The first rating of 1998

Cicci & Johan returned from Wiesbaden in germany where they had celebrated Christmas with a load of bottles. Of course the majority of the were German, but they also managed to find an American and a Brasilian. However the best beers were all from Germany, with the great dunkelweizen Scghöfferhofer Dunkles Hefeweizen topping them all. In fact three of our four favourites were wheat beers. Maisel's Weisse Kristallklar were a surprisingly flavourful kristallweizen, while Oberdorfer Weissbier Dunkel was probably the least exciting of the three. The beers from Kloster Andechs continues to impress me. Their Spezial Hell is one of the finest and most complex version of Münchener Helles I've tried.

Löwenbräu had two beers in this rating. While one of them, their doppelbock Triumphator was a nice example of the style the other bottle, Export, was highly phenolic, thin and almost undrinkable.

Another feature of this rating was the extremely weird bottles from Engel Brauerei. Two of the were monk-shaped, and the other two, Fliegerbier and Bomber's Pin-Up Beer, well... follow the links and you get to see a picture of them... As usual we also added a couple of low alcoholic Swedish beers to make up the numbers, but (also as usual) none of them were very rememberable...

Beers rated at the first rating of 1998
29Schöfferhoffer Dunkles Hefeweizen4.16444455.0%Wheat beerGermany
56Andechs Spezial Hell3.99444445.9%Lager, LightGermany
56Maisel's Weisse Kristallklar3.99444445.2%Wheat beerGermany
308Oberdorfer Weissbier Dunkel3.34433344.9%Wheat beerGermany
425Löwenbräu Triumphator3.16344237.6%Lager, BockGermany
439Licher Pilsner3.15334334.9%Lager, LightGermany
439Tyrolian Bräu3.15334335.0%Lager, LightGermany
611Veltins2.95333334.8%Lager, LightGermany
743St. Bernhard Bräu2.73333235.0%Lager, LightGermany
766Henninger Kaiser Pilsener2.70324234.8%Lager, LightGermany
1040Hasseröder Premium Pils2.28223234.8%Lager, LightGermany
1127Red Dog2.09213325.0%Lager, LightUSA
1220Binding Export1.89223125.3%Lager, LightGermany
1251Kopparbergs Special Brew 3,51.75221313.5%Lager, LightSweden
1257Carioca Classic1.73222215.0%Lager, LightBrasil
1266Bomber's Pin-Up Beer1.69222127.0%Lager, BockGermany
1317Fliegerbier1.52222117.0%Lager, BockGermany
1326Spendrup's Julöl, klass I1.46212122.1%Lager, DarkSweden
1327Löwenbräu Export1.46201325.6%Lager, LightGermany
1366Ballerman 6 Balneario1.26211126.9%Lager, BockGermany
1378Pripps Blå 3,51.09211113.5%Lager, LightSweden
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Anna Hultén

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Updated 98-01-29 Per Samuelsson