Don's Beer Haul

Most of the beers rated this time wa beers that the friend and bottle collector Donald Bible brought to us after touring Europe in search of good beer. As you can see a big chunk of came for Belgium and Netherlands, and particularly teh great beer store De Bierkoning in Amsterdam (thanks for the Special Vlo, btw!!).

We really had a lot of great beer this night, but Bieken, a superbly complex and tasteful Belgian, took the briece as the winner of the night. We also had the pleasure of trying two outstanding unusual Danish beers which are almost oppoisits in every way. One of them was the smokey low alcoholic microbrewed Refsvindinge Skibsøl which takes my price as the best low-alc ber ever, and the other was a limited edition Belgian style ale from brewing giants Carlberg, who really showed that they can brew great beer only they feel like it.

Mexico isn't exactly a country that has been toppping our lists, but a few of the Mexican lagers we tried this night (brought back by Jonas Bofjäll) had a soft malt accent. We also had the pleasure of adding Cameroon to our listings as our 89th country. Beaufort was a perfectly credible, rather malty lager, which proved that countries that lies by the equator doesn't necessarily have to brew thin, tasteless beers.

But most importantly, we owe Donald Bible a big THANKS! for sharing his beer with us! Cheers, mate!

Beers rated August 2000
24BiekenBelgium4,394+455-44-8,5%Ale, Belgian style
41HelleketelbierBelgium4,294+444+5-47,0%Ale, Belgian style
145Ne Fliereflutter Westelse TripelBelgium4,004-35-5437,0%Ale, Belgian style
175Egmont Zottegemse TripelBelgium3,944534-447,0%Ale, Belgian style
218Antonius Abt BierNetherlands3,853+4+5-4-43-7,2%Ale, Belgian style
220Carlsberg Abbey AleDenmark3,85434+3+447,3%Ale, Belgian style
268Cuvée Chateau des FlandresBelgium3,7741-55434,5%Ale, Belgian style
357Lakeside British AleUSA3,67343+4-5-3+ Ale, British style
381John Martin Original AleBelgium3,653+443+436,1%Ale, British style
386Dick's Imperial StoutUSA3,654-2+4+4436,5%Porter/Stout
503Caledonian Creamy AleScotland3,4843+3+3+3+ 3,5%Ale, British style
525Dulle GrietNetherlands3,463-3+5-44-2 Ale, Belgian style
529Pernstejn DesitkaCzech Republic3,4544+4422 Lager, Light
662Ter Dolen BlondBelgium3,343+24+3+3+3+6,1%Ale, Belgian style
679Stirling Brig 1297Scotland3,33414+4-3+34,8%Ale, British style
683Villers TrippelBelgium3,334-3+2+4+33+8,5%Ale, Belgian style
699FlandrienBelgium3,323+4+3+32+4-5,0%Ale, Belgian style
787Refsvindinge SkibsølDenmark3,24125-4+4-4-4,8%Special
805DovganGermany3,2234-34-3+3-5,0%Lager, Light
1038Dick's Silk LadyUSA3,032+4-4-4-3+1+4,3%Ale, Belgian style
1214Gulpener DortNetherlands2,913+333326,5%Lager, Bock
1236Kuurnse WitteBelgium2,893+3+2+4+227,0%Wheat beer
1255Cubana 59Belgium2,87134-3+42+4,5%Special
1316BeaufortCameroon2,81233+4-23 Lager, Light
1397TjealbinooNetherlands2,743-143-245,6%Ale, Belgian style
1411Hoppe Artisanale PilsBelgium2,733+42232+5,8%Lager, Light
1459Celery BeerGermany2,682-42+2+33+5,5%Special
1600Rooie VosNetherlands2,573+133-23+3,5%Ale, British style
1752Sydney LagerSweden2,40342+2-1+ 5,0%Lager, Light
1872GuamaCuba2,291+3+2+2+2+3-5,0%Lager, Light
1900Cerveza Modelo EspecialMexico2,273+2+123 <6%Lager, Light
1934Corona FamiliarMexico2,2433-3-1+2-2+<6%Lager, Light
1936Legenda IVFinland2,2433+11+3 5,2%Lager, Light
1957Saku on IceEstonia2,20  2+22+ 5,0%Lager, Light
1971Karhu Tosi VahvaFinland2,193-3+2-2-2 8,0%Lager, Bock
1994Superior 2000Mexico2,161+322-3-3<6%Lager, Light
1999TecateMexico2,1523+1+14- <6%Lager, Light
2163TT StarkSweden1,9423+1-2-3- 5,2%Lager, Light
2227Sundsvalls Öl 3.5Sweden1,8323122- 3,5%Lager, Light
2230Texels AmberNetherlands1,8221+3-203+5,5%Lager, Dark
2240Cerveza Oscura IndioMexico1,782+22-1-2-3<6%Lager, Light
2265BelzebuthFrance1,742-2-1+4-1- 15,0%Ale, Belgian style
2473Saku on Ice LaimigaEstonia1,181-3+111- 5,0%Special
2476Modelo LightMexico1,162-2+11-1- <6%Lager, Light
2483Tourtel MaltBelgium1,1412-112-1+0,4%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 2000-08-31 Per Samuelsson