OMH - Gravity: The last winter rating

Gravity: The last winter rating

The last winter rating of the first winter in the new millennium was suitably filled up with mighty high gravity beers from the North American continent. Thanks to Don & Josh who had sent us some great beers from the US East Coast respectively Canada we had one of the better samplefests in our history.

We started of easily drinking the Nicely balanced Cuban lager Cerveza Cristal along with two Puerto Rican lagers (which gave us a new country) and the wonderfully toffeeish DeGroens Weizenbock which would compare favourably even to the famous Bavarian Aventinus.

We ramped up the gravity slightly the bext round through sampling for instance two spiced Canadian ales: The Belgian style raspberry ale Amsterdam Framboise and our first ale spiced with pumpkin McAuslan Spiced Pumpkin Ale After that we went on to winter warmers, bock beers, stouts, imperial stouts, all excellent, before we finally ended up sampling more than a handful of great barley wines. You will, a usual, find the descriptions if you click on the beer further down, but let me just rant a bit about a new favourite beer of mine: Dogfish Head Immort Ale. This is a beer as fullbodied and complex as you've never dreamt of. It feels like good wine in your mouth, and despite it's 11% alcohol it runs down your throat all too fast and leaves you craving more.

To get us back to normal we rounded the night off with a number of low alcohol lagers of poor quality and two German lagers which were much nicer.

Beers rated March 2000
9Dogfish Head Immort AleUSA4.5845+4+4511.0%Ale, British style
25Victory Storm King Imperial StoutUSA4.365-54+3+4 Porter/Stout
96Tuppers' Hop Pocket AleUSA4.04 4+5-34 Ale, British style
147Clipper City Reserve Winter AleUSA3.96 4+4+34 Ale, British style
170Victory Old Horizontal BarleywineUSA3.895-55-13+11.0%Ale, British style
198DeGroens WeizenbockUSA3.82 4+3446.9%Wheat beer
270Blue Ridge Snowball's ChanceUSA3.714+43+43-6.0%Ale, British style
303Brick Bock 1999Canada3.683+4+3+43+7.0%Lager, Bock
318Dominium MillenniumUSA3.66 4+4+24- Ale, British style
392Harpoon Winter WarmerUSA3.5545-33+2+ Ale, British style
408Magic Hat Heart Of Darkness StoutUSA3.525-4+4-22+ Porter/Stout
463Black Oak Pale AleCanada3.45 4-4426.0%Ale, British style
525Brooklyn Monster Ale 2000USA3.384+44+1+2+11.8%Ale, British style
687Amsterdam FramboiseCanada3.24 3+3+42+6.5%Special
927Herrenhäuser Premium PilsenerGermany3.01 4-3-33-4.9%Lager, Light
976Niagara Falls Eisbock 2000Canada2.9934+3-32-8.0%Lager, Bock
1108Brimstone Big AleUSA2.874-34+2-1+ Ale, British style
1124McAuslan Spiced Pumpkin AleCanada2.85 4-2+32+5.0%Special
1128Cerveza CristalCuba2.85 3-3-33+4.9%Lager, Light
1227Sofero Julöl 1999Sweden2.75 3-3 3-6.9%Ale, British style
1308St Peter's Organic AleEngland2.66 3-3+3-24.5%Ale, British style
1381Lindener SpezialGermany2.61 32-335.1%Lager, Light
1534Greene King TriumphEngland2.44 2+2+3-3-4.3%Ale, British style
1591Cerveza IndiaPuerto Rico2.37 22-33+4-6%Lager, Light
1862Medalla LightPuerto Rico2.02 1+2-33-4-6%Lager, Light
2000Norrlands Jul 3.5%Sweden1.76 22- 2-3.5%Lager, Dark
2000Gamla Stans Lageröl 3.5%Sweden1.76 22- 2-3.5%Lager, Light
2067Noll NollSweden1.63 21 25.0%Lager, Light
2118M/52Sweden1.49 12 2-5.2%Lager, Light
2148Falcon X-mas 3.5%Sweden1.41 1+2- 1+3.5%Lager, Dark
2187Västerås GuldSweden1.25 2-1+ 1-3.5%Lager, Light
2232Hallsta Julöl 3.5%Sweden0.95 1-1+ 13.5%Lager, Dark
2254Schäff Bräu LagerbierGermany0.67 11- 0+2.8%Lager, Light
2260Västmanna FatSweden0.51 0+1- 1-5.1%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Anna Hultén and Oscar Hansson,

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Updated 2000-03-16 Per Samuelsson