The Autumn ratings '01

The beers here are included in the list afetr a rule change for OMH. As of now it is no longer necessary for at least three people to sample the beer, under two conditions: Just a rating is not enough, a review needs ro be included as well, and the beer should for some reason be very difficult for the others in the group to sample.

All these beers were sampled on brewpubs and pubs in Montreal, Toronto and Buffalo. I'd like to thank Josh Oakes for expert guiding and good drinking company in Toronto and Buffalo, and Bartowel for help to locate the Montreal brewpubs.

Beers rated December 2001
16Denison's Weizen, draughtCanada4,575-5,6%Wheat beer
16Granite Winter IPA, draughtCanada4,575-5,0%Ale, British style
16Dieu du Ciel! Péché Mortel, draughtCanada4,575-9,5%Porter/Stout
16Le Sergent Recruteur Tenébreuse, draughtCanada4,575-5,0%Porter/Stout
82Wellington Arkell's Best BitterCanada4,254+4,0%Ale, British style
82Denison's Royal Dunkel, draughtCanada4,254+4,9%Lager, Dark
82Granite Best Bitter Special, draughtCanada4,254+4,5%Ale, British style
82L'Amère a Boire Stout Impérial, draughtCanada4,254+7,5%Porter/Stout
82C'est What? Al's Cask Ale, caskCanada4,254+6,0%Ale, British style
297Black Oak NutcrackerCanada3,934 Ale, British style
297Black Oak Pale AleCanada3,934 Ale, British style
297Denison's Bock, draughtCanada3,9346,5%Lager, Bock
297Denison's Bavarian Hell, draughtCanada3,9344,7%Lager, Light
297Granite Keefe's Irish Stout, draughtCanada3,9344,5%Porter/Stout
297L'Amère a Boire Pale Ale, draughtCanada3,9345,0%Ale, British style
297L'Amère a Boire CernÓ Hora, draughtCanada3,9345,0%Lager, Light
297Dieu du Ciel! Premiére de Mille, draughtCanada3,9345,5%Ale, British style
297Dieu du Ciel! Voyageur des Brunes, draughtCanada3,9345,0%Ale, British style
297Dieu du Ciel! Charbonniere, draughtCanada3,9345,5%Special
297County Durham Triple XCanada3,9344,9%Ale, British style
297Le Sergent Recruteur India Pale Ale, draughtCanada3,9347,0%Ale, British style
297Le Cheval Blanc Noire, draughtCanada3,934 Porter/Stout
670Church Key Chocolate PorterCanada3,614- Porter/Stout
670Durham County Extra Special BitterCanada3,614- Ale, British style
670L'Amère a Boire L'Amère Noël, draughtCanada3,614-6,0%Lager, Bock
670Dieu du Ciel! Nativité Blonde, draughtCanada3,614- Wheat beer
670Robinson St. George Ale Canada3,614-6,0%Ale, British style
670L'Amère a Boire Fin de Siècle, draughtCanada3,614-6,0%Ale, British style
670Brutopia Blackout Stout, draughtCanada3,614- Porter/Stout
670Le Cheval Blanc Ambrée, draughtCanada3,614- Ale, British style
1159Amsterdam Irish StoutCanada3,293+ Porter/Stout
1159Granite Best Bitter, draughtCanada3,293+4,5%Ale, British style
1159L'Amère a Boire Odense Porter, draughtCanada3,293+5,0%Porter/Stout
1159Pearl Street Burnie's Brown, draughtUSA3,293+ Ale, British style
1159Brutopia IPA, draughtCanada3,293+ Ale, British style
1159Le Sergent Recruteur Criminelle Cream Ale, draughtCanada3,293+5,0%Ale, British style
1159Le Sergent Recruteur Bitter du Sergent, caskCanada3,293+5,0%Ale, British style
1159Le Cheval Blanc Atoca, draughtCanada3,293+ Special
1740Big Rock Pale AleCanada2,973 Ale, British style
1740Granite Ringwood Ale, draughtCanada2,9735,0%Ale, British style
1740Dieu du Ciel! Gaelique, draughtCanada2,9734,5%Ale, British style
1740Dieu du Ciel! Fumisterie, draughtCanada2,9735,0%Special
1740C'est What? Coffee Porter, draughtCanada2,973 Porter/Stout
1740Brutopia Brutal Porter, draughtCanada2,973 Porter/Stout
1740Le Sergent Recruteur Trappéziste, draughtCanada2,9734,5%Ale, Belgian style
2226Granite Ringberry, draughtCanada2,653- Special
2226Flying Bison Scotch Ale, draughtUSA2,653-5,6%Ale, British style
2226Pearl Street Lake Effect Pale Ale, draughtUSA2,653- Ale, British style
2226Brutopia Nut Brown Ale, draughtCanada2,653- Ale, British style
2226Le Sergent Recruteur Raconteuse, draughtCanada2,653-5,0%Ale, Belgian style
2226Le Sergent Recruteur Boutefeu, draughtCanada2,653-7,0%Ale, British style
2670Dieu du Ciel! Clef des Champs, draughtCanada2,332+5,0%Ale, Belgian style
2670C'est What? Rye Beer, draughtCanada2,332+5,0%Special
2670Pearl Street Trainwreck, draughtUSA2,332+ Ale, British style
2670Le Sergent Recruteur Cerise Noire, draughtCanada2,332+5,0%Special
2981Scotch Irish Black Irish Plain PorterCanada2,012 Porter/Stout
2981Dieu du Ciel! Pa´enne, draughtCanada2,0125,0%Ale, British style
Rated by: Per Samuelsson

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