Spring Fling I

Once again we have recieeced ha package full of American microbrews. (Huge thanks once again Todd!) This time it was labeled Stockholm Spring Fling. However the night the group gathered the weather didn't remind a lot of spring. It was as hot and humid as Stockholm ever gets. As an addition to the beers of the Spring Fling we had a load of German ones as well as some Brittish ales.

Round 1: German beer, mainly from Thuringia and Bavaria. A perfect start. 4 crisp bitter pilseners, a hefeweizen and a Hövels Original Bitterbier, whatever style that is... (if someone knows, please mail me. I liked it...). Of the beers in this round Eschenbacher Pilsener were the favourite of both be and the group. One of the best pilseners I ever had! Scored three 5's, which is very unusual.

Round 2: Brittish ales. 5 bitters and Exmoor Gold - a magnificent creamy golden ale that almost made our top-10. The rest of all scored high points, mostly due to being the most middle-of-the-road beers of the evening.

Round 3: Six beers from the Spring Fling shipment. 1 Canadian and 5 American. All very tasteful. I found Fish Tale IPA to be one of my all time favourites. Hoppy, aromatic and simply delicious. Other favourites included Pike Street Stout, an extremely rich and dark stout and Old Bawdy Barleywine a malt and hop overkill. One of the thickest beers I ever have come across. Very enjoyable, but too much for some members to stomach... It was also interesting to compare Bachelor Bitter to the English style bitters in round 2...

Round 4: Two boring lagers plus Belle-Vue Gueuze & Kriek. This round featured the clearly most boring of the beers this night: A new beer from Fors Nya Bryggeri, Avesta, Sweden, especially made for drinking in a sauna. Interesting marketing jippoo, but awfully boring beer... Even the Australian Castlemaine XXXX were more interesting. I found both Belle-Vue's versions were quite good. A little more sour than Lindeman's versions, but surely sweeter than Cantillon's.

After finishing all these bottles our counter went up to 975, so soon it's time for us to celebrate beer #1000...

Exmoor GoldEngland4455344.20
Eschenbacher PilsenerGermany5355323.91
Whitbread Best BitterEngland4533443.85
Tetley's Draught BitterEngland3443443.69
Webster's Yorkshire BitterEngland3434443.66
Fish Tale IPAUSA5354223.58
Einsiedler WeissbierGermany4245333.54
Tannenbräu PilsenerGermany5344223.40
Leikeim PremiumGermany4444223.38
Hövels Original Bitterbier Germany4244323.23
Bachelor BitterUSA4344223.22
Thuringia Braumeister Germany4344223.22
Whistler Black Tusk AleCanada4334323.20
Pike Street StoutUSA5244123.07
Trent BitterEngland3422433.02
Belle-Vue GueuzeBelgium13443 2.91
Younger's Tartan Special BitterScotland4322332.87
Fish Tale Mud Shark PorterUSA4144122.73
Belle-Vue KriekBelgium23431 2.54
Old Bawdy BarleywineUSA4044012.25
Castlemaine XXXXAustralia32213 2.17
SaunakaljaSweden23123 2.10
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Kristian Ekfors

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Updated 97-07-03 Per Samuelsson