Stockholm Beer Festival 2000

Stockholm Beer Festival is usually when our top-10 gets stirred up and we'll find new favourite beers. This year was no exception to that rule. J&aunl;mtlands Bryggeri presented a well hopped, complex schwarzbier called Heaven, which came witin inches from taking over first spot. They also managed to squeeze in their extremely well hopped amber lager J&aunl;mtlands Bärnsten and the hefeweizen Jämtlands Weiss President in th etop 50.

Tärnö Bryggeri, a Stockholm micro, counterattacked by relasing a new Beligian style double dark ale preliminary called Nils Osvcar Julöl 2000 as this years christmas brew. They also re-released the last two years high gravity Christmas seasonals Nils Oscar Imperial Stout and Nils Oscar Barley Wine, and by doing that they managed to get no less than 3 new beers in the top 30...

Another highlight was Ålö Ale a lightbodied pale ale from Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri. I was also pleasantly surprised by the new dark lager Avesta Mörköl from Avesta Bryggeri, a small brewery who other beers has been less interesting for beer lovers.

Weltenburger Kloster is an excellent German brewer. Their Asam Bock is one of my all time favourite bock beers, and their Hefe-Weissbier Hell is also a tp class beer, lightbodied and refreshing.

At this event we were joned by Josh Oakes from The Beer Manifesto. You can reach his report here

Beers rated atStockholm Beer Festival, September 2000
2Heaven, draughtSweden4,825+54+545- 5,0%Lager, Dark
4Nils Oscar Julöl 2000Sweden4,75  4+ 5 57,5%Ale, Belgian style
12Jämtlands Bärnsten, draughtSweden4,545 4+5-5-445,0%Lager, Dark
23Nils Oscar Imperial Stout 2000, draughtSweden4,46  54+ 4 7,2%Porter/Stout
29Nils Oscar Barley WineSweden4,40  5 4 48,7%Ale, British style
37Weltenburger Kloster Asam Bock, draughtGermany4,34  4+ 4+ 4+6,5%Lager, Dark
46Jämtlands Weiss President, draughtSweden4,314+ 4+5+34+ 4,6%Wheat beer
57Ålö Ale, draughtSweden4,25  5-4+4-4+45,6%Ale, British style
73Weltenburger Kloster Hefe-Weissbier Hell, draughtGermany4,214 54+ 3+ 5,1%Wheat beer
79Saranac Pale AleUSA4,194+ 4+4   5,7%Ale, British style
123Carlow O'Hara Celtic StoutIreland4,064-4+4+ 4 4-4,3%Porter/Stout
125Schneider Weisse Weizenhell, draughtGermany4,064-44+ 4 4 Wheat beer
128Triple Karmeliet, draughtBelgium4,063+ 55+ 2+ 8,0%Ale, Belgian style
165Leffe's Stout, homebrewSweden4,013+ 4+5 3+  Porter/Stout
187Summer Blitz II Best Bitter, homebrewSweden3,984- 4-5 4-  Ale, British style
242Bios Kriek, draughtBelgium3,872+ 4+5- 4+ 5,0%Special
281Weltenburger Kloster Pils, draughtGermany3,81  4+ 3 44,7%Lager, Light
321Bryggmästarens Pilsner, draughtSweden3,754 43+   5,0%Lager, Light
323Celis White, draughtUSA3,754- 44 3+ 5,0%Wheat beer
337Spaten Oktoberfest, draughtGermany3,7443+4 3+ 4- Lager, Light
343Beamish Irish Stout, draughtIreland3,733+ 44 4- 4,2%Porter/Stout
391Anchor Liberty Ale, draughtUSA3,694 44- 3 5,9%Ale, British style
400St Peter's Winter Ale, draughtEngland3,67434 3 4 Ale, British style
455Weltenburger Kloster Anno 1050, draughtGermany3,614- 4-3+4 3+5,3%Lager, Light
482Jämtlands Julöl, draughtSweden3,59  4 3 4-6,5%Ale, British style
497Spaten Pils, draughtGermany3,56  4-4 3 5,0%Lager, Light
514Fuller's India Pale Ale, draughtEngland3,54  4+ 3+ 3-4,8%Ale, British style
520Anchor Steam Beer, draughtUSA3,543+ 34+ 4- 4,8%Special
533Bolten Alt, draughtGermany3,51  3+4- 4- 4,8%Ale, German style
580Christoffel RobertusNetherlands3,473+ 4-3+ 4- 6,0%Lager, Dark
588Avesta MörkölSweden3,463+ 4-3434-5,0%Lager, Dark
597Caledonian Deuchars IPA, caskScotland3,444- 3+   3+3,8%Ale, British style
649Saranac Black ForestUSA3,403+ 4-3+ 3+ 5,2%Lager, Dark
673Spaten Ludwig Tohma Dunkel, draughtGermany3,39  3-4+ 3+ 5,0%Lager, Dark
694Aass Pils, draughtNorway3,37  43+ 3- 4,5%Lager, Light
745Pivo From Heaven, homebrewSweden3,34  4-3+ 3  Lager, Light
789Kelham Island Cathedral Ale, caskEngland3,304- 3-4 3 5,0%Porter/Stout
907Nils Oscar Pils, draughtSweden3,203-43+3+ 334,2%Lager, Light
983Christoffel BlondNetherlands3,143 3+3+ 3 5,0%Lager, Light
1022Newton, draughtBelgium3,122- 43+ 4- 3,5%Special
1041McEwans 80/-, caskScotland3,103+42   3+4,5%Ale, British style
1048Slottskällan Blond 3,5, draughtSweden3,093+ 3+3+ 2+ 3,5%Lager, Light
1083Kelham Island Pale Rider, caskEngland3,063+ 3-3+   5,2%Ale, British style
1116Piraat, draughtBelgium3,042+ 3+3+ 3+ 10,5%Ale, Belgian style
1226Anchor Wheat BeerUSA2,98  3- 3 3+5,9%Wheat beer
1244Küpper Kölsch, draughtGermany2,973 33 3 4,8%Ale, German style
1265Worthington Cream Flow, draughtEngland2,95342 3 3 Ale, British style
1288Munkbo Kristall, draughtSweden2,943 3+3-32+3+5,1%Wheat beer
1315Anchor Small BeerUSA2,91  3 3 3-5,9%Ale, British style
1325Dacicky, draughtCzech Republic2,913+23+   3- Lager, Light
1365Pripps PilsnerSweden2,873-33- 3+ 3- Lager, Light
1375Gulden Draak, draughtBelgium2,862- 52+ 2+ 10,5%Ale, Belgian style
1407Fallen Angel Bitter, caskScotland2,83  3-3- 3+ 5,0%Ale, British style
1409Passendale, draughtBelgium2,833 2+2+ 4 6,0%Ale, Belgian style
1463Kelham Island Best Bitter, caskEngland2,794- 2+2+ 3 3,8%Ale, British style
1479Gamla Stans Julfärsköl, draughtSweden2,78  3 2 3+5,0%Lager, Dark
1539Aass Bayersk, draughtNorway2,72  3-2+ 3+ 4,5%Lager, Dark
1663Broughton Old Jock, caskScotland2,633- 3-3-   6,7%Ale, British style
1757Svea Viking Mjöd, draughtSweden2,542 3-3+ 2+ 5,0%Special
1861Bro-Ölet, draughtCzech Republic2,43  3-2+ 2+ 4,7%Lager, Light
2039Dom Kölsch, draughtGermany2,28  22+ 3- 4,8%Ale, German style
2071Avesta Country, draughtSweden2,253- 2-2 3 5,3%Lager, Light
2190Carling Black Label, draughtEngland2,10  2+2 2 4,1%Lager, Light
2370Carlton Crown LagerAustralia1,862+ 2-2- 2 4,9%Lager, Light
2476Fors Gammeldags SvagdrickaSweden1,65  2- 1 2+ Special
2519Tomelilla-DrickaSweden1,53  1+ 1+ 2 Special
2593Fosters*, draughtAustralia1,332- 11 2 5,0%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck,Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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