgian style
906Purkmistr, draughtCzech Rep.2.9633    333 34.7%Lager, Dark
975Mahou NegraSpain2.8743323323333 Lager, Dark
979Jahki Gi­­a GeassiSweden2.8733334233332 Lager, Light
1040Teignworthy's Beachcomber, caskEngland2.8043    323 1 Ale, British style
1053Leroy StoutBelgium2.7822    433 45.0%Porter/Stout
1091Falcon Bayersk, draughtSweden2.7323    333 35.2%Lager, Dark
1104Caffrey's Irish Ale, draughtNorthern Ireland2.7232    333 34.8%Ale, British style
1167G÷sserAustria2.6532234322343 Lager, Light
1192Theakston's Best Bitter, draughtEngland2.6433    232 33.8%Ale, British style
1192CochonetteBelgium2.6433    232 39.0%Ale, Belgian style
1320Moretti Baffo d'OroItaly2.4822333232333 Lager, Light
1350Wilson Mild StoutBelgium2.4411    433 55.2%Porter/Stout
1366Olvi Tumma LagerFinland2.4223    223 34.3%Lager, Dark
1384DalkarlenSweden2.40323  3222 33.5%Lager, Light
1405Sagres DarkPortugal2.3733    222 24.3%Lager, Dark
1584Nastro d'Azzuro Motomondiale 1999Italy2.1322232322322 Lager, Light
1608Kommodori Vaalea LagerFinland2.0813    223 24.5%Lager, Light
1646VostokSweden2.0122233222222 Lager, Light
1648Super Bock Cool BeerPortugal2.0112    323 25.0%Lager, Light
1672Ferdinand VřcepnÝ SvetlÚCzech Rep.1.9712 3       3.5%Lager, Light
1754Danish PrideDenmark1.8321    223 28.0%Lager, Bock
1768Stockholm Festival 7,2Sweden1.76212332122227.2%Lager, Bock
1781Cordon GardSpain1.73 11  21333 4.8%Lager, Light
1813Falcon Original, draughtSweden1.6821    222 24.3%Lager, Light
1897Gordon's Finest GoldBelgium1.4312    212 110.0%Ale, Belgian style
1900H÷gtryckSweden1.4221123211222 Lager, Light
1938STÍL 7,2Sweden1.29112212212217.2%Lager, Bock
1942Arboga 10,2Sweden1.270222131112210.2%Lager, Bock
1944Cerveja JansenPortugal1.26211  2121  0.0%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Marie Holmgren, Fredrik Huldt,
Anna Hultén, Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson, Robert Boström and Minna Hytönen

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Updated 99-09-21 Per Samuelsson