March session #1

The first rating session in March was a rather diverse night. Some of the beers we had was beers was the bottom of the barrel stuff that had been waiting in my fridge to be rated when everything else was gone. Other were non-alc Carribean beers, or Spanish supermarket beers.

On the brighter side we had received a couple of interesting beers from Eastern Germany brought by Katrin Hintze (Vielen Dank, Katrin!). Best of thos were two beers from the Uckermärker Brauerei in Chorin.

Other very interesting beers (but perhaps not tasty) included a non alcohol Iranian beer which was bought by Fredrik Lindström on his skiing trip(!!) in Iran. Furthermore OMH member Marie had been in Zambia and returned with two Zambian lagers plus the legendary sorghum beer Chibuku!!

However, as the Chibuku left a layer of meal in our mouths we felt we needed to clean our throats with, so we looked in the vintage cellar and tasted some excellent vintage beers before we called it the night. I was really surprised just how well the winner of the night, Slottskällan Kloster had developed in under three years, and got near angry upon sampling the superb, but sadly (grr!) discontinued Falcon Gammelbrygd.

Beers rated March 2002
11Slottskällan Kloster 1999, aged 3 yearsSweden4,71  55  4+ 4+7,0%Ale, Belgian style
12Nils Oscar Julöl 1999 Imperial Stout, aged 2 years Sweden4,68  5-5+  4 5-7,2%Porter/Stout
35Falcon Gammelbrygd 1996, aged 6 yearsSweden4,503+5-55 54-4+ 5,5%Lager, Dark
81Samuels Smith's Imperial Stout 1999, aged 3 yearsEngland4,28  5-4+  4 47,0%Porter/Stout
185Nils Oscar Julöl 2000 Abbey Ale, aged 1 yearSweden4,10  4-4  5- 4+8,1%Ale, Belgian style
324Nils Oscar KalaspåskölSweden3,935-3+5-4+32434+5,2%Lager, Dark
852Hansa Urbock 2000, aged 2 yearsNamibia3,52  44  2+ 4-7,0%Lager, Bock
1112Choriner HerbGermany3,364-3+4422-4-34-5,0%Lager, Light
1440Choriner MärzenGermany3,193+4-3+4-323-33+5,0%Lager, Light
1651Three Hearts Påskebrygd Extra BrewSweden3,073-4-3+2+34-42+3-6,0%Lager, Bock
1673San Miguel Invierno 2002Spain3,0522+43-334-3+3+5,0%Ale, British style
2007Captain Arsebeards Kaffestout, homebrewSweden2,8931+3-4-42 33 Porter/Stout
2098Nyckelbryggerier Top PilsSweden2,8342-3322+3- 4-5,0%Lager, Light
2293Bière Prestige Blonde SpecialFrance2,713-3+2+3-4-232 6,1%Lager, Bock
2328Three Hearts ExtraSweden2,672+23+343+1+2 3,5%Lager, Light
2453Three Hearts DarkSweden2,6121+3+2+3-43+2+ 3,5%Lager, Dark
2795Gold Bohemia BeerCzech Rep.2,363+2+3-3 11+  3,5%Lager, Light
2798Blue MarlinSweden2,362+3-1+3-33-2+3- 5,0%Lager, Light
2923Beck's DarkGermany2,262-1+3-33-2-2+32+ Lager, Dark
2938Altenmünster PremiumGermany2,262-2+232-2+3+2-3+4,9%Lager, Light
3035Castle Lager (Zambian)Zambia2,1522-1+2+3-51+235,0%Lager, Light
3050Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle Schwarzer Abt.Germany2,132-1+2+2-22-334-3,9%Lager, Dark
3298Dia Lager PremiumSpain1,84221+2+ 22  4,5%Lager, Light
3391Lucky StarSweden1,692+3-0+2-22+22- 5,0%Lager, Light
3402Choriner SchwarzbierGermany1,672+122-01+2335,0%Lager, Dark
3454Cesar BierCzech Rep.1,562+ 2-2- 1+1  3,5%Lager, Light
3573Dia SinSpain1,272-2-11+ 2+1-  0,7%Lager, Light
3604Kopparberg Mixed Malt Persika 3,5%Sweden1,1711+1-1 13  3,5%Special
3606Harboe Dansk PilsnerDenmark1,172-3-0+1 2-1+ 12,8%Lager, Light
3627Mosi LagerZambia1,071-1-1+0+1-412+ 4,0%Lager, Light
3673Golden DelsterIran0,790+1-11-121+1+ 0,0%Lager, Light
3700Malta IndiaDominican Rep.0,400-0+20+0+101+ 0,0%Special
3704Malta MorenaDominican Rep.0,280-0+1+0+0+101+ 0,0%Special
3705Nutri MaltaVenezuela0,2800+10+0+101+ 0,0%Special
3712Chibuku Shake ShakeZambia0,080+02-1+0-0+0-0-06,0%Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Marie Holmlund, Fredrik Huldt, Anna Hultén and Fredrik Nyström

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Updated 2002-04-10 Per Samuelsson