The last rating of 1997

The 19th of December we took the opportunity to rate the latsest arrivers of this years Christmas brews and to those we added what we had left in the fridge, which proved to be not much of interest... However the night featured two of the best Swedish Christmas beers ever: The fullbodied and delcious ale Jämtlands Julöl from the outstanding northern microbrewery Jämtlands Bryggeri, and the dry and dark Christmas lager from the brewpub Bryggeriet in Ystad, at the southernmost tip of the country.

None of the other beers were above avarage, and consisted mostly of low alcoholic lagers. The obvious exception was Kopparbergs Super X-Strong which at 10.0% can't really be called low alcoholic... It tasted a little better than I feared: Very fruity and the alcoholol didn't dominate that much. Among the non-Swedish beers we tried was Villacher Dunkel, a dark Austrian lager that tasted like boiled spagetti, two sub-standard Polish lagers and two even more sub-standard Danish lagers.

Beers rated 97-12-19
97Jämtlands Julöl3.8154542426.5%Ale, Brittish styleSweden
234Ysta Julöl3.4844433335.3%Lager, DarkSweden
546Gamla Stans Färsköl, klass II3.0143234233.5%Lager, LightSweden
729Villacher Dunkel2.7533232434.9%Lager, DarkAustria
778Zeunerts Merke, klass II2.6833224233.5%Lager, LightSweden
925Upsala Slottsöl2.5033232325.0%Lager, LightSweden
928Spendrup's Julöl, klass II2.4933124323.5%Lager, DarkSweden
929Dojlidy Zubr2.4934222326.2%Lager, BockPoland
948Lapin Kulta III2.453 233224.5%Lager, LightFinland
1068Ingo's Hammer Lager2.2333321225.3%Lager, LightSweden
1124Spendrup's Original, klass II2.103 213222.8%Lager, LightSweden
1138Three Hearts Julöl 3,52.0423222223.5%Lager, DarkSweden
1183Zeunerts Bayer Bier, klass II1.9722122333.5%Lager, DarkSweden
1217Kopparbergs Super X-Strong1.90232312110.0%Lager, BockSweden
1224Spendrup's Original 3,51.883 122223.5%Lager, LightSweden
1229Giraf Classic1.8522113324.0%Lager, LightDenmark
1264Stella Artois, klass II*1.702 113133.5%Lager, LightBelgium
1271Ökokrone Leicht1.6831213112.5%Lager, LightGermany
1333Premium Crocodile, klass II1.422 212113.5%Lager, LightSweden
1335Elbrewery Specjal1.4121112226.2%Lager, BockPoland
1337Vestfyen Classic1.4013112123.5%Lager, LightDenmark
1357Spendrup's Bayerskt, klass I1.3022112112.1%Lager, DarkSweden
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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