Beers from the Prague beerstore Pivni Galerie

After having had a testing time in the lovely country Czech Republic (car window smashed, wallet stolen and the incident at the outrageously poorly run Minipivovar Pegas I finally reached Prague, and found the new beerstore Pivni Galerie. But - horror - the door was locked.

In panic I started tearing my hair, before looking at my papers I found a phone number. The wife answered In Czech (a language I don't speak), but upon request I got to talk to the husband who not only spoke English fluently, but also Swedish!?! He said they were doing a radio recording in the sampling room in the store, and that was the reason they were closed, but welcomed by if I was quiet. I would very much like to thank them for this service mindedness and helpfulness.

We sampled a whole lot of good Czechish beers, but int he end the very flavourful Lobkowicz Démon stood out as the winner. But it was a tough call, as many of these lagers had more character and flavour than you'd expect from lagers.

We were also very happy to receice a box of beers from PsychProf, amongst them a handul of great beers from Kalamazoo Brewing Co., as well as some US microbrews. Of these Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale was elected our winner. We also have to thank DougShoemaker for sending us the outstanding Canadian barley wine S:t Ambroise Vintage Ale 2000 and Sandro Regusci for sending us a Paraguayan beer, which was our 117th country.

Beers rated March-April 2002
34Lobkowicz DémonCzech Rep.4,50 5-4+ 4+5-4+5,2%Lager, Dark
84Great Lakes Burning River Pale AleUSA4,28 5-4 3+5-5-6,0%Ale, British style
91Policske Otakar Svetlý Lezák 11Czech Rep.4,264+5-4+44-4 4,2%Lager, Light
132Svijanský Rytir BitterCzech Rep.4,19 5-4+ 4-4-4+5,0%Lager, Light
136DzbánCzech Rep.4,18 54- 4-44+4,9%Lager, Light
148Bell's Oatmeal StoutUSA4,16 5-4+ 443+5,7%Porter/Stout
170Dark Horse Special Reserve Black BierUSA4,11 4+5- 4-3+4+8,0%Porter/Stout
184Rebel CernýCzech Rep.4,104+3+4544- 4,7%Lager, Dark
190Opat Svetlý Klásterní Speciál 13%Czech Rep.4,084-5-4+4+34 5,6%Lager, Light
202Bell's Special Double Cream StoutUSA4,07 44 44+47,5%Porter/Stout
355El Toro Poppy Jasper Amber AleUSA3,92 44- 4-4+4 Ale, British style
407Boyne River Pale AleUSA3,87 53+ 42+4+ Ale, British style
421Rebel ZlatýCzech Rep.3,864+4+4-4-34- 4,4%Lager, Light
446Baronka 13%Czech Rep.3,8344-4+4-4-3+ 5,4%Lager, Light
514Boyne River Brown AleUSA3,77 53+ 43-3+ Ale, British style
610Nynäshamn Pumpvikens Påsköl 2002Sweden3,70 3+4+ 3+3+4+6,0%Ale, British style
613Korbel Svetlý LezákCzech Rep.3,70 4+4+ 33+35,0%Lager, Light
619Opat Svetlé Výcepni PivoCzech Rep.3,69 44- 434-4,2%Lager, Light
667Rychtár Malvaz 12Czech Rep.3,663+4+3+4-43 4,5%Lager, Dark
686Litomerický Kalich 11%Czech Rep.3,65 4+3+ 4-3+3+4,6%Lager, Light
705Korbel Svetlý SpecialCzech Rep.3,63 4+3 4-4-3+6,1%Lager, Bock
747Staropramen Millenium Polotmavý LezákCzech Rep.3,614442+3+4- 4,8%Lager, Dark
754Rebel GarnetCzech Rep.3,6044-3+43+3 3,9%Lager, Dark
806Kláster Svetlý Speciál 14%Czech Rep.3,563-5-4- 34- 5,6%Lager, Light
880Novopacké KrystofCzech Rep.3,50 43+ 4-33+4,5%Lager, Light
909Banco Glasblåsarens PåskölSweden3,48 3+4- 44-3-5,2%Lager, Dark
929Postrizinske Bogan Svetlý SpeciálCzech Rep.3,463-3-4+ 44 5,5%Lager, Light
937Opat 14 Svetlý SpecialCzech Rep.3,45 4-3+ 3+3+4-6,1%Lager, Bock
957Kláster Svetlý Lezák 12%Czech Rep.3,44 3+4- 3+3+4-5,0%Lager, Light
989Platan Práchenská PerlaCzech Rep.3,43 4+3- 3+3+3+6,0%Lager, Bock
1041S:t Ambroise Vintage Ale 2000, aged 2 yearsCanada3,393+5-5-12-5- 10,2%Ale, British style
1080HavranCzech Rep.3,37 33+ 443-4,5%Lager, Dark
1130Platan Granát Jedenáct TmavýCzech Rep.3,353-3-3+4+43+ 4,6%Lager, Dark
1346Starobrno TradicníCzech Rep.3,24423-443 4,0%Lager, Light
1444Litomerický FortCzech Rep.3,194-23-533 5,0%Lager, Light
1449Platan JedenáctCzech Rep.3,193+3+3+3+3-3 4,9%Lager, Light
1480Bell's Sparkling AleUSA3,17 43- 44-110,3%Ale, Belgian style
1586Cerná Hora LezákCzech Rep.3,1134-2+3+3-4- 4,8%Lager, Light
1590Rostocker Dunkles BockbierGermany3,104-1+3+43+3+ 6,9%Lager, Bock
1649Primátor Jubilejni Lezák Polotmavý 15%Czech Rep.3,07 23+ 4-3+4-6,0%Lager, Bock
1685Svijanská Knezna 13%Czech Rep.3,05 4-2+ 33+35,2%Lager, Dark
1803Podkován Svetlý Speciál 14Czech Rep.2,993+23+ 34- 6,0%Lager, Bock
1891Perntejn 2000 Svetlý Lezák Czech Rep.2,963-3+3-43+2- 5,2%Lager, Light
2009Rychtár Standard 11Czech Rep.2,89 33- 3+3-34,5%Lager, Light
2023Rostocker DunkelGermany2,883232+4+3 4,9%Lager, Dark
2051Policske Závis Svetlý Lezák 12Czech Rep.2,85 3+3+ 2+3+2-5,0%Lager, Light
2157Bernard Svátecni LezákCzech Rep.2,8023+3+23-4- 5,0%Lager, Light
2205Podkován Svetlý Lezák 12Czech Rep.2,76 1+3+ 34-3+5,0%Lager, Light
2224Rostocker FreibeuterGermany2,753+2-3-243+ 9,0%Lager, Bock
2247Hejtman 12% Polotmavý LezákCzech Rep.2,742+2-3-4-3+3+ 5,0%Lager, Dark
2286Rychtar Premium 12Czech Rep.2,713+3-3+2-2+3 5,0%Lager, Light
2298Starobrno Cervený Drak 15%Czech Rep.2,703-3+3+ 31 6,0%Lager, Bock
2325Rychtár Special 15%Czech Rep.2,68 2+3 3-3+2+6,5%Lager, Bock
2506Primátor Rytirsky 21%Czech Rep.2,58 2-2+ 3+3+39,0%Lager, Bock
2507Postrizinske Zlatovar 11% Svetlý LezákCzech Rep.2,573-2-3-2+3+3+ 4,7%Lager, Light
2547Novopacké Kumburak PremiumCzech Rep.2,55233- 23+ 5,0%Lager, Light
2677Curim Gold Celtic Wheat BeerIreland2,451+32+3-42- 4,3%Wheat beer
3061Rembrandt 3,5 GoldNetherlands2,11312+ 32- 3,5%Lager, Light
3213Pilsen Cerveza BlancaParaguay1,94 2-2- 3-22+5,0%Lager, Light
3302Kopparbärs The BeerSweden1,8321+1+2+3-2 5,3%Lager, Light
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck, Fredrik Huldt, Oscar hansson and Fredrik Nyström

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