OMH Ratings - October '99

OMH Ratings - October '99

The most spectacular thing about the OMHOctober Ratings '99 was the inclusion of our 76th country, Luxembourg. A friend (thanks G&oumml;ran) had brought us a can of Bofferding Lager pilsner, which proved to be surprisingly interesting. This socalled pilsner had very obvious wheat flavours... Tasty! It's score was only surpassed by a Swiss scwarzbier from Brauerei Falken, a gift from Hjengård & Son (thanks!).

Apart fom that the highlights were a Czechish beer from Pivovar Kutna Hora relabelled for the Swedish market, and Aass's amber lager, now called Classic, a softly malty beer

We had quite a few Polish beers, most of them unremarkable. Kuntersztyn Pilsner however were an unusually dry and clean Polish pilsner. Håkans Stout was a one dimensional but otherwise good homebrewed stout - not bad for a first try.

We also had rather a lot of miserably unremarkable beers. The sweet one dimensional Icelandic Viking Rauður falls into that category, as does the two beers from Albani and the Dutch low alcohol Rotterdam Trader Light, but Danish and Dutch low price lagers are usually not very tasty, so tha's no surprise.

A beer that is far worse than unremarkable is Pripps new budget lager Straight. It tastes of overboiled, sweetened mashed peas and has a lingering plastic aftertaste instead of hop bitterness.


Beers rated October '99
68Falken Schwarz-BierSwitzerland4.074445435.5%Lager, Dark
458Bofferding Lager PilsLuxembourg3.403444234.8%Lager, Light
614Kärnans GuldCzech Rep.3.25 33 4 5.0%Lager, Light
632Aass ClassicNorway3.223434325.5%Lager, Dark
1086Ysta MörkSweden2.803234234.8%Lager, Dark
1128Bractwo Premium PilsPoland2.75 33 235.7%Lager, Light
1179Jahki GeassiSweden2.69 33 2 5.0%Lager, Light
1197Kuntersztyn PilsnerPoland2.674331235.5%Lager, Light
1221Okocim ZaglobaPoland2.65 23 336.2%Lager, Bock
1256Jahki CakcaSweden2.63 32 3 5.0%Lager, Light
1316Nowe 10,5Poland2.572233335.7%Lager, Light
1377Håkans Stout, homebrewSweden2.49233322 Porter/Stout
1428Okocim O.K. BeerPoland2.422331336.2%Lager, Bock
1569Kuntersztyn Extra 16%Poland2.263231237.8%Lager, Bock
1658Bosman Jasne MocnePoland2.122322138.1%Lager, Bock
1669Munkbo Original 3.5%Sweden2.102223223.5%Lager, Light
1870Zeunerts Blonde 3.5%Sweden1.712122223.5%Lager, Light
1871Viking RauðurIceland1.712113224.6%Lager, Light
1948Albani Dansk Fadøl 5,0%Denmark1.511122225.0%Lager, Light
1952VoltPoland1.502120325.5%Lager, Light
1988Brok Cooler Lemon BeerPoland1.401221213.2%Special
2028Rotterdam Trader LightNetherlands1.221113113.5%Lager, Light
2069Albani Dansk Fadøl 2,8%Denmark0.861111112.8%Lager, Light
2084StraightSweden0.471001115.2%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt and Oscar Hansson

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