Octoberfest '97

Octoberfest '97

Since two of us in the group has visited Germany in September, and we also found a couple of new Octoberfest/Märzens up here in Sweden, an Octoberfest rating was rather an obvious choice...

Of the beers we rated that evening surprisingly a dunkelweizen (all hefeweizens have usually been underrated by us) topped tha list, but Wolfshöher Hefeweissbier Dunkel was a real treat. Of the Octoberfest beers surprisingly Samuel Adams Ocoberfest took the price, even though it fell somewhat out of the style I usually refer tp as Octoberfest, it was hoppier, darker and somewhat rougher, but indeed a good beer so why complain?

My personal favourite of the lot was the more discrete and malty Hofmann Festmärzen, which now goes as one of my all time favourite lagers. The least exciting of these Octoberfests was Passauer Oktoberfestbier brewed underlicense in Sweden by Hallsta Bryggeri. However, the only beer not worth considering of these was the boring Cuban-American lager Hatuey Beer.

Other interesting brews this time included the lightly smokey and somewhat challenging Hartmann Felsentrunk, and Zeunerts Höga Kusten, a mix between lager and altbier.

Now over to two beers we rated later. From Lars Stjernestam we recieved two samples of his homebrews, and my, were they great!? Uddala US-Ale was a Cascade hop-explosion, balance wasn't the first word that sprung to my mind, but it was fresh, complex and simply awesome. The other brew, Uddala Best Bitter, was a more well balanced English style bitter of the highest class. Both these managed to enter our top-10, despite their challenging nature...

Beers rated at our Octoberfest ratings '97
8Uddala US-AleSweden4.4855453   Ale, Brittish style
10Uddala Best BitterSweden4.3944554   Ale, Brittish style
69Wolfshöher Hefeweissbier DunkelGermany3.8845334445.5%Wheat beer
76Samuel Adams OctoberfestUSA3.8334444445.6%Lager, Dark
86Calwer-Eck-Bräu Keller-PilsGermany3.804443 444.9%Lager, Light
86Sanwald Weizen DunkelGermany3.804443 444.9%Wheat beer
107Hofmann FestmärzenGermany3.7445442335.3%Lager, Dark
172Das Schwarze Schwabenbräu SchwarzbierGermany3.56433 444 Lager, Dark
188Ayinger Fest-MärzenGermany3.5144343335.8%Lager, Light
222Andechser DunkelGermany3.4235332444.9%Lager, Dark
249Villacher MärzenAustria3.3643443325.0%Lager, Light
304Örebro SlottsölSweden3.2823 5   4,2%Lager, Light
328Aufsesser FestbierGermany3.2334423435.1%Lager, Dark
341Hartmann FelsentrunkGermany3.2214432555.2%Special
343Paulaner Weissbier KristallklarGermany3.223244 435.5%Wheat beer
398Zeunerts Skördeöl 1997Sweden3.1144333225.1%Lager, Light
443Oettinger KristallweizenGermany3.064233 434.9%Wheat beer
449Altes WolfshöherGermany3.0533333345.5%Lager, Dark
472Stuttgarter Hofbräu Herren PilsGermany3.024333 324.6%Lager, Light
472Alpirsbacher SpezialGermany3.024333 325.2%Lager, Light
501Zeunerts Höga KustenSweden2.9824 3   5,1%Special
515S:t Georgen Bräu KellerbierGermany2.9733432334.9%Lager, Dark
613Hofbräu OktoberfestbierGermany2.8334413325.7%Lager, Light
638S:t Georgen Bräu PilsenerGermany2.7832244234.9%Lager, Light
651Das Echte Schwabenbräu MärzenGermany2.7533432225.5.%Lager, Light
685Aufsesser DunkelGermany2.6933222444.7%Lager, Dark
686Passauer Oktoberfestbier*Germany2.6932433225.3%Lager, Light
761Sarek ExportSweden2.6222 4   5,0%Lager, Light
962Hatuey BeerCuba2.193123 235.5%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, MPer Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Anna Hultén, Lasse Granström and Oscar Hansson

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