OMH Ratings - Stockhom Beer Festival 1999

OMH Ratings - Stockhom Beer Festival 1999

The OMH bunch visited the 1999 edition of Stockholm Beer Festival on the opening evening. This meant that we missed out on a few nice things such as three brews from The Porterhouse in Dublin. Another beer OMH missed, bu yours truly was able to get his hands on was Vrak, a dunkelweizen that was found in an old shipwreck from 1915 on the bottom of the Baltic. It had survived well, but had developed a subtle lambic character over the years. Slottskällans Bryggeri in Uppsala is recreating this beer.

Tärnö Bryggeri have reasons to celebrate their effoerts. Two of their beers made out top-10! Their new christmas seasonal is an awesome imperial stout loaded with licorice aroma, which was only fractions of a 1/100th point to grab first place. The other top ten beer is their new Octoberfestbeer, which far, far hoppier than what the style should be, but I get the idea that they don't really care much about styles at Tärnö. Also the draught version of Lundgrens Lager, a beer usually cathegorized as Modern Swedish Lager

The next two beers on our chart were from Slottskällan. Their lovely Belgian abbey style ale and their hoppy lager in the same style as Lundgrens Lager both made our top-100.

The best non-Swedish beers this time was Antoon from De Koninck. Bernard Tmavé is the darkest beer from the excellent Bernard brewery in Humpolec. A.Le Coq Porter is an Estonian beer which shows what Baltic porter usually is: a, strong dark lager. Brookyln Brewery offered an excellent line of beers, of which their Black Chocoalte Stout and East India Pale Ale were my favourites.

Some om the more unusual beers included a nice coffee flavoured lager, and a liniment smelling green coloured eucalypthus flavoured ditto from Dúm in the Czech Republic. Bredaryds Wärdshus had breed a strong, malty lager with plums, raisins, honey and syrup which was highly interesteing, while Christoffel Taboe is subtly flavoured with tobacco.

Beer from Turkey and Greece are unusual to us. Marathon is a reasonably malty international lager, while Efes Dark was a forgettable dark lager. The two lagers we tried from DB from New Zealand was, just as the Swiss Cardinal, thin and dull interpretations of international lagers. To lump them in the same category as the sweet Icelandic lager Thule Export Beer would be all too flattering for the latter.

Beers rated at Stockholm Beer Festival 1999
2Nils Oscar NO:5 Julöl 1999 Imperial Stout, draughtSweden4.734555   7.2%Porter/Stout
10Nils Oscar NO:8 Kalsöl Oktober, draughtSweden4.545544   5.2%Lager, Dark
41Kloster, draughtSweden4.213545   7.0%Ale, Belgian style
94Blond, draughtSweden4.024534   5.0%Lager, Light
114Lundgrens Lager, draughtSweden3.984444   4.9%Lager, Light
116Antoon, draughtBelgium3.97 44 4  6.0%Ale, Belgian style
121Grisette BlancheBelgium3.96444    5.0%Wheat beer
124Jämtlands Postiljon ESB, draughtSweden3.9654542 35.8%Ale, British style
129Vit, draughtSweden3.933445   5.2%Wheat beer
185Nisse, draughtSweden3.804444  35.3%Ale, British style
199Sotholmen Stout, draughtSweden3.774443   3.7%Porter/Stout
220Nils Oscar NO:3 God Lager, draughtSweden3.744434   5.3%Lager, Light
247Santé, draughtBelgium3.6924445 45.0%Ale, Belgian style
289Leffes Special Bitter, homebrewSweden3.64 4444 24.9%Ale, British style
301St Feuillien Cuvée de NoëlBelgium3.62344    9.0%Ale, Belgian style
344Martins Munich, homebrewSweden3.55 4344 3 Lager, Dark
348Leffes Ale, homebrewSweden3.55 44 4 2 Ale, British style
366Delirium Tremens, draughtBelgium3.51 3444 39.0%Ale, Belgian style
364Bernard Tmavé, draughtCzech Rep.3.5144343 35.0%Lager, Dark
368Cantillon Kriek, draughtBelgium3.5034435 25.0%Gueuze/Lambic
428Jämtlands President, draughtSweden3.4353442 25.2%Lager, Light
450A.Le Coq PorterEstonia3.41443 3 36.5%Porter/Stout
475Cantillon Framboise, draughtBelgium3.3824345 35.0%Ale, Belgian style
532Jämtlands Pilgrim Ale, draughtSweden3.3244442 14.5%Ale, British style
535Dúm Coffee Beer, draughtCzech Rep.3.3243344 24.2%Special
557Old IzaakScotland3.3143424 35.0%Ale, British style
583Waldstein, draughtCzech Rep.3.2934334 3 Lager, Light
584Holba, draughtCzech Rep.3.29244     Lager, Light
612Duckstein, draughtGermany3.2543244 34.9%Lager, Light
613Bredaryds Specialöl, draughtSweden3.253433   6.6%Lager, Bock
627Brooklyn Black Chocolate StoutUSA3.2334442 28.2%Porter/Stout
648Usher's Bishop's Tipple, caskEngland3.2043433 25.5%Ale, British style
660Usher's Founder's Ale, caskEngland3.1944323 34.5%Ale, British style
706De Koninck Cuvée, draughtBelgium3.1524523 38.0%Ale, Belgian style
718Granat Tmavé, draughtCzech Rep.3.1434333 3 Lager, Dark
735Brooklyn East India Pale AleUSA3.1224433 36.9%Ale, British style
753Norrsunda Stout, homebrewSweden3.10 3432 4 Porter/Stout
774Belhaven Best, draughtScotland3.0943433 1 Ale, British style
797Brooklyn PilsnerUSA3.0724342 44.8%Lager, Light
859King Alfred's BitterEngland3.0143333 2 Ale, British style
972Kulta KommodoriFinland2.933324   5.2%Lager, Light
1007Bluebird BitterEngland2.8934413 2 Ale, British style
1032Usher's White AleEngland2.8634323 26.5%Wheat beer
1041Blanche de Fantôme, draughtBelgium2.8532423 44.0%Wheat beer
1164Fantôme, draughtBelgium2.7134241 28.0%Ale, Belgian style
1185Christoffel Taboe, draughtNetherlands2.6932324 36.0%Special
1381Brain's Celtic Dark Ale, draughtWales2.4932232 4 Ale, British style
1394MarathonGreece2.4733232 2 Lager, Light
1476Dylan's Smooth Ale, draughtWales2.3732232 3 Ale, British style
1476Tartu 1826Estonia2.3732232 35.2%Lager, Light
1511Efes DarkTurkey2.3222242 3 Lager, Dark
1591Avesta PilsSweden2.2322322324.8%Lager, Light
1636DB Natural beerNew Zealand2.1632123 34.0%Lager, Light
1687Cardinal Original DraftSwitzerland2.0632132 24.9%Lager, Light
1801Bavaria MilleniumNetherlands1.89222 2 25.0%Lager, Light
1830DB Export GoldNew Zealand1.8122122 34.0%Lager, Light
2010Thule Export BeerIceland1.3121112 25.0%Lager, Light
2040Dúm Eucalytus Beer, draughtCzech Rep.1.1213101 14.2%Special
Rated by: Johan Zetterlund, Per Samuelsson, Lars Samuelsson, Anna Hultén, Lars Granström and Minna Hytönen

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