A Danish Beer-Haul

Recently yours truly honoured Copenhagen with a visit. Of course a quick stop at an excellent beerstore (Thanks Gammel Strand Øllager!) were inevitable. This rendered in a number of interesting looking Danish bottles, as well as some bottles from for us more rarely seen beer countries. As usual some locally found beers were added.

Despite the fact that we had bottles from all over the globe it was a local one that stole the show. The excellent, hoppy Lundgrens Lager from the newly started micro Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri just a couple of kilometers away was the superior winner of the night. Indeed a great lager. Another favourite was the pitch black Danish Limfjords Porter. Along with the cherry flavoured Flemish red ale Rodenbach Alexander from Belgium these were my favourites of the night. Two beers with lot's of character. As usual these beers divide the jury into two sections, which keeps them from scoring really high. Also Bandit Brew scored a "5" from one member, much to the surprise of the rest of the group.

Of the new countries the Faroese Föroya Pilsnar was the surprise of the night. A neat crisp lager, not special in any way, just tasty. Also the Togoan Ngoma Pils and the wheat- and cardamom tasting Yugoslavian Niksicko Pivo had some qualities.

Finally I want to warn you all against Tusker Premium from Kenya. Unless you like the smell and the taste of glue, don't ever buy this. I'm awfully happy I didn't have to finish this bottle of my own...

Lundgrens LagerSweden4 543 33.80
Gamlestadens PilsnerSweden4 24 4 3 2 3.57
Limfjords PorterDenmark435422 23.14
Wisby MunkölSweden3443233.14
HobgoblinEngland3 2 44 343.14
Föroya PilsnarFaroe Islands43423323.00
Rodenbach AlexanderBelgium1454 223.00
Calmar Unionsöl Sweden43234 23.00
Bombardier Premium BitterEngland4234 323.00
AZ Ale No.16Denmark32443222.86
Gellivare DunderSweden23342 32.83
Gl. Strand Øllager JubileumDenmark4332313 2.73
Old Gambrinus DarkDenmark24333222.73
Spendrups MagnumSweden33224322.73
Wiibroe Imperial StoutDenmark4144122 2.57
Ngoma PilsTogo32322232.43
Bandit BrewSweden32115 22.33
Niksicko PivoYugoslavia2143222 2.28
Polar Premium BeerVenezuela23123232.28
Tiger Lager BeerSingapore22221242.14
Carib LagerTrinidad & Tobago13212242.14
Ohlsson's LagerSouth Africa22113222.00
Old Gambrinus LightDenmark22322111.86
Tusker PremiumKenya11012211.14

Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Kristian Ekfors and Fredrik Huldt
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Updated 97-02-25 Per Samuelsson