May Session 2000

The beers we tried this night came from three different sources. First of all I had been to Budapest, Hungary myself, and brought back quite a few beers from there, including three tasty wheat beers from Ilzer Sörgyar.

Another pile of beers came from Josh Oakes in Canada. These beers including the malty Creemore Springs Premium Lager. Don Bible in the US had also sent us a load of beers from the US and Latin America.

During the night we had the pleasure to welcome no less than 4 new countries to the list: Ecuador, Chile, HongKong and Guernsey, but the winners of the night were bost from the US: The outstanding Belgian style double dark Celis Double Ale and the light bodied but wellhopped thirstquenching Columbia Kölsch Brand Ale, both of which scored exceptionally well.

Beers rated August 2000
16Celis Dubbel AleUSA4,475-55- 3+ Ale, Belgian style
18Columbia Kölsch Brand AleUSA4,4655-4+ 4- Ale, German style
98Middel Ages Druid Fluid BarleywineUSA4,075-5-4 3- Ale, British style
195Ilzer Hefe-WeissbierHungary3,904-4+4-4+3+5,0%Wheat beer
203Middle Ages Beast BitterUSA3,894+35- 4- Ale, British style
261Magic Hat JinxUSA3,79434+ 4 Ale, British style
281Geary's Hampshire Special Ale MillenniumUSA3,764+3+4+ 3 Ale, British style
297Sapporo Black BeerJapan3,744+3+4 3+5,0%Lager, Dark
313Wildcatter's Crude StoutUSA3,723+4+3 4+ Porter/Stout
383Creemore Springs Premium LagerCanada3,654+4-3- 45,0%Lager, Light
399Dogfish Head Indian Brown AleUSA3,624+4-4 2+7,2%Ale, British style
595Stoudt's Fat Dog StoutUSA3,39433+ 3+ Porter/Stout
823Ilzer Kristall WeissbierHungary3,213-44-3-35,0%Wheat beer
886New Belgium 1554 Brussels Style Black AleUSA3,165-3-2+ 3 Ale, Belgian style
904Ilzer Dunkel WeissbierHungary3,144-4-323+5,0%Wheat beer
907Szalon BarnaHungary3,142+3 43+5.8%Lager, Dark
1150Dreher Classic PilsHungary2,962+3+3+ 35,5%Lager, Light
1242Borsodi BarnaHungary2,884-2- 33+6.7%Lager, Bock
1416Hair of The Dog FredUSA2,723-3+4 1-10,0%Ale, British style
1636Dreher LagerHungary2,5323-3-24-5,4%Lager, Light
1659TallérosHungary2,503+2- 324.5%Lager, Light
1692Kanizsai VilágosHungary2,474-1+ 234.4%Lager, Light
1897Okocim PorterPoland2,273+2-2- 3-8.1%Porter/Stout
1951Patagonia LagerChile2,213+3+1+12 Lager, Light
2266Cabro ExtraGuatemala1,733-1+212 Lager, Light
2334AysenChile1,5922112+ Lager, Light
2355Komáromi FregattHungary1,542-1 22-4.7%Lager, Light
2408Cerveza PilsenerEcuador1,4222-2-11 Lager, Light
2457Sun Lik Beer*HongKong1,252-12-11+5,0%Lager, Light
2489Randalls Clameur de HaroGuernsey1,060+3-1-1-1+3,6%Ale, British style
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 2000-08-31 Per Samuelsson