OMH - Stockholm Beer Festival '97

Stockholm Beer Festival '97

The Stockholm Beer Festival had in '97 moved to a bigger venue and the number of available beers were increased to over 500. Two things were really great to see. The first was the presence and high quality of two new Swedish brewpubs, Bryggeriet in Ystad and Bredaryds Pubbryggeri and the many new exciting beers from Swedish micros such as Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri and Jämtlands Bryggeri. The second was the extremely exciting assortment at Akkurat's place. They had managed to collect hundreds of rare Belgian, Dutch, English, American and Canadian delights.

Akkurat's beers included amongst many others two of both the groups and my personal all time favourites, Westvleeteren 12 and Westvleeteren 8. The beers from this Belgian Trappist-monastery are extremely rare, you can ususally only get it right at the monastery, and they are also extremely tasty. Both are tremendously complex, mature, and all the many flavours are perfectly balanced. Both beers scored 4.71 which is an incredible figure enough for a split second place, while the least alcoholic variety Westvleeteren 6 *only* scored 4.11.

The two other beers that reached our top-20 this Friday was brewpub Bredaryds Pubbryggeri's unpateurized and unfiltered lager. According to the man behind the bar the beer varies with the season, and I guess this robust, malty and complex lager was their autumn variety. This beer got the award for "Best Swedish beer, all categories". Another of my new all-time favourites is Jämtlands Porter, a delicious Porter IMO rather similar to the Californian Sierra Nevada Porter. Also two other new beers from this strange countryside micro, htre whetaen lager Jämtlands Weiss President and their festival strong ale Jämtlands Bärsärk scored exceptionally well.

Continuing down the list we'll find the Dutch Leeuw Dortmunder at the score 4.05, and further down, but still on an excellent score the best American of the night, Great Divide Hibernation Ale from Colorado. There's also Cheval Blanc Titanic Ale, the best scoring Canadian beer so far at 3.87.

Since almost all the beers we tried were of supernb quality the scores were extremely high, only the pretty lame Indian Cobra Beer fell out of the picture and scored a modest 2.02.

A big thanks to the knowledged, friendly and helpful people at the most bars, and a big laugh in the face at the unknowledged and unfriendly bully who tried to sell the Cuban/American Hatuey Beer...

Beers rated at the Stockholm Beer Festival '97
2Westvleeteren 124.71455545Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
2Westvleeteren 84.71455545Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
7Bredaryds Höstöl4.52455454Lager, DarkSweden
17Jämtlands Porter4.29555433Porter/StoutSweden
32Westvleeteren 64.11345445Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
37Leeuw Dortmunder4.05444534Ale, Belgian styleNetherlands
37Weltenburger Barock Dunkel4.05444543Lager, DarkGermany
45Jämtlands Weiss President4.00444444Lager, LightSweden
45Jämtlands Bärsärk Strong Ale4.00444444Ale, Brittish styleSweden
62Skuumkoppe3.90444542Ale, Belgian styleNetherlands
67Great Divide Hibernation Ale3.87454334Ale, Brittish styleUSA
70Korenwolf3.84445334Wheat beerNetherlands
76Weltenburger Barock Hell3.81343535Lager, LightGermany
80Cheval Blanc Titanic Ale3.79434444Ale, Brittish styleCanada
87Hell Lager3.77544423Lager, LightSweden
90Timmermanns Witte Lambic3.77245444Gueuze/LambicBelgium
114Anchor Porter3.66444343Porter/StoutUSA
114Blue Hen Chocolate Porter3.66444343Porter/StoutUSA
137Ysta Färsköl Ljus3.63435334Lager, LightSweden
173Shore Brewing Avalon Amber3.52444324Ale, Brittish styleUSA
175Dock Street Illuminator3.51344433Lager, BockUSA
175Lamme Goedzak3.51344424Ale, Belgian styleNetherlands
190Old Swedish Lager3.46333534Lager, LightSweden
191Grolsch Picardijn3.46344343Lager, LightNetherlands
222Bolten Ur-Alt3.40443423Ale, German styleGermany
229Ysta Färsköl Mörk3.38354332Lager, DarkSweden
257Saxer Three Finger Hefedunkel3.33433424Wheat beerUSA
300Hops and Glory, cask3.26554122Ale, Brittish styleSweden
339Geary's Pale Ale3.19433423Ale, Brittish styleUSA
364Mjölner, cask3.14444142Ale, Brittish styleSweden
376Veltins Premium Pils3.11334333Lager, LightGermany
434Flensburger Pils3.05433422Lager, LightGermany
550Lysti Lingonöl2.86223443Fruit flavourSweden
576King's Dog Ale2.84434222Ale, Brittish styleSweden
618Grolsch Lodewijk XIII2.73323342Lager, LightNetherlands
967Cobra Beer2.02222232Lager, LightIndia
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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