OMH: Stockholm Beer Festival '98

Stockholm Beer Festival '98

This years the OMH gang visited Stockholm Beer Festival twice. The first visit was on wednesday, which was the opening day, and much less crowded than during the weekend. Unfortunately yhe notes from the later visit was lost, bu tI have tried to recreate the ratings the best I can.

The most positive thing this year was the diversity and quality of the new beers form the new Swedish microbreweries. Our overall favourite as well as one of my personal favourites was Slottskällans new Belgian style double dark ale Kloster. A fruity, well made with banana notes, attempt on the style. 4.40 is an excellent score. Also Tärnö's new ale NO:6 Ale, which was less an experimental taste explosion and mopre of a traditional British ale, than the earlier ales from this brewery, was liked by everyone, and scored over 4. Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri is a micro with very limited distribution, and their beer was to most of us a new sensation. Besides two very good ales, an India pale ale and a bitter, and a mead, we had a lovely witbier spiced with orange shells , which was myfavourite beer of the festival. Bredaryds Wärdshus served a good bockbier, and from the new micro Ölkliniken we tried a contract brewed version of Bernard, which was as good as the Czechish original.

Sadly the imported beers didn't reach the same wuthering heights as last year. Our favourite was an aged version of Traquair Jacobite Ale, a strong spicey Scottish ale. The flvaours seemed to have melted together nicely over the years. Another winner was the new Irish microbrewery Dwan's in Tipperary. Their jovial brewmaster used to work at Jämtlands bryggei and are very much responsible for some of the best Sewedish beers. Both their Irish ale Rich Ruby and their fullbodied Extra stout An Dubháin as well as their Irish stout Black Pearl were of very high quality, IMO better than their more famous competitors versions.

Also the best cask conditioned beer we rated were Scottish, Harviestoun American Red, which was somewhat along the lines of an American style red ale. We also had Harviestoun Schiehaillion a cask conditioned lager(!). Sadly two beers were served in bad condition, which the staff did not admit. Our apologies to the brewers of Golden Arrow and Champflower, I'm sure their fine beers when fresh, but the ones we had was more like vinegar. Now a bottled ale became the best scoring English beer: the spicey and interesting Daleside Morocco Ale.

Of the Germans Matltezer Weissbier, a fresh tart wheat beer was the winner, while the draught version of Westmalle Dubbel scored the best of the Belgians, and Brroklyn Brown Ale was the best American beer we had. Of the more unusal countries we had Famosa from Guatemala, a not too bad tropical lager which gave us country #72. We also had three less exciting Spanish lagers as well as Topvar Valhall, a usually good Slovakian beer in terrible shape.

Beers rated at Stockholm Beer Festival '98
13KlosterSweden4.404554 453Ale, Belgian style
48Traquair Jacobite Ale 1995, aged 3 yearsScotland4.085 54343 Ale, British style
64N0:6 Ale, draughtSweden4.024444 444Ale, British style
74Dwan´s Rich Ruby Country Ale, draughtIreland4.0145443 44Ale, British style
96Dwan's An Dubháin Extra Stout, draughtIreland3.9744553 33Porter/Stout
99Daleside Morocco AleEngland3.963 45345 Ale, British style
103Yttre Gaarden, draughtSweden3.9444524444Wheat beer
106Bernard, draught*Czech Rep.3.93 44    4Lager, Light
121Peters Honey Porter, homebrewSweden3.864 45334 Porter/Stout
140Svart, draughtSweden3.814 44 43 Porter/Stout
158Dwan's Black Pearl Irish Stout, draughtIreland3.7743543 34Porter/Stout
175Maltezer WeissbierGermany3.723 54433 Wheat beer
187Jezek SvetlýCzech Rep.3.71 44    3Lager, Light
187Harviestoun American Red, caskScotland3.71 44    3Ale, British style
192Premiär Färsk, draughtSweden3.703444 344Ale, British style
195Nevada Mirror, homebrewSweden3.695 44234 Ale, British style
247Westmalle Dubbel, draughtBelgium3.634 44 33 Ale, Belgian style
248Bredaryds BockölSweden3.6334433 45Lager, Bock
259Brooklyn Brown AleUSA3.624443 433Ale, British style
279La Trappe Dubbel, draughtNetherlands3.583 44 34 Ale, Belgian style
325Black Sheep Special, caskEngland3.484 34334 Ale, British style
347Bedarö Bitter, draughtSweden3.4544442432Ale, British style
356Harviestoun Schiehaillion, caskScotland3.424 43 33 Lager, Light
356Bernard Polotmavy LezakCzech Rep.3.424 43 33 Lager, Dark
370St. Peter's Honey PorterEngland3.403 44 33 Ale, British style
370Litovel SvetléCzech Rep.3.403 44 33 Lager, Light
385Rudgate Ruby Mild, caskEngland3.38 34    3Ale, British style
405EnBärs från NärkeSweden3.36 33  4 4Special
445Indianviken Pale Ale, draughtSweden3.3243442 33Ale, British style
459Brooklyn LagerUSA3.303244 433Lager, Light
468Maeves Crystal WheatIreland3.293 33434 Wheat beer
534Weltenburger Kloster OktoberfestGermany3.214 43332 Lager, Light
565Gale's Prize Old AleEngland3.16 34    2Ale, British style
580Darcy's StoutIreland3.153 44233 Porter/Stout
580Romsey IPAEngland3.153 44233 Ale, British style
607Exeter Old, caskEngland3.122 34424 Ale, British style
712Devon Glory, caskEngland3.003 44223 Ale, British style
762St. Peter's Wheat Beer, caskEngland2.973 34 32 Wheat beer
767Black Sheep RiggwelterEngland2.974 33233 Ale, British style
780Hop Back Summer LightningEngland2.953 33333 Ale, British style
783Rudgate Battleaxe, caskEngland2.953 333 3 Ale, British style
792Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, caskScotland2.95 33    3Ale, British style
792Dent Aviator, caskEngland2.95 33    3Ale, British style
792Tostes Mjöd, draughtSweden2.95 33    3Special
792Jämtlands Strong Ale, draughtSweden2.95 33    3Ale, British style
800Daleside CrackshotEngland2.943 34233 Ale, British style
803St. Peter's Golden Ale, caskEngland2.943 33 33 Ale, British style
828Saison d'ErezéeBelgium2.922 34 33 Ale, Belgian style
885Drie Fonteinen GeuzeBelgium2.84 24    2Gueuze/Lambic
931Karl-Johan Special, homebrewSweden2.773 33233 Lager, Light
1111Flensburger DunkelGermany2.572 33233 Lager, Dark
1153FamosaGuatemala2.51 32    3Lager, Light
1159Hanssens Oude KriekBelgium2.50 33    1Gueuze/Lambic
1164Fargo Velvet, draughtEngland2.493 22 33 Ale, British style
1223Elgoods Black Dog Mild, caskEngland2.40 23    2Ale, British style
1223Hanssens Oude GueuzeBelgium2.40 23    2Gueuze/Lambic
1273Mahou ClassicaSpain2.323 22 23 Lager, Light
1297Fantôme Bière, draughtBelgium2.30 13    3Ale, Belgian style
1331Hop Back ThunderstormEngland2.252 32232 Ale, British style
1350Hoegaarden JuliusBelgium2.222 23223 Ale, Belgian style
1405Mahou Cinco EstrellasSpain2.113 21 32 Lager, Light
1422Topvar ValhallSlovakia2.073 12 23 Lager, Light
1483Jens Fredrik Creamy Lager, draughtSweden1.96 22    2Lager, Light
1528Golden Arrow, caskEngland1.892 123 2 Ale, British style
1646Champflower, caskEngland1.482 12 12 Ale, British style
1654Mahou IceSpain1.452 11 22 Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Lars Samuelsson, Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén and Minna Hytönen

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