A rating in May

Since some members of the group have been out traveling, we had (and still have) a huge pile of unrated beers stored up. The beers we rated here were brought back from places such as Denmark, England, Thüringen in Germany, and the Czech Republic.

The first round consisted of Danish beers, including a Faroese one. The clear favourite in this round, which was also later found to be the winner of the night, was Gl. Carlsberg Porter, a wonderful Baltic style strong porter. A peculiar beer was Tuborg Porter Citron, a mix between Porter and lemonade, and very controversial to us.

The second round was devoted to beers from warmer countries. (However also Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was included, and I don't think Ireland by any stretch of imagination can be called a warm country...) Both the Guinness and the Jamaican Dragon Stout was very appreciated, while the lagers were found to be quite dull. I especially disliked the terribly overcarbonated Italian Moretti, and was also disappointed with the watery Victoria Bitter that the Australians make such a fuzz about. Another disappointment was the Mexican Negra Modelo which looked deliciously dark but showed out to be nothing but a boring, watery lager with colour added. The beer Cuzco gave us our 54th country: Peru.

Third Round: Czechish beer. Two outstanding ones: Staropramen Dark, a very nice dark lager, and Primátor Exkluziv 16%, an interesting beer in that Pivovar Náchod brews it exclusively for the Swedish market. It is much stronger (6.6%) and sweeter than an avarage Czechish Pils, but still as complex, maybe even more. On the lower side of the round the surprisingly tasteless Mestan, and the infected Darický were found.

The Czechish lagers were followed by some Brittish ales (also including an Irish one). A round without a real winner. Castle Eden Northern Bitter ended up with the highest score, but mostof these beers ended up in the mid region. The exception from the last statement was Fuller's 1845, a harsh strong ale that some found too challenging.

The night was rounded off by a number of German beers, mostly from local breweries in Thüringen. Too bad for that region that the only beer from Bavaria that we rated ended up as the favourite... Scheidmantel Coburg Pils was a truely great pils! However also the other beers were given the nodd by the group, with the varities from the Königsee brewery being favoured to the Gessnerbräu's

Gl. Carlsberg PorterDenmark3354344693.72
Guinness Foreign Extra StoutIreland44442341013.60
Scheidmantel Coburg PilsGermany44433431023.59
Dragon StoutJamaica34443241293.48
Staropramen DarkCzech Rep.42453331453.47
Primátor Exkuziv 16%Czech Rep.34544221723.36
Königsee DunkelGermany32434432003.29
Königsee ExportGermany44423322363.21
Gammel Jysk Porter StowtDenmark32334432693.13
Castle Eden Northern BitterEngland33442233113.05
BreznákCzech Rep.24443223203.04
Königsee FestbierGermany34333323303.01
Gessnerbräu FestbierGermany34333323303.01
Flowers IPAEngland24332343612.97
Murhpy's Irish RedIreland35232333622.97
BranikCzech Rep.23343423792.75
Gessnerbräu PilsenerGermany42342324072.88
Refsvindinge PilsnerDenmark334232 4102.87
Fuggles Imperial Strong AleEngland32441334172.87
Refsvindinge Hvid GuldDenmark33333234582.79
Krusovice LezakCzech Rep.23433224612.77
Gessnerbräu BockbierGermany33322424942.71
Föroya GullFaroe Islands23324225592.62
Dansk DortmunderDenmark242323 5812.57
Ruddles Strong County AleEngland23341325922.54
MestanCzech Rep.22223336412.41
Toohey's LagerAustralia23222336462.39
Victoria BitterAustralia22134326492.39
Negra ModeloMexico23214136602.35
Fuller's 1845England31341226802.31
Tuborg Porter CitronDenmark123413 7182.23
DarickýCzech Rep.22122128431.73
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt and Kristian Ekfors

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Updated 97-05-29 Per Samuelsson