Czechish beers

Nearly all these beers are the results of a trip to the Czech Republic in March where beer hunting is very pleasant since the selection is fairly wide, prizes very low, and the overall quality is excellent. The only bad news is that when they usually change or simplify the name, so it really is a mess to keep track of what exactly you've been drinking. To lose your notes doesn't make it any easier...

The winner of the evening with an excellent scoreline was Svijanská Desítka, an excellent 10%-Plato pils from Pivovar Svijany with notable diacetyl. I find it fascinating that a beer with only 3.8% alcohol can be that tasty and complex. Second place was clinched by the earthy, dark Kláster Tmavé 10% from Pivovar Kláster. Two other favourites of mine was Bernard Svetlé 12% and Broucek 10%, both of which had among the strongest diacetyl flavour I've tasted. I really like that oily, butterscotchy note when in Czechish pilseners. The only Czechish beer that wasn't really up to it was Staropramen Dia, a Czechish version of a light-beer I assume.

Unless you fly from Sweden to the Czech Republic,there are a couple of countries you need to pass through to get there. And in both Germany and Denmark are beery places, so why not pick up a couple of brews there to?

Of the German beers two were interesting. Brauerei Landskron claims to be the easternmost private brewery in Germany, and their Pils was unusual in that it was more like a Czechish pils than a typical German. Berliner Weiße is an usual and rare style outside of Berlin. But we managed to pick up a bottle of Schultheiss' version, which was slightly more alcoholic, and also less dry than Berliner Kindl's.

Of the Danish beers only Maribo Pilsner was worth a mention. Boon Rawd brews a number of decently malty beers in Thailand. Their Singha Draft Beer is no exception. Not exciting - but a decent lager.

Beers rated in April '98
30Svijanská DesitkáCzech Rep.4.194544 4 Lager, Light
238Klaster Tmavé 10%Czech Rep.3.573354432Lager, Dark
340Svijanská OsmickáCzech Rep.3.363343 4 Lager, Light
362Budejovický Budvar 10%Czech Rep.3.334343333Lager, Light
397Vratislav Svetlé Pivo 10%Czech Rep.3.293144434Lager, Light
408Krusovice Cerné 10%Czech Rep.3.282445242Lager, Dark
421Velkepopovický Kozel 10%Czech Rep.3.274233434Lager, Light
445Broucek 10%Czech Rep.3.234154242Lager, Light
545Vratislav Svetlý Lezak 11%Czech Rep.3.093244234Lager, Light
581Staropramen KlasikCzech Rep.3.054133335Lager, Light
622Radegast 10%Czech Rep.3.003334323Lager, Light
625Landskron PilsenerGermany3.003244412Lager, Light
638Zlatý TrumfCzech Rep.2.993244233Lager, Light
642Bernard Svetlé 12%Czech Rep.2.983152334Lager, Light
677Mestan SladkuvCzech Rep.2.963333333Lager, Light
723Gambrinus Desitká SvetléCzech Rep.2.913143423Lager, Light
734Samson 10%Czech Rep.2.883243323Lager, Light
743Starobrno Svetlé 10%Czech Rep.2.874233323Lager, Light
832Krusovice Svetlé 10%Czech Rep.2.742134334Lager, Dark
942Berliner BärenpilsGermany2.634222324Lager, Light
964Bohemia Regent 10%Czech Rep.2.604223 2 Lager, Light
1008Schultheiss Berliner WeißeGermany2.531244241Wheat beer
1023Maribo PilsnerDenmark2.513222423Lager, Light
1087Schultheiss Schwarze LagerGermany2.403223322Lager, Dark
1112Singha Draft BeerThailand2.352232323Lager, Light
1133Ringnes JulølNorway2.313213323Lager, Bock
1181Schultheiss PilsGermany2.243122234Lager, Light
1260Staropramen DiaCzech Rep.2.073112422Lager, Light
1262Thor X-masDenmark2.062122413Lager, Bock
1370Berliner Kindl PilsenerGermany1.842122223Lager, Light
1409Star PilsnerDenmark1.692211313Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Lars Granström and Minna Hytönen

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Updated 98-06-09 Per Samuelsson