OMH - France vs. England

France vs. England

The French-English beer contest were held in the end of January 1999. The participants were a number of bottled Ales bought and produced in northern England, and a handful of bottles purchased in the French ski resort Chamonix. Too make up the numbers also three Swedish lagers were included.

The shocking outcome of the contest was that a French beer snatched first place. It was the outstanding witbier Blanche du Mt Blanc from Brasserie Distillerie du Mt Blanc in Les Houches, where the World Cup slopes of Chamonix is situated. Less surprising was the total dominance of English beers behind first place. Cropton brewery produces an impressive and highly varied range of bottled bitters which occupied the places 2-5, and also Black Sheep Yorkshire Ale proved to be a classy, hearty ale.

The other French beers were less outstanding, although Jenlain Bière de Garde Ambrée is a complex and funky beer, and George Killian's Bière Rousse an ale modelled after the Irish Red Ales, the group remianed unimpressed.

Two of the Swedish lagers proved to be at the top of the lousy range of low alcohollagers on sale in supermarkets here. Both the dark Christmas lagers Munkbo Julöl Trekommafem and Zeunerts Julöl 3.5% were reasonably full of character, for the relatively low alcohol content.


Beers rated january 2000
114Blanche du Mt BlancFrance4.014-5-3+3-54+54.7%Wheat beer
322Cropton Backwoods BitterEngland3.644+4+4+3+43+1-5.1%Ale, British style
503Cropton Uncle Sams BitterEngland3.3944+3+3-441-4.4%Ale, British style
519Cropton Two Pints BitterEngland3.384-44343+14.0%Ale, British style
633Cropton Monkman's Slaughter Strong BitterEngland3.2944-4423+16.0%Ale, British style
1017Black Sheep Yorkshire Square AleEngland2.963-4+3-4-2325.0%Ale, British style
1029Cropton King Billy BitterEngland2.954-4-33331-3.6%Ale, British style
1107Munkbo Julöl TrekommafemSweden2.85233-4-3+333.5%Lager, Dark
1111Zeunerts Julöl 3.5%Sweden2.842+3-3+4-3-243.5%Lager, Dark
1140George Killian's Bière RousseFrance2.823+2+3323+3+6.5%Ale, British style
1395Jenlain Bière de Garde AmbréeFrance2.572+4-3223-3-6.5%Ale, Belgian style
1570Cropton Honey Gold BitterEngland2.363+3+2+3-13-1-4.2%Ale, British style
1678Rhatas Special BitterEngland2.253+33042-14.6%Ale, British style
1953Avesta Country 3.5%Sweden1.7721+13-2+2+23.5%Lager, Light
2149Brandeberg Bière BlondeFrance1.17212-1-2-1+12.8%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson and Minna Hytönen

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