During the American weeks called Micromerica held at Akkurat, the members of the group were frequent visitors. To our delight, there was plenty to choose from and the quality was exceptional. I don't think that we have seen such high ratings as here...

Now when the festival seemingly is over Sierra Nevada Porter stands as the winner, with an exceptionally high score that was almost enough for a top-ten finish. A wonderfully hoppy porter! Another beer that scored really well was Tocaloma Amber Ale from Lagunitas, an outstanding American style amber ale. Other favourites included all the brews from Golden Pacific, and the only two beers from Anderson Valley we got to try.

We also took the opportunity to rate two English cask conditioned ales, and Kilkenny Cream, the Irish creamy version. Sadly it wasn't at all as tasty as on Ireland. Must have been poorly treated during transport or something, because I remember it as excellent there.

Sierra Nevada PorterUSA5445344.23Porter/Stout15
Tocaloma Amber AleUSA4445344.03Ale, Brittish style29
Golden Gate Original AleUSA345 433.79 Ale, Brittish style60
Barney Flats Oatmeal StoutUSA444 423.69 Porter/Stout76
Golden Gate Copper AleUSA254443 3.68Ale, Brittish style77
Dog Town Pale AleUSA444 243.64 Ale, Brittish style91
Golden Gate Pale AleUSA5442243.53Ale, Brittish style119
Belk's ESBUSA4444413.53 Ale, Brittish style120
Golden Bear LagerUSA3444333.53 Lager, Light122
Blue Heron Pale AleUSA344 243.40 Ale, Brittish style160
Steelhead Extra Pale AleUSA3343343.27 Ale, Brittish style215
Acme California Brown AleUSA3335333.20Ale, Brittish style240
Kilkenny CreamIreland4333333.18 Ale, Brittish style 250
Blue Star Wheat AleUSA2433523.15 Wheat Beer257
Coast Range Blackberry Wheat AleUSA334 243.15 Fruit flavour258
Mouldon's Chocolate Bitter, caskEngland443 223.13 Ale, Brittish style267
Shepheard Neame Best Bitter, caskEngland3441242.96 Ale, Brittish style376
Desperado Pale AleUSA2233442.85 Ale, Brittish style427
Ruedrich's Red Seal AleUSA334 222.84 Ale, Brittish style435
Old Rasputin Imperial Russian StoutUSA2443132.82 Porter/Stout443
Eight Ball StoutUSA333 322.82 Porter/Stout444
Acme Pale AleUSA323 332.72 Ale, Brittish style449
Lost Coast Pale AleUSA332 422.80 Ale, Brittish style454
Alley Cat Amber AleUSA3332332.79 Ale, Brittish style456
Downtown BrownUSA322 322.37 Ale, Brittish style654
Jamaica Red AleUSA2441222.50 Ale, Brittish style605
Coast Range Blonde AleUSA4222222.35 Special659
Rated by Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Anna Hultén and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 97-05-29 Per Samuelsson