Refrigerator cleanout

There had been a number of less attrative beer in my fridge a long time. There was hardly any room for food anymore, and I didn't want to drink these beers all by myself. So what do you do?

In this situation you need to kinds of friends. Fortunately I have them both. The most hard to find type of friends are those who provide you with some good beer. Bov, and Josh are just that sort of great friends. Thanks guys!!

Now, with a handful of good beer, as well as a load of less good ones it is easier to collect the suitable number of friends of the other type, the drinking guys. That wasn't a problem.

The winner of the evening was from the ever reliable Jämtlands bryggeri. Their Fallen Angel Bitter is just as good as the rest of their line. Also the silver medallist was no surprise, Saison Dupont Vieille Provision is a very well made saison. The bronxe medal went to Switzerland and the nice schwarzbier Sonnenbräu Black Jack 21

There was also a bitter fight for last position. Lyckholms 2,8%, a bland artificial tasting made a good bid for this honour, but when St. Peter's Spiced Ale Cinnamon & Apple showed up, with it's Frenet-Brance like aroma of pine needles and melting plastic bags everyone thought the gold medal was sealed. In the end Kopparbergs Bryggeri, who are running on an constant and amazingly low level these days managed to do even worse. Their Svensk Fatöl 3,5% was so bland, so unclean, and so completely lacking in character that it recveived the honourable award as the worst among the bad. Congratulations, and keep up the bad work Kopparberg, and I'm sure you some day will be able to reproduce this beer! May I suggest a license brewing agreement?

Beers rated January 2002
128Jämtlands Fallen Angel BitterSweden4,184+4+53+3+45,0%Ale, British style
363Saison Dupont Vieille ProvisionBelgium3,895-3+4-3-44+6,5%Ale, Belgian style
835Sonnenbräu Black Jack 21Switzerland3,504-3+4+4+2+35,0%Lager, Dark
992Petrus SpecialeBelgium3,393-344-43+5,5%Ale, Belgian style
1022Petrus TripleBelgium3,37343+3-437,5%Ale, Belgian style
1469Anchor Our Special Ale 2001USA3,1444+3-23-2+5,5%Ale, British style
1675De Koninck AntoonBelgium3,013+343-41-6,0%Ale, Belgian style
1776Stadtbühler Lagerbier DunkelSwitzerland2,9743+134-3-4,8%Lager, Dark
1815Sluss ÖrebroöletSweden2,963334-32+5,4%Lager, Light
1827Erusbacher Bräu NaturtrüebSwitzerland2,95332+3+3+34,9%Lager, Light
1828Munkbo StarkölsglöggSweden2,951+3+43+42+11,0%Special
1890Slottskällan LondonSweden2,922+43-3-3-3+4,7%Ale, British style
1970Goldmandli Zuger Dunkel SpezialSwitzerland2,863+3-2333+5,2%Lager, Dark
2055Einbecker DunkelGermany2,8133+23+3+24,9%Lager, Dark
2468Slottskällan MünchenSweden2,53333132-4,8%Lager, Dark
2478Banco JubileumsölSweden2,5222+3 33-5,3%Lager, Light
2570BojortölSweden2,461+23 3+3+5,0%Lager, Light
2595Gralsburg ExportGermany2,443-2+24-2-34,7%Lager, Light
2623Greyhound BeerSweden2,422+32 235,0%Lager, Light
2718Vestfyen Genuine AleDenmark2,342-1+44-2+23,5%Ale, British style
2831CRM StarkölGermany2,261+2+33-2+3-4,7%Lager, Light
2873Carrefour Cerveza AllemanaGermany2,222-2+3-33-2-5,1%Lager, Light
3175Grodans Julöl 2001, homebrewSweden1,873+3+1+1+1+06,0%Lager, Bock
3244Spendrups Julbrygd LättölSweden1,741+1+2+2+2+2-2,1%Lager, Dark
3257Spendrups Extra 3,5%Sweden1,732-21+31+23,5%Lager, Light
3345Københavns Pilsner 3,5%Sweden1,571-22-32-2-3,5%Lager, Light
3381Spendrups Lager 2,8%Sweden1,5012-1+3+1+2-2,1%Lager, Light
3441Lyckholms 2,8%Sweden1,362-122+112,8%Lager, Light
3465St. Peter's Spiced Ale Cinnamon & AppleEngland1,280+121-23-6,5%Special
3551Kopparberg Svensk Fatöl 3,5%Sweden0,891-11-21-2-3,5%Lager, Light
Rated by: Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Marie Holmberg, Fredrik Huldt and Oscar Hansson

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Updated 2002-02-22 Per Samuelsson