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RATINGS AS OF 7th of January 2014 - Guinness Original / Extra Stout (Ireland/UK)



























Guinness Original / Extra Stout (Ireland/UK)






Per's comments: Clear amber, small head. Buttery nose. MId sweet with medium body and clean, rounded mouthfeel. Some bitter orange, but domnitaed byt he buttery house flavour at Shipyard. Resiny, mid-bitter finish. Very dark brown, creamy head. Mild coffee and caramel up front. MId dry with clean mouthfeel and light-medium body. Flavours of fudge and espresso, increasingly bitter finish, A modern/US style interpretation of dunkel. Cloudy golden, rich firm head. Fruity nose with some orange and almondy yeastyness. MIld and creamy. Mid drywith medium body and slight spicy bitterness. Slight marzipan and grain flavours. Altogether pleasant. Hazy golden, small creamy head. Aroma of lime and coriander. Mid sweet with clean, rounded mouthfeel. Light bodied with some citric spicyness, orange and slight tart funkiness. Low bitterness. An unusally alive american wheat ale. Clear pale golden, faint spritzy head. Strong herbal nose, the thyme and rosemary aren't exactly shy. Very light bodied with clean mouthfeel. Slight grainy malt, lots of those herbal spice. Low bitterness. Gets a bit hard and thin. Hazy golden, rich head. Somewhat mineraly with some unpleasant boiled vegetables. Sweetish and light bodied, notes of chlorine. Low bitterness. Hazy brownish amber. Caramelly and fruity, light notes of peat. Malt centered with medium body and well rounded mouthfeel. Mid-bitter finish. Hazy straw colour. Rich citric hop aroma. Slender and refreshing with slight grainy malt and plenty of resiny citric hops. Distinct lingering bitterness. Great strongish golden ale. Hazy deep golden, small head. Aroma of honey and spicy hops. Mid sweet with light-medium body. Somewhat yeasty with pineyhops and long spicy bitterness. Hazy dark brown, creamy head. Rich chocolate aroma. Dryish and hoppy, rich on chocolate and black currant. Medium bodied with rounded mouthfeel. Long finish with balanced bitterness. Outstanding brown ale! Hazy orange, small head. A wealth of peachy hops greets the nose. Dry with crisp mouthfeel and light body. Pleasantly hop aromatic with plenty of strawberry and peach. Long bitterness. An excelleent thirst quencher! Cloudy mahogany colour, really lively head. Lactic funky nosewith olives and metal. Mid sweet with medium body and rounded mouthfeel. Some caramel and grass. Ends abruptly. Not one of the better beers I've had from Alvinne. Hazy pale golden, minimal head. Citric grapefruit aroma. Dry and light bodied with clean, crisp mouthfeel. Sweaty citric hops provides gooseberry and tangerine flavours. The finish is long and really bitter. A good APA! Clear deep golden, minimal head. Fruity nose. Sweet with clean mouthfeel and medium body. Flavour of bread and glue, with evermore fiercy alcohol burn in the finish. A soulless industrial lager with way too much alcohol burn. Pale yellow, minimal head. Orangey nose. Mid dry with grainy malt and juicy citric hops. Long grassy bitterness. Unexpectedly orangey pilsener, but thirst quenching nevertheless. Hazy copper colour, small head. Fruity and peaty. Medium bodied with pleasantly soft mouthfeel. Caramel and junipery smoke, mild spicy bitterness. Really good! Clear brownish amber, small head. Bready nose. Medium bodied with clean mouthfeel and low hop rate. Light bready malt, low bitterness. Pedestrian bottled bitter. Hazy pale amber, no head. Tart strawberry jamaroma. Medium bodied with rounded mouthfeel. Sweet and sour with a strange flavour of cheap strawberry jam. Low bitterness. Hazy amber, mid sized head. Hoppy black currant aroma. Dryish and light bodied, crisp and fresh, well drinkable. Some minty black currant, long spicy bitterness. Refreshing! Clear brownish amber, no head. rich honey aroma. Sweet, medium bodied, lots of honey. Low bitterness. A clean tasting honey beer. Very black, small beige head. Aroma of pear and winegum as well as licorice. Dense and sweet with packed full body. Heavy on salmiak, notes of pears and licorice. Heacily salty bitterness. Near black, beige head. Coffeeish roastiness meet black currant hops.Dry and medium bodied with pleasantyl soft edges. Lovely balance between porterish roasty malt and citric hops. Really tasty! Near black, frothy head. Evident coffee and tar aroma. Dry and clean, light-medium bodied. Roasty with salty licorice and tarry bitter finish. Pretty good actually. Cloudy golden, lively creamy head. Aroma of banana and lemon. Mid dry with well rounded mouuthfeel and medium body. Plenty of bubblegum phenols, a bit soapy with candyish banana flavour. No bitterness. A fairl solid weizen. Clear golden, brief head. Floral hay aroma. Mid sweet, light bodied with clean rounded mouthfeel. Some oily Earl Grey tea, medium bitterness. Drinkabe industrial pilsener. Clear golden, minimal head. Fruity nose with some old compost. Sweetish and thin with clean mouthfeel. Some syrupy rotting vegetables. No bitterness. Low drinkability due to harshness and off-flavours. Worthless. Cloudy reddihs brown, almost no head. Tart cherry aroma. Medium bodied with quite intense flavour of bitterish cherry stars and tart cherries over a firm malt back bone. Hevily tanninic finish. Interesting and realy tasty Pale golden, no head. Bready aroma. Dryish and light bodied with some grassy hops. Salty finish with light resiny bitterness. A reasonable pilsnerish lager. Cloudy golden, brief head. Aroma of honey and grass. Dryish and crisp with light body. Fruity malt covered by spicy, grassy hops. Mild salty, resiny bitterness. Well balanced. Pale copper colour, small head. Peppery and fruity. Dryish with medium body and rounded mouthfeel. Quite intensely hoppy, I get white pepper and licorice. Massive resiny bitterness wit hsome salmiak. I like it! Clear amber, firm head. Floral nose with some hay. Dryish, clean and crisp with light-medium body. A wealth of English hops gives hay-like flavours and lingering but unassaulting bitterness. Pleasant easy drinking ale. Clear dark brown, no head. Aroma of glue and rye bread. Sweet and sharp, light bodied. Bready and worty, no hopås nor bitterness. Quasi kvas(si)... Clear golden, brief airy head. Sweetish and watery with complete lack of substance. Sharp and somewhat metallic. Lowest possible quality across the spectre here, more or less what you can expect from Harboe. Almost clear nut brown, rich head. Bready malt aroma. Mid dry with lihgt body and rounded gentle mouthfeel. Some caramel, notes of grass and butter, medium bitterness. An extraordinarily well made lw alcohol ale, where the brewer did not even have to hide behind massive hopping to create a tasty 2% beer. I really look forward to tasting the stronger stuff from this new brewery!

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