OMH Helsinki Tour, part 1

Four members took the ferry over to Helsinki in order to check out the Finnnish beerscene. The ratings started already on the ferry where we rated some lagers we of pure fear had avoided to taste earlier. A full range of Pripps low alcoholic lagers. Yuck! Only Zeunerts Alt-Bier, klass II from Zeunerts and Skåne Guld, klass II from Krönleins saved the night from being a disaster.

The following day we met up with a www-friend, exchanged some Swedish bottles for some sahti and recieved some good advice on how to find good beer in Helsinki. Thank's Esa!! During two days we visited three different pubs:

Vanha Kellari: A pub with a great assortment of beers, and with a peculiar look to it, almost like a Russian restaurant or something. When we first were there they played Finnish tango. Here we tried amongst others the great thick and fullbodied Fuller's London Porter, the strong and fruity Augustijn and Bush Beer 12%, and the thin and unintersting dark Spanish lager Bock-Damm

The brewpub Kappeli: One of presumably two brewpubs in Helsinki. Unfortunately they only had one of their own beers at the moment: Kappeli Tumma, a dark complex, but rather thin lager. They also hada good assortment of bottled beers. We tried Berliner Kindl Weissbier, our first Berliner weisse, a really challenging experienced. It is sour and at the first sips it reminds you of wild fermentation, but once you get used to it it's rather refreshing. We also had Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus a raspberry flavoured very authentic lambic, which was a bit too sour for me to fully enjoy.

Punavuorin Ahven: Here we spent the most time (and a smaller fortune...). It's a Belgian style beer café, with an excellent assortment of mainly Belgian beers, nice atmosphere and very friendly and knowledge staff. Here we tried the winner of the tour: The IMO perfectly balanced cherry flavoured lambic Frank Boon Kriek, the nice and very complex draught Con Domus, two great beers from Klosterbrauerei Ettal, Gambrinus Bilé (our first Czechish wheat beer) and many, many more.

On all these places we were very friendly treated, the very knowledged staff spoke English and/or Swedish and almost all beer was served in their proper glass. We had a great time. Thanks!

We also tried some low alcoholic Finnish beers which wasn't more exciting than their Swedish counterparts.

Beers rated at the OMH Helsinki Tour January '98
17Frank Boon Kriek4.3155345.0%Gueuze/LambicBelgium
43Con Domus4.045434SAle, Belgian styleBelgium
55Augustijn4.0045348.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
65Ettaler Dunkles Weizen3.98453 5.5%Wheat beerGermany
70Ettaler Curator3.954444XLager, BockGermany
70Gambrinus Bílé3.9544445.1%Wheat beerCzech_Republic
126La Montagnarde3.7244439.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
126Fuller's London Porter3.7244435.0%Porter/StoutEngland
163Ayinger Celebrator3.64443 7.2%Lager, BockGermany
163Delirium Tremens3.64443 9.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
163Bush Beer 12%3.64443 12.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
172Grisette Blonde3.6334444.5%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
211Maredsous 83.53344 8.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
375Blanche des Honelles3.25343 6.0%Wheat beerBelgium
375Corsendonk Pater3.25343 7.5%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
381Vlaamsch Wit3.244333SWheat beerBelgium
447Oerbier3.14244 7.5%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
475Ayinger Weinachtsbock3.0924437.2%Lager, BockGermany
539Bel Pils3.024332SLager, LightBelgium
633Artevelde Grand Cru2.92333 7.3%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
646Kappeli Tumma2.8832344.0%Lager, DarkFinland
662Maredsous 102.86243 10.0%Ale, Belgian styleBelgium
764Zeunerts Alt-Bier, klass II2.7033323.5%Ale, German styleSweden
976Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus2.3923235.0%Gueuze/LambicBelgium
998Binding Black Lager2.3422334.8%Lager, DarkGermany
1054Papy Jo2.25232 3.2%SpecialBelgium
1074Skåne Guld, klass II2.2232222.8%Lager, LightSweden
1212Bock-Damm1.92222 5.4%Lager, DarkSpain
1240Musta Hevonen1.80123 SLager, DarkFinland
1270Carlsberg 3,5%*1.6822213.5%Lager, LightDenmark
1331Koff II1.4221123.5%Lager, LightFinland
1343Berliner Kindl Weissbier1.3720222.5%Wheat beerGermany
1350Tuborg Julebryg1.3311135.0%Lager, DarkDenmark
1351Amiraali1.3211225.2%Lager, LightFinland
1375Olvi Ykkönen1.1111122.7%Lager, LightFinland
1375Koff I1.1111122.5%Lager, LightFinland
1377Pripps Dark Lager, klass II1.1011212.8%Lager, DarkSweden
1390Ringnes Lettøl*0.8911112.1%Lager, LightNorway
1390Tuborg Grøn*0.8911112.8%Lager, DarkDenmark
1390Lapin Kulti Mieto0.8911112.7%Lager, LightFinland
1393Pripps Dark Lager, klass I0.8811202.1%Lager, DarkSweden
1398Pripps Fat, klass I0.6611102.1%Lager, LightSweden
Rated by: Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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