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The Millennium Rating

The first rating of the new millennium was filled with beers that had been in our cellars a long time. We also were happy to have a dozen bottles sent to us from our friend, Todd in the US Pacific NW, as special guests of honour. It turned out to be one of the most classy rating sessions ever.

The now sadly discontinued Falcon Gammelbrygd was one of very few highlights in the Swedish beerscene some years ago. This black, raisiny lager was aged for three years before it was released to the public. We had been saving up on three different vintages of them, and the oldest of them turned out to beour overall favourite.

Another head to head comparison was between two vintages of Chimay Blue. The two vintages we compared were indeed very different, but we believe that has more to do with the original prouct than the aging process.

The oldest of the beers we've ever tried (except for an unofficially tested 80 year old dunkelweizen) is now the English Stingo Dark Barley Wine 1983 which I picked up in Amsterdam a few years ago. Maybe it was slightly too old, but still complex, fruity and rather tasty. We also tried a Carnegie Stark-Porter 19 which did not seem to have survived the years as well as a 1986 version we tried recently. A beer that had developed a lot during only on year was Nils Oscar NO:5 Julöl 1998 Barley Wine which had turned from sweet and unbalanced into a wonderfully hoppy and complex thing. Wow!

Of the special guests from the US, Avery from Colorado was a winner. Both their porter and barley wine were indeed remarkable. Also LaConner India Pale Ale belongs to my favourite of the night, together with the hugely big and complex Old Bawdy Barleywine Style Ale 1998, and the smooth and roasty Thunderhead Cream Stout is also up there.


Beers rated january 2000
62Falcon Gammelbrygd 1992, aged 8 yearsSweden4.1345-44444 Lager, Dark
81Falcon Gammelbrygd 1994, aged 6 yearsSweden4.0744+44444 Lager, Dark
81Falcon Gammelbrygd 1996, aged 4 yearsSweden4.0744+44444 Lager, Dark
86Avery New World PorterUSA4.0655-4 433 Porter/Stout
142Chimay Blue Cap 1997, aged 3 yearsBelgium3.9644+5 4339.0%Ale, Belgian style
282Chimay Blue Cap 1995, aged 5 yearsBelgium3.69444 3439.0%Ale, Belgian style
405Lindeman's Cuvée Rene 1994, aged 6 yearsBelgium3.51145 3545.0%Gueuze/Lambic
410Thunderhead Cream StoutUSA3.5044+4 332 Porter/Stout
470LaConner India Pale AleUSA3.4345-4 322 Ale, British style
501Carnegie Stark-Porter 1989, aged 11 yearsSweden3.4033+433444.5%Porter/Stout
510Usher's Ruby Ale 1997, aged 3 yearsEngland3.3945-4 223 Ale, British style
527Avery Hog Heaven Barley Wine Style AleUSA3.37454 231 Ale, British style
638Stingo Dark Barley Wine 1983, aged 17 yearsEngland3.2934432437.7%Ale, British style
648Regal Christmas MillenniumBelgium3.2825-4 423 Ale, Belgian style
656Thomas Kemper Iron Tub PorterUSA3.26334 433 Porter/Stout
687Nils Oscar NO:5 Julöl 1998 Barley Wine, aged 1 yearSweden3.23454 2218.7%Ale, British style
695Trail Stash Amber AleUSA3.21434 422 Ale, British style
707Thomas Kemper Mason Jar MärzenUSA3.20434 332 Lager, Dark
787Hood Canal Dosewallips Special AleUSA3.13343 243 Special
890Woodstock IPAUSA3.04442 242 Ale, British style
914Old Bawdy Barleywine Style Ale 1998, aged 2 yearsUSA3.0134+4 231 Ale, British style
1246Thomas Hardy's Ale 1995, aged 5 yearsEngland2.7045-3 21012.0%Ale, British style
1271Orval 1998, aged 2 yearsBelgium2.68153 3226.2%Ale, Belgian style
1382Fulls Sail Mercator DoppelbockUSA2.59323 422 Lager, Bock
1666Samuel Adam's Triple Bock 1995, aged 5 yearsUSA2.2734-3 21017.0%Ale, British style
1754Skagit Brown AleUSA2.14232 321 Ale, British style
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt, Lars Granström and Minna Hytönen

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