Stockholm Beer Festival '01

The visit to Stockhom Beer Festivalis traditionally the night of the year we sample the most new beers. Not so this year, as the number of new beers wa more limited than usual, mostly due ot that many small regional Swedish brewers did not attend the festival.

Another tradition at this festival is that Tärnö bryggeri releases their new high gravity Christmas beer which is always excellent. Well, that traditiona carried on this year too, as their Nils Oscar Julöl 2001 Scotch Ale isnowhere short of fantastic and was by far our winner of the festival.

Second place was not very surprisingly taken by Jämtlands bryggeri and their new Fallen Angel Bitter. More surprising is that third place was clinched by a beer from Carlsberg Sweden, but the unfiltered and unpasteurised draught version of Carnegie Porter called Rare Edition was well worth the honours.

Other good news on the festival was the massive amount of new beers from Slottskällan, and thre was also quite a few good imports, mostly Belgians.

Beers rated at Stockholm Beer Festival September '01
49Nils Oscar Julöl 2001 Scotch Ale, draughtSweden4,31 4+4+4+4+7,0%Ale, British style
160Jämtlands Fallen Angel Btter, draughtSweden4,054+5-4-4-4-5,0%Ale, British style
224Carnegie Porter Rare Edition, draught Sweden3,983+45-445,6%Porter/Stout
233Slottskällan Jul-Kloster, draughtSweden3,974-44+4-4+9,0%Ale, Belgian style
256Moinette Blonde, draughtBelgium3,943+5-44-48,5%Ale, Belgian style
263Brigand, draughtBelgium3,933-4+4+45-9,0%Ale, Belgian style
264Abbaye des RocsBelgium3,93454-34-9,0%Ale, Belgian style
317Fuller's Vintage Ale 1999, aged 2 yearsEngland3,873+4+5-348,5%Ale, British style
321Leute Bokbier, draughtBelgium3,874-45-347,5%Lager, Bock
325Corsendonk Christmas Ale, draughtBelgium3,863+44-45-8,5%Ale, Belgian style
364Slottskällan London, draughtSweden3,824+4-4- 4-4,7%Ale, British style
379The Biddy Early Brewery Black BiddyIreland3,81  4+ 4-4,2%Porter/Stout
389Slottskällan London-Fog, draughtSweden3,80 4+43+3+4,7%Ale, British style
408The Shipyard StoutUSA3,783+44+3+4 Porter/Stout
413Samuel Adams Sam IPAUSA3,784+3+3+4+4- Ale, British style
420St Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition LambiekBelgium3,772+44+45-5,0%Gueuze/Lambic
455Landsort Lager, draughtSweden3,743+4443+5,6%Lager, Light
486Samuel Adams Double BockUSA3,72443+3+4 Lager, Bock
492The Biddy Early Brewery Red BiddyIreland3,72  4- 4+4,9%Ale, British style
520Samuel Adams Octoberfest, draughtUSA3,694+3+4 3 Lager, Dark
552Martini Weissbier, draughtGermany3,674-44-3+4-4,9%Wheat beer
616Starobrno Milenium Tmavý PivoCzech Republic3,6144-3+4-3+5,0%Lager, Dark
706Slottskällan München, draughtSweden3,5243+3+4-3+4,8%Lager, Dark
718Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig AleUSA3,523+34-44 Ale, British style
871Belle-Vue Kriek, draughtBelgium3,393+3-44-4-5,2%Gueuze/Lambic
929Caffrey's Irish Stout, draughtNorthern Ireland3,363+34-4-3+ Porter/Stout
1015Karlsbräu UrPilsGermany3,3143+3-3+3+ Lager, Light
1129Arlanda Trean Färsköl, draughtSweden3,253+4-333+ Lager, Light
1135Belle-Vue KriekBelgium3,2433-4-4-4-5,2%Gueuze/Lambic
1163Garde Kölsch, draughtGermany3,2334-3+4-2+ Ale, German style
1189Belle-Vue FramboiseBelgium3,213+3-4-3+3+5,2%Gueuze/Lambic
1214Flo Jo Irish Red Ale, homebrewSweden3,202+3+434- Ale, British style
1218Einbecker Dunkel, draughtGermany3,1933343+4,9%Lager, Dark
1257Scotch SillyBelgium3,173-4-4-3-3+8,0%Ale, Belgian style
1284Wisby Medeltidsöl, draughtSweden3,154-33+3+2+ Lager, Dark
1354No Guts, No Glory, homebrewSweden3,113+3+42+2+ Ale, British style
1733Edel-BräuSweden2,893+2+3+33- Lager, Light
1903Slottskällan New York, draughtSweden2,782+3+3+2+3- Lager, Light
2129Silly Super 64Belgium2,6232+233+5,2%Ale, Belgian style
2279Zeunerts Skördeöl, draughtSweden2,5023-3-3-3 Lager, Light
2380SälenlustSweden2,4323-2+3-35,2%Lager, Light
2453Shepheard Neame Whitstable Bay Organic AleEngland2,363+2-2+23 Ale, British style
2515A Le Coq Premium ExtraEstonia2,313-3-2+225,0%Lager, Light
2942Kasteelbier Donker, draughtBelgium1,832-2-22-311,0%Ale, Belgian style
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Fredrik Huldt, and Jonas Bofjäll

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