August ratings 2

Canadian microbrews and other summer ratings

The highlight of these rating sesssions were the package of Canadian beer sent to us by Josh Oakes. The package included a wide variety of beers ranging from the light, orange peel spiced witbier Sailor Hägar's Belgian Wit Ale, one of the best in that style I've ever encountered, over to the mighty Tall Ship Russian Imperial Stout, passing the lovely Hermannator Ice Bock, a fantastic interpretation of this rare style. The Brewpub Sailor Hägar also got the chance to prove us that they not only make a great witbier, but also a huge barley wine, and a Amber Scandinavian Lager, which is modelled after the Scandinavian Vienna style lagers, and to be honest, is probably better than most, if not all, of them.Many thanks Josh!!

There was also time for a pub hop around Stockholm. As we hadn't before rated draught Guinness we did that, and as it is an easy and straight forward beer, nearly everybody enjoyed just enough to rate it as 5, which meant that it went straight up to #1! Another sensational top-10 finisher was the cask conditioned version of the local microbrewery, Tärnös, Nils Oscar NO:6 Ale, a fantasticly fresh, balanced and complex ale. At a fairly new belgian style pub, Hörnans Kök & Belgo Bar, we tried a fair number of new Belgian beer with the highlight being St Feuillien Triple, a lively golden tripel from Brasserie Friart. At Oliver Twist we went for bottled British beers, where the malty Daleside Old Legover grabbed a top-100 position.

The ist far from stops there. For instance we were given the excellent Hansa Urbock as a gift from Kathy Kitchin from South Africa. Another interesting african beer was Chikoto Marula Beer which is made from fermented Marula fruit, and was sweet and fruity like lemonade. Slottskällan has produced the first commercial hefeweizen in Sweden, and what a beer it is. Rich complex banana aroma, deep yellow colour, but not quite as lively as the Bavarian counterparts. Delicious. With our German neighbour as brewmaster parts of the group were involved in homebrewing hefeweizen. The result was very encouraging, and definitely a notch above the for instance Erdingers beer. The result were called Örbräu Hefeweizen and scored fairly well. Hopefully noone is going to sue us for corruption or being overly partial now...

Beers rated the dry & hot July 1999
1Guinness, draughtIreland4.955 55  545  Porter/Stout
7Nils Oscar NO:6 Ale, caskSweden4.56  55  4 4  Ale, British style
14St Feuillien TripleBelgium4.424 54  4 5 8.5%Ale, Belgian style
20VitSweden4.364 55 3 5445.2%Wheat beer
21Sailor Hägar's Belgian Wit AleCanada4.3635544   5 4.5%Wheat beer
26La Chouffe Blonde d'Ardenne, draughtBelgium4.324 45  4553 Ale, Belgian style
44Hoegaarden Blanche, draughtBelgium4.184 44  4 5  Wheat beer
47Pauwel Kwak, draughtBelgium4.144 35  4 5  Ale, Belgian style
53De Koninck, draughtBelgium4.114 34  5 5  Ale, Belgian style
97Daleside Old LegoverEngland4.014 44  4 4 4.1%Ale, British style
108St Feuillien BlondeBelgium3.983 45  4 4 7.5%Ale, Belgian style
116BlondSweden3.964 54 3 4435.0%Lager, Light
146Örbräu Hefeweizen #2, homebrewSweden3.8444344   4  Wheat beer
175Rooster's Cream, caskEngland3.804 43  4 4  Ale, British style
180Barbãr, draughtBelgium3.773 44  4 4  Ale, Belgian style
218HellSweden3.7143443   4 5.1%Lager, Light
243Bolten Ur-AltGermany3.683 44 4 3444.8%Ale, German style
257Scoresby StoutEngland3.674 44  4 2 4.2%Porter/Stout
282Usher's Ruby Ale 1998England3.634 44 3 343 Ale, British style
329Örbräu Dunkles Hefeweizen #1, homebrewSweden3.5533444   3  Wheat beer
376St Feuillien BruneBelgium3.474 44  2 3 7.5%Ale, Belgian style
394Popperings Hommelbier, draughtBelgium3.44  34  3 4  Ale, Belgian style
395Spendrup's Old Gold (unpasteurized), draughtSweden3.444 43  3 3  Lager, Light
400Usher's Tawny Ale 1998England3.443 44 3 343 Ale, British style
410Ash Vine Penguin PorterEngland3.423 44  3 3 4.2%Porter/Stout
410Theakston's Old Peculier, caskEngland3.423 44  3 3  Ale, British style
419Steendonks Brabant Witbier, draughtBelgium3.414 34  3 3  Wheat beer
470Cantillon VigneronneBelgium3.362 44  3 4  Gueuze/Lambic
477Teignworthy BeachcomberEngland3.353 34  3 4 4.5%Lager, Light
494Sailor Hägar's Amber Scandinavian LagerCanada3.3333433   4 5.5%Lager, Dark
502Hermannator Ice BockCanada3.3322533   5 9.0%Lager, Bock
586Hansa UrbockNamibia3.243 433     7.0%Lager, Bock
602Ayinger Altbairish Dunkel, draughtGermany3.213 43  3 3  Lager, Dark
635Maredsous 8 Donker, draughtBelgium3.183 34  3 3  Ale, Belgian style
635S:t Benoit BruneBelgium3.183 34  3 3  Ale, Belgian style
635Lindemans Gueuze, draughtBelgium3.183 34  3 3  Gueuze/Lambic
661Lunator DubbelbockSweden3.1524433   3 8.1%Lager, Bock
691Jahki GiððaSweden3.1324334   3 5.0%Lager, Light
889Teignworthy Maltster's AleEngland2.973 33  3 3 5.0%Ale, British style
953Boltens Ur-WeizenGermany2.903 24 3 3335.4%Wheat beer
998Lindemans Cassis, draughtBelgium2.842 23  4 4  Gueuze/Lambic
1032Stockholm ÖhlSweden2.803 33 3 2335.6%Lager, Light
1083Okanagan Spring Old Englinsh PorterCanada2.7422332   5 8.5%Porter/Stout
1102Maredsous 6 Ambree, draughtBelgium2.723 23  3 3  Ale, Belgian style
1139Chikoto Marula BeerSouth Africa2.671 33 3 433 Special
1144Old Father TimeEngland2.672 33 3 341 Ale, British style
1153S:t Benoit TripelBelgium2.662 23  3 4  Ale, Belgian style
1287Lunda PilsnerSweden2.532 42 2 3324.6%Lager, Light
1325Kloster 2.8%Czech Rep.2.4822422   3 2.8%Lager, Light
1501Bajen Fans BärsSweden2.2623223   2 5.0%Lager, Light
1501Zeunerts Midsommaröl 3.5%Sweden2.2623223   2 3.5%Lager, Light
1509Aass LagerNorway2.2514313   2 5.0%Lager, Light
1518Tall Ship Russian Imperial StoutCanada2.2431311   5 9.5%Porter/Stout
1538Sailor Hägar's Thor's Hammer 1998Canada2.2020441   2 12.0%Ale, British style
1546Pig Rye LagerEngland2.193 22 2 2325.0%Special
1653STÖLSweden2.002 22 2 2325.2%Lager, Light
1693PF GuldSweden1.9532123   1 5.3%Lager, Light
1725Two Dogs Lemon BrewAustralia1.9112214   2 4.6%Special
1729Blue TigerSweden1.902 12 3 2235.2%Lager, Light
1749Mackeson XXX Milk Stout*England1.851 32 1 133 Porter/Stout
1847Pillage Premium Red LagerUSA1.6021114   1 5.2%Lager, Dark
1859Continente Cerveja HolandesaNetherlands1.562 12 2 2215.0%Lager, Light
1870Pillage Premium Green LagerUSA1.5222013   2 4.7%Lager, Light
1901Nykøbing Den Danske BlåDenmark1.4221122   1 3.5%Lager, Light
1907Kaiserdom Edel 6,3%*Germany1.401 11 2 2236.3%Lager, Bock
1916Hofbräu Premium LagerSouth Africa1.362 11 2 122 Lager, Light
1927Pillage Premium Blue LagerUSA1.332 12 2 1205.2%Lager, Light
1936Birka 3,5%Sweden1.302 21 1 112 Ale, German style
1950Amsterdam LiberatorNetherlands1.2012112   1 2.8%Lager, Light
1953Pripps Bayerbräu, klass IISweden1.172 11   1122.8%Lager, Dark
1966Millenium StarkölSweden1.0511112   1 5.3%Lager, Light
1970Kopparbergs Peach Beer, klass IISweden1.000 11 2 2213.5%Special
1980Pripps Bayerbräu, klass ISweden0.951 11   1122.2%Lager, Dark
1986Burton PorterEngland0.921 11    1 4.5%Porter/Stout
1988Malmöhus GuldSweden0.871 12 2 1005.6%Lager, Light
1997Nykøbing GrønDenmark0.6611011   1 2.8%Lager, Light
2000Crest SuperEngland0.571 11 1 01010.0%Lager, Bock
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén, Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson and Minna Hytönen

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