October '98

October '98

There were a couple of beers worth noticing also in October this year. The best of those were the wonderful golden, complex and citrusy La Trappe Tripel from the Dutch Trapist brewers De Schaapskoi. In fact this beer entered our top-10.

Another amazing beer is Usher's Tawny Ale 1997, a very fullbodied and well balanced vintaeg ale, that I rate amongthe best bottled ales I've tried. We had at least four more top quality English ales, three from St. Peters brewery, including a wheat beer, and anothr vintage ale from Usger's of Throwbridge.

Two other ggod news this evening was the Austrian wheat beers Edekweiss Weissbier and Weizengold. The latter is unique in that it brewed on 100% wheat malt. Of the Swedish brews Pripps new 1828 scored deservedly well. This is a lager with a complex malt profile and a good deal of bitterness.

In the bottom regions we also find a Pripps beer, Blågul, a horrendous chemical lager, in the same style as Åbro's FAT 21. Two Polish beers are also found in the very bottom: Magnum 18o a far too alcoholic lager, and the very low alcoholic Bractwo Ciemne.

Beers rated October '98
10La Trappe TripelNetherlands4.4645544Ale, Belgian style
32Usher's Tawny Ale 1997England4.2445444Ale, British style
92WeizengoldAustria3.9844435Wheat beer
94Edelweiss WeissbierAustria3.9844444Wheat beer
135St. Peter's Golden AleEngland3.8244434Ale, British style
136St. Peter's StrongEngland3.8244443Ale, British style
176St. Peter's Wheat BeerEngland3.7243444Wheat beer
280Usher's Ruby Ale 1997England3.5834434Ale, British style
359Stiegl PilsAustria3.4234433Lager, Light
419Caledonian BlondScotland3.3543343Ale, British style
4211828Sweden3.3444431Lager, Light
472Wurmhöringer Märzen BierAustria3.2844323Lager, Light
472Löbauer Bergquell PilsnerGermany3.2844323Lager, Light
569Juldiesel 1994, homebrew, aged 4 yearsSweden3.1633433Special
597Eibauer PilsenerGermany3.1244322Lager, Light
684Fiddler's ElbowEngland3.0434323Ale, British style
808Tauerngold MeisterbräuAustria2.9433333Lager, Light
922Landskron DunkelGermany2.7833323Lager, Dark
1221Staroceske Tmave 3.5%Czech Rep.2.4033222Lager, Dark
1284Wojarski Premium PilsPoland2.3132223Lager, Light
1393Zipfer MärzenAustria2.1532222Lager, Light
1522TrätäljaSweden1.9022222Lager, Light
1529Okocim MocnePoland1.8931222Lager, Bock
1554Wallmans Jubileums LagerSweden1.7823112Lager, Light
1602Jösses! LagerSweden1.6421222Lager, Light
1710FAT 21Sweden1.0930111Lager, Light
1712Bractwo CiemnePoland1.0211121Special
1729BlågulSweden0.8921011Lager, Light
1732Magnum 18oPoland0.7102101Lager, Bock
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, , Lars Granström, Oscar Hansson

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