Octoberfest at Gula Villan

The majority of these beers aere tried at Gula Villan, located at Stockholm University. A lot of the beers were gifts from Josh Oakes, but a whole bunch also were gifts from Bov in Switzerland. yet another bunch of beers were fetched at the Craft Brewery, a brewpub in Athens, Greece. After we've emptied all our bottles, we continued to Akkurat to sample some vintage beers.

We already knew that Unibroue brew good beers, so it was no surprise that the Éphémère was an outstanding Belgian type ale, roughly in the saison style. Another Canadian beer to our liking is Niagara Falls Pale Ale.

The beers we received from Bov filled a big gap in our listings, as we did not have much Swiss beers to speak of before. Now we got to rtry amongst others three beers from the one man microbrewery Brasserie des Franches-Montagne, all of them intersteing and unusual. We also tried two different Swiss hemp beers, one whiskey beer and one honey beer. There seem to be a lot of experimenting going on in Switzerland...

Bov also gave us two new countries. One of them were Sri Lanka, and Ceylon Lion Stout wolld have been a very oteworthy stout even if it hadn't come all the way from Sri Lanka. It's a fullbodied outstanding beer on it's own right... SEABG Celtia from Tunisia had survived 18 months in a bottle without any obvious damage to it.

By drinking Preta Doce from the Azores we could add another country to our listings, even though strictly speaking Azores belongs to Portugal.

If you're in Athens, Greece, here's a recommendation if you want to try good beers. Go to the Craft Brewery located at 205 Alexandras Avenue in downtown Athens, and at Chalandri Main Square 8km north of the City Centre. They produce a wide range of fresh high quality beers. The beers we rated here had survived 15 days in take-away bottles an dmight have lost some of it's original freshness, but as you can see Craft Black Lager, a chocoaltey soft schwarzbier, still managed to scre well enough to put Greece well positioned on our world map of beers. Also their Hefe Weizen was very apreciated by the group.

At Akkurat we sampled amongst others Jämtlands new excellent black lager Heaven cask conditioned before we moved onto the vintage beers. Some of the were really old but hadsurvived and developed well, like De Neve Geueze 1988, some were even older but bordering on being to old, like St. Benoit Blonde 1985, while soem were still youngsters like n'Seule 1992...

Added to this list is also th etwo beers we tried at a visit to Tärnö Bryggeri a few days later: Nils Oscar God Lager unfiltered and the still too young Nils Oscar Barleywine 2000 unfiltered.

So, not a bad collection of beers, huh? Thank's to Bov, Josh and Pavlos Emmanuelides at Craft Brewery for giving us the opportunity to sample these beers.

Beers rated at Gula Villan and Akkurat, September 2000
15Unibroue ÉphémèreCanada4,5245-5-5+4-6,5%Ale, Belgian style
22Heaven, caskSweden4,47 4+ 54 Lager, Dark
60De Neve Geueze 1988, aged 12 yearsBelgium4,25 4+ 4+45,2%Gueuze/Lambic
66Nils Oscar Kalasöl, draughtSweden4,244+4+4+44 Lager, Dark
67Rodenbach, draughtBelgium4,24 4+ 44+5,0%Ale, Belgian style
97Craft Black LagerGreece4,124+5-43+4 Lager, Dark
138Niagara Falls Pale AleCanada4,054+4+353+5,0%Ale, British style
148n'Seule 1992, aged 8 yearsBelgium4,03 4- 5+35,4%Ale, Belgian style
161Wobbly Bob, caskEngland4,01 4 446,0%Ale, British style
166Nils Oscar God Lager unfiltered, draughtSweden4,0144-44+ 5,2%Lager, Light
200Nils Oscar Barleywine 2000 unfiltered, draughtSweden3,9644+4-4- 8,7%Ale, British style
229Craft Hefe WeizenGreece3,9044+3+44- Wheat beer
338Ebulum Elderberry AleScotland3,744-4-4-44-6,5%Special
339Alba Scots Pine AleScotland3,743+435-4-7,5%Special
405Upper Canada Maple Brown AleCanada3,6743+3+44-5,3%Ale, British style
474St. Benoit Blonde 1985, aged 15 yearsBelgium3,59 4- 436,0%Ale, Belgian style
516De Dolle Snoek 1991, aged 9 yearsBelgium3,54 3+ 3+46,9%Ale, Belgian style
524Bokkereyer 1987, aged 13 yearsBelgium3,53 3 44-5,5%Ale, Belgian style
587La Cheval Blanc BlancheCanada3,4634-34+3+5,0%Wheat beer
638BFM la TorpilleSwitzerland3,413+42+43+7,5%Wheat beer
754Ceylon Lion StoutSri Lanka3,333-53+3+2 Porter/Stout
829Locher Appenzeller WeizenSwitzerland3,28343+3-3+5,2%Wheat beer
905Kaiserdom Weizenland DunkelGermany3,213+34-4-2+5,3%Wheat beer
976Craft Dark LagerGreece3,154-3342 Lager, Dark
1024La Cheval Blanc RescousseCanada3,122+4-3+33+5,0%Wheat beer
1071Unibroue La BolducCanada3,072+43-4-3-5,0%Ale, British style
1072BFM la MeuleSwitzerland3,072+3+44-26,0%Special
1074Hart Cream AleCanada3,073+4-3-2+3+4,5%Ale, British style
1076Locher Original HanfblüteSwitzerland3,073+4-4-14-5,2%Special
1188Bière au Cognac X.O.France3,003-4+341-8,0%Special
1189Samuel Smith's Pure Brewed LagerEngland3,003+33+3-3-5,0%Lager, Light
1224Pelles Dark Ale, homebrewSweden2,9823+3+4-3- Ale, British style
1354Craft Bohemian PilsnerGreece2,883+4-2+2+3- Lager, Light
1367Hürlimann Samichlaus Dark 1996, aged 4 yearsSwitzerland2,87443+12-14,0%Lager, Bock
1392Grozet Gooseberry AleScotland2,843+323-3+5,0%Special
1444Craft Athenian Blonde LagerGreece2,814-32+3-2+ Lager, Light
1493Yukon GoldCanada2,762-3+2+43-5,0%Ale, British style
1543Feldschlösschen QuintoSwitzerland2,724-3-2+235,0%Lager, Light
1563Feldschlösschen HopfenperleSwitzerland2,6932+3+235,2%Lager, Light
1585Egger Fleur d'AbeillesSwitzerland2,683+3+2-325,9%Special
1588BFM la SalamandreSwitzerland2,683-3-4315,5%Wheat beer
1616Ittinger DunkelblondSwitzerland2,662+3+3-3-2+5,8%Lager, Dark
1919Wadi Bräu HanfSwitzerland2,383+3-2+13-5,8%Special
2323SEABG CeltiaTunisia1,93222+13- Lager, Light
2460Hürlimann Celtic Whiskey BrewSwitzerland1,681-3+0+2+25,3%Special
2689Banks Malta*Barbados0,8402-1-20+ Special
2704Preta DoceAzores0,6502-1100,0%Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Mattias Leidebjer, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck,Fredrik Huldt and Anna Hultén

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Updated 2000-10-17 Per Samuelsson