OMH - The Nynäshamn sessions

The Nynäshamn sessions

Hagges Bärsklubb in Nynäshamn (1 hour by commuter train south of Stockholm) is the member pub of Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, one of the smallest and most interesting microbreweries in Sweden. The pub serves around five of the brewery's beers at the time, and usually has a couple of guest taps as well as an impressicve selection of bottled beer.

We found four beers we hadn't tried before during our two visits. Sotholmen Stoutis a low gravity very drinkable stout which was served hand pumped. Järflotta Julöl 1999 is a spiced Christmas ale, and Mellsten Millennium IPA is the breweries second IPA, brewed for the millennium shift. Pickla Pils is a Czechish style pils which must be the bitterest beer in the country with it's 50 IBU (International Bittering Units). These, and all other beers from the brewery, are excellent and highly recommended. As is the member club, but you'll need an invitation to get in, something which is not very difficult to get.


Beers rated December 1999 - January 2000
130Sotholmen Stout, caskSweden3.994444   3.8%Porter/Stout
145Järflotta Julöl 1999, draughtSweden3.954444 4-  Ale, British style
237Pickla pils, draughtSweden3.753453    Lager, Light
543Mellsten Millennium IPA, draughtSweden3.3634-4 34-35.5%Ale, British style
1031Hostan Granat, draughtCzech Rep.2.9434-32    Lager, Dark
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson and Minna Hytönen

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Updated 2000-02-14 Per Samuelsson