Italian beer & crayfish

Anna had collected abunch of Italian beers on her vacation to Sardinia, and we also had a few beers left that Don Bible had brought us. furthermore it was time for a traditional crayfish party, so why not combine all of that?

Most of the Italian beers was pale lagers without too much character, but Moretti La Rossa was a brilliant exemption. it is a brown-red red strong malty, mellow lager.

Also the Emrican microbrews were generally lightbodied, but have far for character than the Italian lagers we tried. The best of the US microbrews this evening was Thomas Kemper Viking Fest Summer Ale

Beers rated at Gula Villan and Akkurat, September 2000
244Moretti La RossaItaly3,8644+44-3+437,2%Lager, Bock
291Thomas Kemper Viking Fest Summer AleUSA3,804444-3+43 Ale, British style
426Saranac PilsenerUSA3,6544+334-43 Lager, Light
489Pyramid Sun Fest PilsnerUSA3,574+43+3+3-4-3 Lager, Light
544St. Stans Dark AltUSA3,504+4-4-3-42-4 Ale, German style
1020Geary's Summer AleUSA3,124+34-2+323 Ale, British style
1291Munkbo Kristall 6,8Sweden2,944-3+4-23-2+2+6,8%Wheat beer
1565Fireweed Honey Wheat BeerUSA2,6942+22+3+23 Wheat beer
1984Gasthaus BirraItaly2,322+3322+21+4,5%Lager, Light
2074Castello Birra FriulanaItaly2,252+2-32+3-22+5,0%Lager, Light
2276Birra IchnusaItaly1,973-2-21+32-24,7%Lager, Light
2369Sans Souci IceItaly1,862+2+1+22-135,0%Lager, Light
2405PeroniItaly1,76222+1+2-21+4,7%Lager, Light
2559Sailing Lager BeerItaly1,452+11-222-1+4,7%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck,Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén, Lars Granström and Minna Hytönen

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Updated 2000-10-20 Per Samuelsson