A small Södermalm pub hop

An August evening after work a fragment of the OMH bunch gathere for a for a few beers. We started with a small meal and some beers from Munkbo, a Swedish brewery with a new good line of beers, at Tegelhuset, a beer garden in Fatbursparken near Medborgarplatsen which I very much like to recommend. Munkbo Pils is a an excellent interpretation of a German pilsener, while Munkbo Kristall is really a (good) lager made from partly wheat malt.

We later coninued to Oliver Twist ro sample beers from RedHook, Köstritzer and a draught Jever, whichwasn't quite up to my high expectations.

Our last stop was Akkurat, where had ourselves a superb draught Boon Lambik, as well as two interesting English cask ales.

Beers rated August 2000
73Munkbo PilsSweden4,144+4+44-5,0%Lager, Light
152Boon Lambic, draughtBelgium3,9945 3-5,0%Gueuze/Lambic
570Daleside Ripon JewelEngland3,4143- 4- Ale, British style
617RedHook HefeweizenUSA3,374+3 3- Wheat beer
651Munkbo KristallSweden3,354-3+ 35,1%Wheat beer
776Munkbo Ljus Export, draughtSweden3,253343 Lager, Light
901Jever, draughtGermany3,1534- 3- Lager, Light
1366Grönbergs LagerSweden2,763+2+32+5,0%Lager, Light
1419RedHook ESBUSA2,7233 2 Ale, British style
1451Courage Best Bitter, caskEngland2,683+2+ 2+4,0%Ale, British style
1545Köstritzer Schwarzbier, draughtGermany2,6123- 3+ Lager, Dark
1721Webster's Yorkshire Bitter, caskEngland2,434-1+ 2+3,5%Ale, British style
2351Hop Back TaiphoonEngland1,5512 2-4,2%Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Cecilia Gårdebäck and Fredrik Huldt

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Updated 2000-08-31 Per Samuelsson